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  1. Palmer has to be close. He's had an extra year aswell. Tremendous race today between Hamilton and Vettel. Super battle.
  2. Loved ep4. Especially the feature film with the three environmental cars. Everyone was back on form. Top stuff.
  3. Except he's already beaten Nico to two titles.
  4. He's trying to win the World Championship. In his position everyone would do the same thing. He did congratulate Nico, several times. Lewis has been gracious in defeat, he congratulated Nico on becoming champion, turned up for all of the photos and has conducted several interviews. Not sure what everyone wants him to do? Bow down at his feet?
  5. It's Liverpool's year!
  6. Lewis will be almost certainly at the back for Spa. If Rosberg goes on to win,7th for Lewis would put them level heading into Monza.
  7. Really hope Rashford doesn't get shuffled down the pecking order under Jose. He's got that spark, a change of space and is very direct when we need it.
  8. Attention Kimi fans, he may have a shot at pole in about 2 hours time. Vettel and Rosberg have penalties while Hamilton doesn't look comfortable at all.
  9. I know I shouldn't, but I like that.
  10. I forgot this was on. Is there a repeat on at some point?
  11. Great race, so happy for Lewis and I honestly believe that the championship needed this result. Hamilton will probably take engine penalties later in the season and so he needs to close the gap now. Nico had no pace today and I was amazed he let Lewis through. That could cost him, as could being passed by Hulk on the way to the line. Very bad luck for RIcciardo and Hamilton knows exactly how he feels after last season. Did Lewis leave enough room coming out of the chicane? At first I said slam dunk penalty but having seen a front on replay, I think there was JUST about a car's width. Just.
  12. Give him a break, he's not used to posting in CL thread.
  13. The first part of S3, when he went through the second section of the swimming pool was incredible. So much commitment and confidence that it would stick. Mercedes could match/beat him through the first two sectors but Ricciardo really made the difference through the last part.
  14. Near enough 50/50 for me. Lewis had the run out of T3. Nico really should have left the space once Lewis had his front wing in front of Nico's rear tyres. I can see both points of view, I agree with the racing incident verdict.
  15. Free kick number 4,304,393 Pathetic. West Ham's behaviour has been embarrassing, but I don't feel like I'm saying anything that everyone doesn't already know.