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  1. Was Vontaze Burfict injured this season? Feels like he had a mediocre 2018?
  2. Kaepernick to Miami? Open slot now Tannehill has gone and the Dolphins owner has that RISE charity? Also..surely Kaepernick (if we ignore peoples belief that he's toxic) is better pick than the rumored Ryan Fitzpatrick? 6 years younger and if he's a stop gap to drafting a QB in 2020 then your set? Also lets not forget that the NFL owners settled with Kaepernick which although isn't an admission of guilt is pretty much a big 'Yes of course we blackballed him' because when have the NFL not fought a court case to the death...especially when they thought they could win.
  3. Really, really enjoyed the last episode. I was very so-so during season 1, though it certainly picked up towards the end of the season. However, season two has been a delight from start to recent.
  4. ooohhhh my....GOODNESS!! THE HYPE IS REALLLLLL!
  5. Alright...alright..easy there.... let's not defend it too much. it was still a pretty terrible film Plus making $1.4b in the box office isn't really a true reflection of the films success or failure...anyway...off topic...how cute is the space monster cat!
  6. yeah...but maybe they were afraid people might google.. 'Paige..NXT Championship....'
  7. The rumour mill suggests that Sony? Someone else I cant recall...will be working on or have at least have tapped writers to do a 'Silk' movie at some point in the future which would be pretty cool. Captain Marvel for me was a good, not great film. Brie is AMAZING and a perfect fit for the character and I want to see her in MORE marvel films. I just didn't find the film itself as something to shout about, its certainly one of the best origin stories they've told though. I do think much like Black Panther, these films suffer when the hype is so geared towards the 'FIRST OF ITS KIND' narrative that the film gets judged less on its merits of a well told and well-shot story and more on the 'message' that it is sending or trying to send (which isn't a bad thing, diversity isn't so bad).
  8. If I had to make a list of Animes i've been watching on Netflix that i'd recommend to others..top 5so far... In no the particular order: Saiki-K - Fun day in the life series of the worlds most powerful psychic and his pretty normal friends. (Fun things we learn...Saiki is the reason Japan is full of bright colourful hair). Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Really good series with a nice balance of storytelling and action. (Fun things we learn...never have a child and be an alchemist 😥) B: The Beginning - I'm not that many episodes into this show however it's pretty good so far. Good artwork and good fight scenes. (Fun things we learned...being the silent angry type...gets you a lead role) AOT - I don't think I really need to say much about this. You should just watch it. (Fun things we learned...find someone who loves you like Mikasa loves Eren) Bleach - Really enjoyed the story being told but some episodes do feel like they drag. (Fun things we learned..."bwahhahaha!")
  9. I'm currently going through my 'Voyager Year' atm, I've reached season 4 and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Next up is DS9 again!
  10. you saw nothing.... Samurai Cop is amazing because the dudes hair is so on point...those wonderful police offiver locks. Fatal Deviation The Irish is strong in this'un
  11. because i'm unable to read what forum I'm in when creating a post... ppsstt can someone move it?
  12. What are some awful films you can't help but enjoy? Can be any genre, any time period and in any language. Lets not spoil stuff and just go with a brief synopsis instead. (I might aswell go first) Vampires: Los Muertos - sequel to the slightly more awesome 'John Carpenters: Vampires' the film basically see's Jon Bon Jovi travel across mexico hunting vampires where he'll ultimately fall in love an almost vampire....but can he save her...and stop the menace! The Blob (1988) - Cold war weapons grade goo returns to earth and consumes townsfolk in rural california (is that even a thing) on its apparent quest for food and vengeance (to of the best things to be on a quest for really). Features some pretty spectacular 80's horror effects. (including the most awesome movie death - man gets head sucked into kitchen sink....)
  13. Holiday the game for the 1st season, then decide on a team to play based on the results. I find when i'm stuck that might give a bit of 'variation' to starting a game.
  14. I had a game where Marvin Sordell scored 4 goals (the 7th in 3 games) and two...TWO! of the twitter comments where 'Sordell...don't rate him' WHAT!? that being said, I finally settled on a game to play. I went low league but not two low, my games never last more than 4 seasons so I figured i'd give myself a head start. Into League 1 and Coventry. Nice solid squad if a little bloated in areas for my liking. Had a good season, never hit top of the table and by new year we were top/mid table, managed to break into the playoff positions with a great series of matches, until i got into 2nd place. Queue a 6 game streak of 2 draws and 4 loses. no idea what happened just lost two teams below us in the league, twice by more than 3 goals....stupid game. Reworked the team, stabilised and pushed into the last 3 games of the season with an actual chance of A) winning the League or B) Finishing second, however even with 3 wins I would need top placed MK Dons & 2nd Place Peterborough to both drop two games to have a chance of clinching top spot. Manged three wins on the bounce which was great but results elsewhere didn't go in our favour and ended up finish 3rd. Bum clinch moment twice, in the 1st of three when MK Dons went 2-0 down to 8th place Sheffield only to win 3-2 in the last 30 mins.... and by the last game I was tied on points with Oxford (who beat Peterborough who then lost & drew 1) knocking them into 4th) but I needed Oxford to concede or for me to score one more goal to put me into second. Playoff final saw us beat Peterborough 3-1 and into the championship. Genuinely enjoyed the League One season and I think the club was the right choice, just enough 'trouble' to make it interesting while still having name value to take them back to greatness.

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