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  1. EWR Inventory

    Pardon my ignorance but where is the best place to have a look at all the updates provided in the past? Seen as though the previous inventory from years ago seems to have gone walkabout....
  2. Best Leonardo DiCaprio Film

    Inception, The Departed but his performance in Shutter Island is unbelievable in my opinion
  3. GNetwork Accessibility

    Nah man, i've found somewhere else. Thanks though mate
  4. Just wondering if any of these scenerios work for anybody else? I try downloading any of them from whichever year and they all come up as "invalid"... Could somebody else try and then tell me the results....just so I know if it is me or the website? Here is the link...http://gnetwork.reallyhotstuff.net/ewr.php
  5. Big Brother 2012

    Yeah I didn't mind Conor either, the face of Luke S when he realised he had lost and had to stay with Ashleigh was brilliant! I did start off liking Luke S but now realising he is just having a showmance Ashleigh....i don't really care for him, still would prefer Adam to win as I can't stand Deana at all...yet she is favourite to win
  6. Big Brother 2012

    Big twist! Not too sure who i would rather go, probably Deana cause I really can't stand her attention seeking....but the public don't seem to like Becky all that much, Ashleigh neither....Luke A should be fine. Adam to win!!!
  7. Does EWR work on apple mac? My dad just purchased one for his work and now i have to shift everything over, including EWR (or downloading it again) and every time i attempt to work it then it wont work properly....just wondering if it even works on apple macs?
  8. Football Manager 2012

    Championship Manager 01/02 was the best game ever made, I think I played that game until it was 2009
  9. Football Manager 2012

    Sorry for the typo, I wasn't sure how it was spelt. I knew what they were, just wasn't sure why they were called 'regens'....but thanks for clearing that up I have just started a football manager story on another website about me bringing history back to AS Roma and bringing the youth talents into the first team. If anybody wants to check it out, i'll post the link below: http://www.fmscout.com/q-5909-AS-Roma--The-upbringing-of-a-dynasty.html
  10. Football Manager 2012

    what does 'regan' even stand for anyway? Is it some sort of abbriviation?
  11. Don't add Rima Fakih to the WWE! why the hell would Ryback be face...
  12. Change Johnny Curtis' gimmick to troublemaker