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  1. Thank you! Thank makes a load more sense. My DMs are both 2* atm which is probably the issue (everyone else is 3* and above...i hope that's enough for a 'should struggle for survival champ team'). One of my DM's is Jack Rodwell who likely wont be around next season (he'll have had 3 good years) and is a steady 2* now. However the best part is that for like the first time ever (in my memory) I've brought up a youth player as his replacement. Currently 2* Fredric Richard my 18 year old swiss/english dynamo with 5* potential. Excited to see where he goes but I have a VERY young squad atm with my GK being 20 and his backup 21.
  2. Trudging my way to the January transfer window in my Coventry save. 3rd season in and barring a few confusing a sh*t games everything is going well. Still struggle with ANY team lower than me (league, nation or otherwise) but am able to go toe-to-toe with clubs i consider significantly better than me. REALLY need an out-and-out goal scorer in January as Matt Godden and Philipp Hosiner have seen there goals dry up this season (granted Godden was injured for 2 months at the very start). My loan striker (Timo Regouin) is a beast in the Euro Cup II (6 goals in 5 group games) but can't find the net in the league. Problem is I have 0 transfer funds and i'm abour 2k-3k over my wage budget (I packed out the coaching staff this season and that nudged me over) and despite taking the club into circa 7m balance (from less than 1m) the board wont give me extra funds. I'm still on the bottom of the wage table for the Championship. I have targets that I want to bring in but I'm not sure I can shift 2 over 30 strikers who have dropped in the goal scoring department. They've both signed new contracts so should I just stick out the next 2-3 years and bring players in when I can? I'm also having players complain about the lack of depth in midfield... I play 3-2-1-2-2 or 3-3-1-2-1 (wingbacks and a dm) and I have 3 first team players for the CM position and at least 2-3 players for the wings...what am I lacking Is it the DM position (I only have 2 players for it but rarely run that formation). Sometimes I don't understand the complaints or what a player considers to be an ideal number of players?
  3. Started a new game last night with Liverpool (1st time with a 'big name' club in fm20) Planning a 'Britball' game where I'm only allowed to signed British Players (likely an issue when Brexit happens in game I guess). The plan for Non-British players is to sell them in the last year of their contract rather than look to release or get rid of them asap. It'd be self sabotage I just dropped Salah, Firmino, Mane...Alison..Van Dijk....oh shit thats a lot of players. I'm look to try and do a transition to Brit Players., Any suggestions on Talent to keep an eye out for? Excluding people like Sancho etc. Eddie Nkeitah? Had him in my Cov save in Fm19 and he was smashing 1-2 goal per game in my 4th season.
  4. Wish my players were that selfless in front of goal. Can't count the number of missed opportunities cuz the forward hammers it into the keeper or past the post instead of just passing.
  5. Mario Gotze set to leave Dortmund at the end of the season on a free. Amazing that no one has even considered/attempted to go in for him on an early offer.
  6. Completely agree. I often refuse to pay big transfer fees because god knows the computer rarely comes in for my players with HUGE offers. For the 1st time at the start of my 3rd season with Coventry I asked the board to step in and handle a transfer, they paid 5m (the optional future fee amount) and sorted the guys contract out so I didn't have to worry about upsetting them. Was nice cause if they do that, it doesn't count towards your transfer budget until its gone through. Slipped Hiroki Abe in for £1.5m just before they signed everything off and my transfer budget went bye bye. I think the value system in FM has always been a little 'off', though maybe I just don't understand how it works fully. I had a defender 'valued' at £3.5m but any club that came in for him would bid only about £1.5m. Not to mention the 4 1/2* youngster I accidentally offered out for transfer (who then wouldn't sign a new contract with me) only attracted bids of £100k and when I go in for youngsters 'worse' than him they want MILLIONS
  7. What year are you in? And who was the signing? That's a nice tasty transfer budget you have there
  8. dude seems a little devious pressing you so may times. Maybe its for the best you keep your distance....
  9. Is there any particular reason why your scouts/coaches rate your own players better than they actually are? My current game (now into the 3rd season with Coventry) I sold Dominic Hyam to Fleetwood for like £400k, reasonable amount but he's only a 3 star player. However he was rated as the 3rd best centre-back in my team at the time (I moved him on as I needed funds for the rest of the squad). When i look at his profile now, my scouts only rate him at maybe the low 40's for his ability and not even in the top 5 defenders at the club. (I've only added one new defender since he left)
  10. Can I ask the few people who have said that 'The Last Jedi' is the best star wars movie why you believe that? I'm not looking to argue with anyone I'm genuinely asking because i'm curious. I thought it was alright, but not better (imo) than Empire or even Rogue One (which are my top 2).
  11. Looks like a normal weekend game for my Cov side...only we are City... Stupid players
  12. Anyone had an issue in this game of conceding goals almost immediately after you've scored? Did a little digging through my last two seasons and in about 70% of games where I've scored first, I've held that lead for give or take only 5 minutes. Whether I go on to win or lose the game, almost frighteningly I end up conceding shortly after scoring a goal. Again almost irrespective of opponents, top or bottom of the league. I had a game that was lost to city, where I took the lead on the 35th minute and proceeded to concede 3 goals (in this specific timing) the 37th, 40th and 45th mins.
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