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  1. Baby Driver was alright, wasn't exactly blown away. I liked the use of the music and that, but wasn't impressed with the script. I'll echo the final third being pretty strong but...
  2. I won't hear anything bad about the Scottish leagues after they gave us Stephen Dobbie.
  3. It's the last day of my second year at university. The prospect of one year left in university is terrifying, but the feeling of progressing as a person is kind of comforting.
  4. Well that took a turn.
  5. Who hurt you, Tony?
  6. I really like that away kit but the home kit with the sponsor is so poor.
  7. I personally can't wait for all the complaints again from casuals that boxing isn't Rocky-esque with multiple clean shots to the head.
  8. 1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Spurs 4. Liverpool 5. Arsenal 6. Man United 12. Swansea 18. Crystal Palace 19. Brighton 20. Huddersfield I honestly don't think we'll lose a major player like Gylfi, and Clement is a solid manager when it gets tough. The idiots on the board learnt their lesson with Bradley and seem invested in the club so no major changes will happen. Hooray for mediocrity.
  9. Meh.
  10. Nevermind lol.
  11. It's great seeing Maiden in Cardiff just to see Bruce Dickinson try to get people happy at the sight of the Union Jack when they play The Trooper. Good gig but felt their 2010 set was a lot stronger all-around. Their staging is second to none though. Shinedown were a bit wank but inoffensive.