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  1. can someone cut the two black guys in this picture (onto kyky) thankyou, http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=458446905754&set=a.436656845754.224608.658615754&type=1&theater
  2. Ok KYKY, can I have: Chad Dick James Dick and Hiedenriech (as one half of the road warriors)
  3. Could I get Charlie Sheen with the World heavyweight title on KYKY? (Yup, I'm pulling a David Arquette)
  4. Could I get Dolph ziggler with the RAW MITB breifcase, and Alberto Del Rio, thanks.
  5. Could I get a current CM Punk with the WWE Championship, on KYKY please. Thanks.
  6. This is a large request, so thanks to anybody who does it Can I have Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes & Goldust with the current tag titles, Triple H with the WWE title, Zack Ryder & RVD with the platnium ECW title Kane & Shelton Benjamin with the current tag titles. all on KYKY. Thanks.
  7. Can I have Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes & Goldust with the current tag titles, all on KYKY. Thanks.
  8. Can I Get HBK & HHH with the current tag titles? Thanks. KYKY please.
  9. Thanks for doing my McIntyre, Barrett and Ziggler requests Jess!
  10. Could I get four Drew McIntyre pics on KYKY please? - One must have have him with the US title - One must have him with the WWE spinner title - One must have him with the US title and with the RAW money in the bank briefcase. - One must have him with just the RAW MITB breifcase Could I also get two pics of Wade Barrett on KYKY please? - One must have him with the IC Title and Smackdown! MITB briefcase - One must have him just with the briefcase. Finally, this one will be pretty hard, but can I get, on KYKY, a bald Dolph Ziggler, thanks.
  11. Can I have Tyson Tomko with the United States Championship, Londrick with the WWE Tag titles (2002-2009 version), Triple H with the World Heavyweight Championship, Eddie G with the Worldf Heavyweight championship and Shelton Benjamin with the spinner WWE Championship. On KYKY please, thanks.
  12. Actually, could you just cut them into transparent PNG files, thanks.

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