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  1. I've recently been working on an Excel database of 55 people I created to add to the CornellVerse data. However, I didn't realize how many steps and how time consuming adding to a TEW database can be. Would anyone be interested in helping out or sending me their creations to add to my game?
  2. Major League Wrestling resumed operations last year under Court Bauer and has had a show on BeIn television for a few weeks now...
  3. Using TEW 2016, I've been considering toying with TCW again. Can anyone give me feedback on the following, please? 1. Modifying the Product to add more cruiserweight/high flying and a cruiserweight division with championships. 2. Adding a Young Lion title and enabling the Young Lion system within the Product. 3. Deciding which available talent to hire to enhance the roster and become a better company. 4. Who to avoid hiring. 5. Who to use as new teams.
  4. For the Legion of Doom, I'm going with Travis Century and Roxy Kitten (changed to a Goth gimmick) as managers. As of now, I have decided to try things out in TCW and am using Titan, Killer Shark, Hell's Bouncer (under the Colossus gimmick), and Lobo Blanco. One or two more additions are forthcoming. For the Horsemen, I am starting with Spencer Spade (Floyd Goldworthy as his manager) and Ash Campbell (as more of a Lex Luger as a Horsemen type heel). This is a younger, more Evolution-esque version of the Horsemen so far. I'll need someone to fill the Arn Anderson "Enforcer" role and a partner for him. That partner should be someone tough but also a good technical wrestler. For the Heenan Family idea, I am using Herb Stately as manager. Ernest Youngman, Dazzling Dave Diamond and Bradley Blaze are my other members so far, with Diamond turned heel and teaming with Blaze. For the Puerto Rican group, I haven't worked everything out yet but I may go with Jonnie Perez joined by the Notorious tag team. I opened a developmental promotion and Perez is there working on skills. I've added Thimbleby Langton and Wooton Fitzpaine as a rough and tough redneck tandem, but I have not decided how I'll be using them. Still working out the rest of my ideas. I've been running TCW for about 20 months now and have watched a few of the older talent leave as they didn't like my final contract offers. I don't mind. I'm adopting a more WCW/AAA feel to the product with an entire Cruiserweight division and a developmental promotion with a weekly event and monthly events. Though I have slipped to Cult level, I have been putting on shows of no less than C+ quality for months now, and am making about $450K every month and am out of the 6-month shock period. If I were qualifying for national battles, I could be leading the "big two" by over 600 points. I am planning the formation of my Horsemen stable as one of my big angles for "next year." Any other suggestions?
  5. I've been thinking about making some modifications to the CornellVerse data in TEW 2016 by adding some real world stable and team names and picking members from the available workers. Who would you recommend for mimicking: 1. The Four Horsemen (w/ some valets and a male manager) 2. D-Generation X (stable and maybe also something similar to the NAO team) 3. New World Order (at least the original 3 and maybe a manager/heel figure as their supporter) 4. Los Boricuas (all Puerto Ricans here) 5. The Legion of Doom (4-6 member stable w/ manager, not just a tag team, but including the team) 6. something similar to the Heenan Family or Dangerous Alliance 7. something similar to Demolition (either 2 or 3 members and a heel manager for when they're heels) 8. something similar to the Rockers or Rock 'n Roll Express 9. something similar to the Midnight Express (including a manager) 10. any other team combos you've discovered that have worked for you as far as positive chemistry and good matches I've been working on adding some developmental promotions for some of the existing companies and I may use some of your suggestions as up and coming developmental talent as well.
  6. I'm not familiar enough with Lucha Underground to provide anything constructive but their whole situation always got me. They're essentially a television show with a wresting promotion rather than a wrestling promotion that has a television show (ie. WWE Raw). They're owned by AAA but they're not a developmental promotion. It's more like a soap opera about wrestling than a wrestling promotion.
  7. ...and some of the NJPW roster, and the HoT, and a lot of others depending on who the fans are cheering for.
  8. I just started a new game as ROH. A few comments... 1. Cary Silkin is not in charge anymore. Hasn't been in years. Sinclair Broadcasting's Joe Koff is. 2. ROH uses Faces/Heels. The default setting on this database says they don't. 3. Why is the gimmick overness of every gimmick with a rating between 50 and 60? 4. The Romantic Touch is using the Rhett Titus gimmick again. Has been for awhile.
  9. I am working on a scenario where I insert WCW (and perhaps ECW) into the CornellVerse. I'd be using the actual title and show/PPV names but the CornellVerse talent. Thinking of setting WCW as an International company to start, so it's where it was when it was winning the Monday Night Wars. ECW would be a smaller, probably US East Coast regional company. I thought up a few options and I think the following would be smart as I set things up: 1. Insert all titles, shows/PPVs into the editor so they're there before starting a game with the promotion. 2. Nominate an appropriate founder for each promotion and set a (recent) founding date. 3. Set up the Power Plant and House of Hardcore as dojos with an appropriate trainer and training focus. I also thought of what I should do once I start a game using one of these promotions: 1. Raid other promotions for popular, quality talent. 2. Request working agreements with 1 or 2 other promotions. 3. Request developmental agreements or create developmental territories. QESTIONS: 1. Should I set up the TV and PPV carrier arrangements in the editor or make the user earn them? 2. Should I set ECW's titles with a 'Hardcore' focus since it was a hardcore promotion? 3. Can anyone list a few really worthwhile, obtainable talent that fit in and should be signed by either promotion? 4. Can anyone list any talent a user playing with either promotion should try to avoid at all costs? Any suggestions or alternative input on the above?
  10. That is pretty much what I figured. I'm trying it out set up as option one with each promotion having a main singles title specific to that region and also a tag title. All 7 WWA promotions have working agreements with each other but I have yet to see any talent trades. I'm runing WWA-US now and about to book my first show after scoring a PPV deal. Interestingly enough, all 6 of the other WWA promotions also scored PPV deals within days of my start date. I might end up doing one giant WWA promotion with a lot of regional titles, but that won't have the territorial feel.
  11. I want to do an NWA-esque territory system in TEW 2013 using the CornellVerse data. and some added stuff. I'm sort of curious as to what the historically correct way to do it would be, considering the way the game is built. I've thought of two ways to do this, using the provided WWA logos and building from there: 1. Create each regional WWA promotion, using the provided logos. Give them all pre-set Working Agreements with each other and make all of them a new alliance that shares talent and money, ie COTT. 2. Create a parent company and make each regional promotion a child promotion of this main body. What I'm aiming for is a redux of the NWA territories as it was before the NWA territories began coming unglued due to WWF's expansion and WCW's withdrawal. There was one main NWA championship and each territory had championships they kept within the territory. * The major drawback with option 1 is that the championships stay within each region, rather than belonging to the parent promotion and there's no way to make any championship that can be defended in all the child promotions because each championship gets assigned to only 1 promotion when you create it in the database. * The major drawback with option 2 is that the parent company has nobody on the roster because they're all assigned to the child companies. * Does assigning a title to a parent promotion allow it to be used in a child promotion? ie, in the real world data, does the NXT title actually "belong" to WWE for use by NXT or does it "belong" to NXT? * Does making child promotions mean they're actually just "developmental territories?" I don't want to have to promote talent to the parent company to use them, and I want all talent I use to be able to be used by each child company. For example, let's say Cameron Vessey wins the main title in the US child company. I want him to be able to go to the Mexican child company and lose it to El Mitico, and not be stuck in the US. Then, I want El Mitico to be able to defend (and perhaps lose) said title in Japan. * Can I do a regional title for each regional promotion and have it assigned to the parent company for use by all the regional promotions or does it need to be assigned to the child promotion? My WWA setup: WWA (parent company) Promotions in my WWA: USA (Americas) Canada Mexico Australia Japan Europe United Kingdom
  12. An update... GFW has redone their website. Here's the roster page with photos of each person. Seems they have a long way to go, though, as clicking a photo brings you to a profile page with nothing but a larger version of the photo. http://www.globalforcewrestling.com/roster/
  13. Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling announced the first group of talent for their roster today. The announcement can be found at the following link: http://globalforcewrestling.com/reveal/ Former WWE and TNA talent is on the list, and some will debut at the first taping on July 24th in Las Vegas. Now that GFW is taking shape, those of us who play EWR and TEW can look forward to it being included in monthly data updates.
  14. GFW (Jeff Jarrett) has announced a working agreement with AAA... http://globalforcewrestling.com/global-force-wrestling-partners-aaa/ I guess I'd hold off on this one until GFW actually starts running events (supposedly this Fall), but it's news nonetheless. If anyone here is manually adding GFW to their game and wants an accurate setup, set this up as well.
  15. Just a quick word of advice... Some of your update work is stellar. However, some it is outdated: 1. A lot of profile info is at least 2-5 years old. 2. A lot of statuses are off (there are workers in this one who haven't been in the business for over 5 years listed as active talent (Anthony Bravado, for example, hasn't wrestled since '08). 3. Some of the teams data is outdated (ie teams who haven't been regular in years are still listed as being regular) In the future, CageMatch.net is probably the best available database to assist you with the updates. It lists individual statuses, records and promotion events and is updated almost daily. Please understand I mean no offense here. Just trying to help make your work better.

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