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  1. Yeah for certain it will be Sunday. Look for it then.
  2. Yeah. No way I could plat that game. One of the trophies was like.. die only 5 times or some shit. Laughable. I used the deagon on either the second or third boss. Flight made things easier.
  3. Yeah if you actually look up the E3 days themselves they are voting best conference on the first day. Which as you can see is after they take place here. I provided the times listed though. They are accurate to my knowledge.
  4. Only days away from E3 and still no topic! This year's E3 is June 16 to the 18th. Here's a list of major presentations, all in PDT time zones. Bethesda Press ConferenceSUN 6:30PM Microsoft Press ConferenceMON 9:00AM EA Press ConferenceMON 12:30PM Ubisoft Press ConferenceMON 2:30PM Sony Press ConferenceMON 5:30PM Nintendo Press ConferenceTUE 9:00AM Square Enix Press ConferenceTUE 10:00AM Obviously we know Bethesda and their big news but some actual game play may come our way, as well as some exciting hints on changes that were made due to upgrading a generation of consoles. What is everyone's big expectations? I'm looking to see what Nintendo has planned. They hit it big with Amiibos but what's the big plans for the future? I'm of course looking forward to seeing some Uncharted from Sony as well. Chat it up we are just 4 days away!
  5. After that last one... I'd take cage over indy.
  6. The first reviews aren't that surprising.
  7. I was referring to the original. Hence the name of the site.
  8. I think the implication was the choice to save or drain the girls.
  9. Yeah its a toss up what you'll find. Original Vampire game, but it's sequel yet to be found. Grim Fandango? No, but it got an HD rerelease on consoles. Still it's got a very healthy library and always a sale going on. I've picked up the entire quest for glory line up for 5 bucks.
  10. 100% good old games(gog.com) In fact they have a sale starting now I think. If you spend a buck you get Sims 2000 for free. All games 100% drm free.
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