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  1. WWE AntiTrust - WWE is split into several smaller companies WCW and/or ECW returns Shane McMahon buys TNA Billy Corgan Buys TNA or NWA An alternate Reality were WCW wins the Monday Night War New America Pro Wrestling - New Japan Pro Wrestling starts a sister promotion in America.
  2. Full Name (based on your EWB username) (22 characters max): Ermac Shortened Name (10 characters max): Ermac Gender: Male Age (18 minimum): 28 Birth month: April Heavyweight or Lightweight: Heavyweight Nationality: American Primary Finisher + Type: Falcon Arrow (Impact) Secondary Finisher + Type: The Crucible (Sumbission) Disposition: Face Gimmick: Split Personality In-Ring and Mic Stats (250 pts to divide how you like) Brawling: 80 Speed: 30 Technical: 75 Charisma: 65 Performance Stats (120 pts to divide how you like) Stiffness: 20 Selling: 100 Checkboxes (2 max) High Spots, Superstar Look, Announcer, Shooting Ability, Diva, Booker, Fonz Factor, Menacing, Trainer
  3. That's perfect nick just how i imagined it thank you.
  4. Name of Company: Smackdown Championship Wrestling Name of Championship: SCW World Heavyweight Championship Company Logo: The logo i have was made on a other site so im not sure i could post it but it is SCW in blue and in Brock Font. Description of Championship: the championship is this belt http://topropebelts.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/freedombg-007-r50.jpg with SCW at the top or center of the main plate.
  5. Heres the data and picture pack http://www.mediafire.com/?ng4m1qkku2e9s0c http://www.mediafire.com/?hsr651d6uabir29
  6. could I get the hart dynasty with the tna tag team titles and Natalya and Kelly Kelly with the knockouts tag team. Thanks.
  7. I was wondering if any body has the Ultimate Fed Warfare Data? I tried to use the link but the sites down. Thanks.
  8. Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, And WWF WWE No Mercy
  9. (couldn't decide on which Gabriel cut I hated least) Thanks michgcs
  10. Could i get Kelly Kelly with the Divas Championship, Justin Gabriel with the Intercontinental Championship and Wade Barrett With The World Heavyweight Championship Thanks in advance
  11. Could i get Kelly Kelly with the Divas championship, Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel with The World Heavyweight Championship, and Evan Bourne With The Intercontinental Championship. Thanks in advance
  12. Does any body have the may 2010 split data?
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