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  1. To me, it wasn't. I really enjoyed the first episode in Detroit but the two in Columbia were missing something.
  2. Might be worth finding the clips of Kimi at tonight's prize giving gala. He's bladdered!
  3. Hamilton wins, Seb and Max come together. Seb ends up 6th. Gap is 67pts with four races to go. If Lewis outscores Seb by 8pts in Austin, it’s all over.
  4. Ferrari cocked up the strategy again and a mistake by Vettel puts him 9th for tomorrow. Hamilton on pole with his wingman alongside him.
  5. Not necessarily F1 stuff, but junior formula nonetheless. Mick Schumacher has just won his fourth F3 race in a row and now leads the F3 Championship by 18 points on Britain's Dan Ticktum. Elsewhere, in British F3, Billy Monger has taken Pole Position at Donington Park, the same track where he lost both legs in April last year.
  6. Sounds like it’s going to be Wehrlein and Kvyat at Toro Rosso. Russell seems to be on his way to Williams as well. Meanwhile, Hamilton is on pole. Tremendous lap with Max alongside him and Seb just behind.
  7. Great race. Vettel making far too many mistakes, he has the car still to win this WDC but he needs to cut these errors out. Superb drive from Lewis, was within a second of Kimi for pretty much the first 45 laps.
  8. Maddison looks like he’s been in the Premier League for years, certainly more than half of the United lot. First 3 minutes were great, the next 42 were dreadful. I love Bailly but he’s a sliding red card waiting to happen.
  9. The lack of depth and talent in central midfield is frightening.
  10. I understand he's been on the bench, and I wouldn't have restored Heaton straight away after injury during the middle of the season when Pope was in very good form. However, once Heaton has had a full pre-season, I'd be really surprised not to see him start the next season as first choice.
  11. Wasn't Heaton skipper? I'd be surprised if he wasn't back in as #1 in August. It's not as though he was playing badly before the injury either. Don't get me wrong, Pope has been in great form but personally, I'd put Heaton back in.
  12. I'd also have taken him. While he's not had a great couple of years, he does seem to have a strong character and personality. He's also been to a World Cup before as No1 and therefore knows what it's all about. The rest of the squad is fairly young and inexperienced, I think he'd have been a good guy to have around.
  13. Different season, same man on pole in Australia. Hamilton with his 7th in Melbourne but has only converted two into wins so there’s still hope.
  14. Anyone catch the BBC2 trio tonight? I really enjoyed it and think it was actually better than half of the Grand Tour episodes. Just so much more natural rather than forced humour.
  15. Van Dijk tried to kick the ball but Lamela got inbetween them and then Van Dijk kicks through Lamela. It’s a penalty.

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