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  1. Formula One 2016

    If we actually want to see a championship, Lewis needs his car to be working.
  2. TV shows you watch over and over again

    Friends and Only Fools and Horses have been mentioned a lot, but they're two of my main three along with Top Gear.
  3. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    LVG is a tit. Just enjoy winning the game, ffs.
  4. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    Yeah don't really see the complaint. Obvious yellow for Herrera. yellow for Barkley because he kicked out. Fairly standard stuff. MARTIAL!!!!!
  5. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    Good recovery by Fellaini. Blind must be Beckham in training, no idea why he's taking corners. They're all fucking dreadful.
  6. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    We've had our chances here. Not saying Everton haven't but I feel like we should have been out of sight by now.
  7. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    Well cock.
  8. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    Yeah, it's a penalty and a red card but there's no way of the referee or assistant seeing it.
  9. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    David De Gea
  10. Formula One 2016

    From what I've read, Lewis will take a second engine but nothing about starting from the pit lane. He should make the top six fairly quickly but he will really struggle to make it onto the podium.
  11. So what is EWB's team of the year so far? Mine ... De Gea, Bellerin, Tobes, Huth, Fuchs, Kante, Payet, Alli, Mahrez, Vardy, Kane.
  12. Leicester have had chances to put this to bed. Still 1-0 though with 2mins left. Vardy, 2-0. Another clean sheet for Leicester. They're still not cracking. Incredible.
  13. Formula One 2016

    It's still done 100% though right? I think I've read that someone else, either the FIA or FOM have to approve it first.
  14. Really enjoying this game. Nice to see both teams pressing high. Sakho is hilarious with the ball.
  15. Formula One 2016

    Helluva final lap by Lewis. A new lap record in Bahrain.