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  1. what tactics are you lunatics using? I'm struggling to stop my mid season freefall that this damn Coventry team go on EVERY season regardless of what league i'm in.
  2. I enjoy Stranded Deep more than Green Hell. The gameplay is slightly different in both but they are basically the sam (i do think Green Hell looks better). There is however nothing more terrifying that takin a nice swim in a wreck and then turning around in the maw of a fucking tiger shark....bastards... One of the VERy few games to get a proper jump scare outta me reatidly for the same damn thing. You'd think i'd learn my lesson. What does seem to be in Green Hell's favour is a little more direction and story.
  3. I've always hated the team talks and however it decides 'where' your players think they should finished. In 2019's game with Coventry, I finished 6th in the League but won the League cup (team was expected to finish mid table), team talk new season and everyone is upset I want to push for promotion 2020 Season we win the Championship and go out in the knockout stage of Euro Cup II. 1st season in prem fight bravely against relegation. Alright lads I think we can do that. EVERYONE gets upset. Eventually finish mid table. 2022 and 2nd Season in Prem 'We should fight bravely against relegation'...boo hiss your being to ambitious....'bitch please!'
  4. Hey Guys! Working on a project and i'm looking for some people (streamers ideally) who are interested in filling out a short survey (it'll take about 5 minutes). I'm essentially trying to understand the motivation/activity of folks who raise money for charity on platforms like twitch. If anyone on the board already does raise for charity, or perhaps its something you've thought about doing I'd be super grateful if you took a little time to fill out the survey and let me know about your experiences. https://r1.dotmailer-surveys.com/7e21zb6c-6f4hza73 Let me know if this isn't cool to post (or just remove it) but I thought i'd reach out to some folks directly.
  5. Social media manager at work has done that same role at 3 separate prem clubs and she's always said they pretty much have to hand-hold the players when it comes to their interactions with Fans.
  6. I'm afraid I have to let both of you know, despite being longtime members of the team, there just isn't going to be room in the squad next year as we head into the premier league. I think it's best if we started looking for a new club for you..
  7. I won the championship last night with 103pts. Either Huddersfield or Barnsley(?) (can't remember the 3rd team) ended up like 10 points behind me. I was floating in 3rd/4th for the majority of the later stages of the league and I went on a tear at the end and they clearly fell behind. With victory on our minds and an unexpected promotion after just one year.... we had the end of season talk and...the game is still broken. Told the squad that i'd like us to 'try and avoid relegation'. Almost everyone is very upset by that and thinks we are aiming to high. Tell the lads 'okay, fair enough, I've heard what you said lets try not get stuck in a relegation dog-fight'..boo hiss...we don't agree cry the players....we think your aiming to high still, we should be aiming to avoid relegation... Excuse...did I not just say that the first time....
  8. See a SIGNIFICANT increase in performance of the squad since the update. I've been on a streak as of late but the now 5 games I've played (at the end of the season) have ended up 3 x 2-0, 1 x 2-1 and 1-1. In ALL of the games my strikers have scored from one-on-one positions. It feels....amazing...I've been relying on the midfield putting the ball in the net more than it should have considering the chances the Strikers get.
  9. That's the kind of game if i was manager of young boys i'd just 'nope' the fuck out and restart.....
  10. If you look at the 'top' formations people have been sharing for FM20 they are pretty much all a variation of the DM and 2 Wide players. At Cov I play that and another common formation of 5-1-3-1. I think it has a 'big' thing to do with the ai's inability to deal with balls over the top. I've found my Wingbacks and DM's have a tendency to hammer 50 yard cross-field missiles to the forwards who hit the team on the break...striker scoring is another issue though...
  11. Love it dude. Its a perfect twitch name!
  12. Don't be silly that's from Ice-Hockey Manager 2020.... having to replace the squad is one of the things that I really enjoy in LL management and that fact that you can do it ALOT easier than higher up the league. I'm in January with Cov (chasing 1st place with 2 games to spare) and i desperately need to get rid of players and bring in better performers. But..no one is interested in signing the folks i need to get rid of and their 'termination fees' aren't worth it. Worse is knowing that come July...I still wont be able to get rid.
  13. Good lord both of these have been plaguing my Coventry save atm. I do see a lot of 'player overruns ball' alot and i'm wondering if its to do with the game 'filling in' extended highlights and creating content when there is none. My players do it more than enough on the touchline when on the attack and the highluight ends with the defender hoofing it clear.
  14. I'm looking forward to when that fix rolls out. I was thinking about my complaints about losing to teams lower in the league and how it now seems that the most part of it is the 'feeling' that I lose to lower teams. (i'm currently on a 20 match unbeaten run - bunch of draws in there). The game I play against lower league teams I break apart defences and my strikers regardless of form just hammer it past the post or into the keeper. When i see the AI replays, the ball just goes into the net. I'm just used to seeing my players missed EVERYTHING (what seems like everything) and the AI opportunities being actual goal opportunities. Best game of the season so far last night. Beat 9th placed Derby (i'm 3rd with a game to hand) 5-2 at home. Ai still banged in their two goals within minutes of me scoring but a few team shouts and not panicking and changing the play style keep them out for the last 3 goals.
  15. Thank you! Thank makes a load more sense. My DMs are both 2* atm which is probably the issue (everyone else is 3* and above...i hope that's enough for a 'should struggle for survival champ team'). One of my DM's is Jack Rodwell who likely wont be around next season (he'll have had 3 good years) and is a steady 2* now. However the best part is that for like the first time ever (in my memory) I've brought up a youth player as his replacement. Currently 2* Fredric Richard my 18 year old swiss/english dynamo with 5* potential. Excited to see where he goes but I have a VERY young squad atm with my GK being 20 and his backup 21.
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