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  1. Apologies, work was long and hellish yesterday And for Technically-Not-Mr-Irrelevant I'll take a flyer on Terelle Pryor
  2. Rishard Matthews @The Heartbreak Kid
  3. I'm pretty sure I've owned Steven Hauschka for the past 3 seasons. No reason not to carry that on. @The Heartbreak Kid
  4. The trick is to take the other teeth out and leave the wisdom teeth in there to grow in. That's what I had happen anyway. Still hurt like a bitch a few days later, but that might have also been the FA Cup final...
  5. Rashad Jennings @The Heartbreak Kid
  6. Well, you take one, I'll take the other. JOSH. GORDON. @HC
  7. Jordan Matthews WR @The Heartbreak Kid
  8. You know what? Let's do it. Tom Brady, QB @HC
  9. Man, eff you and your Julio-Jones-stealing, thread-tag-calling-outing ass
  10. RB Danny Woodhead @The Heartbreak Kid