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  1. Lol Chubb and McCaffrey are both on bye next week. Gonna call next week a wash...
  2. ffs, I left Fuller on the bench... 😜
  3. 36 points from this week's pickups 😎 The name is going soon @HC
  4. Aaand the Antonio Brown experiment is over...
  5. Bitchbowl starts off with a resounding ehh!
  6. It's made it interesting - basically down to whether or not the Browns show up tomorrow!
  7. I remember why I hate fantasy football now...
  8. Hahahaha, I don't fucking believe it
  9. Fucking Antonio Brown Lmao I cant even cut him if I wanted to!
  10. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/771267
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