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  1. Is there anywhere else I can download EWR? My computer not letting me It says malicious content. Is it anyway around this
  2. 2017 MLB Thread

    The Braves continue to get younger and sign Ryan Howard
  3. 2017 MLB Thread

    The Braves signing Bartolo Colon and RA Dickey and trading for Phillips makes their team age average go from 20 to something like 66 doesnt it?
  4. 2015 MLB Season

    No one is talking bout the Astros they prob won't continue. But they are leading their division and that's drastic improvement
  5. There needs to be a good 95 scenario
  6. maybe an update when nitro starts. and one from early 95 maybe Wrestlemania. the 1995 scenario isn't very good
  7. MLB 2014 Thread

    Well the Blue Jays beat up on the Tigers and Justin Verlander today. Had 3 people hit their 10 the homerun of the year. So I guess a Blue Jay vs the Giants world series would be to much to ask for. It is the Giants year. They win the world series then miss the playoff. Well they missed the playoffs last year. Mean they winning this year.
  8. MLB 2014 Thread

    So here is an interesting fact. The Brewers and Cubs have allowed the same amount of runs they have both allowed 200 runs. The brewers have scored 212 and the cubs scored 194. So the cubs are last and brewers first butthe cuns aren't that bad really.
  9. MLB 2014 Thread

    So do the Blue Jays have the best 345 hitters of any team? Juan Francisco and third base is pretty good it look like. I'd like to see them do make the playoffs. And Lawrie at third as well. Thats a pretty good combo.
  10. I can't wait for this. I really want a game I can play as old school and then turn into present day. I hold its coming along
  11. May96 is when Scott Hall an Kevin Nash went to WCW
  12. 1988 Scenario

    Can you email it to me or upload it under winzip cause I cant dl it in this format finchanthony2k12@yahoo.com
  13. NBA Thread 2011-12

    The Thunder don't have a big 3, they have a complete team. Yeah ok, they didn't go out and buy a big 3, they drafted a big 3. If you don't consider Durant, Westbrook and Harden a big 3 then I really do not know what to tell you. But yes they have a complete team.
  14. 2012 MLB Thread

    There were a lot of good to great pitching efforts tonight. But yeah, RA Dickey is a beast this year, He could win 25 this year. And Matt Cain is always a top pitcher, Licecum used to be the top pitcher on the Giants. But not anymore. I do believe he has caught whatever Barry Zito has had since joining them.