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  1. Only just seen this Baddar. I'm now not free until tomorrow evening between 6-8pm if that's any good. I still suck but am getting slightly better ever so slowly. I've just got no consistency over a full 18.
  2. I am but i don't play a lot. Just the odd sports game and maybe GTA very occasionally.
  3. Yeah I kept getting a message to say you were on another course. Just as a joined you, I'd get another message to say you were on the other course. Ah well, always next time.
  4. Yeah I'm signed in. MJB_5990
  5. Sounds good. -4 thru 11 at Black Brook at the moment. Waiting for my usual implosion though.
  6. Christ no. I'm on player. I couldn't use tour on the range let alone on the course itself.
  7. I've been playing for the last couple of hours and it's like playing real golf. I have great holes and crap holes and I can't tell what I'm doing differently. I like the putting and chipping. I can't drive straight to save my life and I can't get anything other than slow on my backswing. Not quite sure how I'm doing that, maybe waiting a touch too much at the top of the swing? Meh, I'll try to push forward a bit earlier. Played two real rounds so far, both on very easy career mode. Shot 70 on the first which was okay and was -2 with 5 to play on the second course and ended up shooting 80 when I kept driving into the water on the 14th I'm definitely up for an EWB round at some point. No idea how I add anyone though ...
  8. I've got this on order as I picked up the first game a little while ago for next to nothing and enjoyed it. Looking forward to Saturday when I'll get some time to get started.
  9. Palmer has to be close. He's had an extra year aswell. Tremendous race today between Hamilton and Vettel. Super battle.
  10. Loved ep4. Especially the feature film with the three environmental cars. Everyone was back on form. Top stuff.
  11. Except he's already beaten Nico to two titles.
  12. He's trying to win the World Championship. In his position everyone would do the same thing. He did congratulate Nico, several times. Lewis has been gracious in defeat, he congratulated Nico on becoming champion, turned up for all of the photos and has conducted several interviews. Not sure what everyone wants him to do? Bow down at his feet?
  13. It's Liverpool's year!
  14. Lewis will be almost certainly at the back for Spa. If Rosberg goes on to win,7th for Lewis would put them level heading into Monza.
  15. Really hope Rashford doesn't get shuffled down the pecking order under Jose. He's got that spark, a change of space and is very direct when we need it.