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  1. Associated Press just announced that Todd, her brother, has told them that she is now in stable condition! TMZ confirms.
  2. King.

    Stranger Things

    I watched all of this on day 1. It's the shit. I hope we get a season 2. I wouldn't even mind if it drifts away from the story we know. Stranger Things could easily be an anthology story filled with 80's sci-fi/horror awesomeness.
  3. If they insisted on tattoos, it should of looked like he did them himself with a lighter and a pen.
  4. I definitely got vibes of Capt. Rhodes' death from Day of the Dead, with the death of I half expected him to start telling the walkers to choke on his innards. Day of the Dead was Nicotero's first major film as a special effects guy.
  5. CSI: Las Vegas is on it's fifteenth season. Smallville was ten years, Friends was ten years, Frasier ten, Cheers ten, Law & Order SVU fifteen years, South Park seventeen years. Walking Dead fits in nicely with that grouping as a "television phenomenon." I don't think Walking Dead will be working towards an "end game" anytime soon.
  6. Good episode. Poor cliffhanger.
  7. King.

    Doctor Who

    The ending. The regeneration.
  8. Game keeps crashing on my phone as well as my PC. Anyone else having any problems booting it up? Unistalled/reinstalled already.
  9. Everyone add me. I play multiple times a day. acidxlxlxburn
  10. Heads up, not all gifts dropped by visitors get placed near the tree. I've had to utilize the feature with the move tool where you can make buildings/decorations/people invisible, and have found presents placed behind buildings where I otherwise wouldn't have found them.
  11. King.

    Doctor Who

    I have a feeling there may be a difference between regenerating due to trauma and regenerating due to age. That's my prediction.
  12. I really hope the spinoff is a summer season series. Could really use it to do some fun things leading in to the fall premiere of TWD. but I also think it needs to be completely different than TWD. Maybe set in another country, definitely at least another area of the U.S. like the north. Hell, all original characters and beginning right at the start of the outbreak could be cool.
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