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  1. Formula One 2018

    Different season, same man on pole in Australia. Hamilton with his 7th in Melbourne but has only converted two into wins so there’s still hope.
  2. Anyone catch the BBC2 trio tonight? I really enjoyed it and think it was actually better than half of the Grand Tour episodes. Just so much more natural rather than forced humour.
  3. Premier League 2017/18

    Van Dijk tried to kick the ball but Lamela got inbetween them and then Van Dijk kicks through Lamela. It’s a penalty.
  4. Premier League 2017/18

    So the second one wasn’t a penalty then?
  5. Football Manager 2018

    Now waiting for this to finish downloading. I've not played an FM since about 2015 so probably going to be a lot to learn. I've found some logos and faces but not sure where to put them?
  6. Formula One 2017

    Bottas has a grid penalty though so it's Lewis and Seb together on the front row with the two Red Bulls waiting behind. Could be fireworks.
  7. Formula One 2017

    Seb could find himself with a penalty in Suzuka for a new gearbox as well.
  8. Formula One 2017

    Hamilton on pole, Vettel last for tomorrow. Long race though and anything can happen, as seen in Singapore last time out. Could be a pivotal weekend end in this championship.
  9. Formula One 2017

    Lewis now the record pole sitter with 69. And by over a second to Max.
  10. The Golf Club 2

    Only just seen this Baddar. I'm now not free until tomorrow evening between 6-8pm if that's any good. I still suck but am getting slightly better ever so slowly. I've just got no consistency over a full 18.
  11. The Golf Club 2

    I am but i don't play a lot. Just the odd sports game and maybe GTA very occasionally.
  12. The Golf Club 2

    Yeah I kept getting a message to say you were on another course. Just as a joined you, I'd get another message to say you were on the other course. Ah well, always next time.
  13. The Golf Club 2

    Yeah I'm signed in. MJB_5990
  14. The Golf Club 2

    Sounds good. -4 thru 11 at Black Brook at the moment. Waiting for my usual implosion though.
  15. The Golf Club 2

    Christ no. I'm on player. I couldn't use tour on the range let alone on the course itself.