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  1. But in all seriousness, As someone who has dedicated a lot of his time to providing real world updates over the past couple of years (for free, might I add), I’m gonna say that it’s a lot harder than it looks. Imagine if I added new teams everytime some two wrestlers had a match together? What would be the reason when you could always just create the team yourself after you start a game? There’s not really a point in adding teams that are not legitimate tag teams and will probably never be. It’s the same thing with relationships.... there are literally thousands of wrestlers in the current data, if so added relationships for every single person just because they said something nice about someone else on a podcast, it’s gonna make the game run a lot slower. As Skummy pointed out earlier, alter-egos are literally pointless to the game and serve no real purpose. If someone wanted to find out what name Finn Bálor used to use and etc., couldn’t they just google it??? These updates are a lot harder then it looks. I literally have to keep up to date with a lot of stuff and a lot of times, things get left out that I will eventually get to. What I’m trying to say is.... if you don’t like my updates, I heard that TEW is pretty fun.....
  2. EWR Real World Update: Nov. '17

    Im going to wait to add it back in until after a premiere date is set, as of right now its just 2018 with no set date.
  3. New skin and loading screen

    Thanks for this pack man, I’ve been using it and it looks real sharp. I’m starting an updated Impact game and with the news of them possibly moving to Canada, I was gonna base them in Canada. Would you be willing to reupload the logo, user, and banner for impact with the logo having the Canadian flag colors? It would be much appreciated.
  4. EWR Real World Update: Nov. '17

    That was my mistake. I have a logo for WrestePro but forgot to assign it. That will be taken care of for the next update.
  5. Hey EWB Universe, Paige here with my Real World November 17 Update. There are a few changes for this release, as I deleted both OVW and Lucha Underground (since no news about a Season 4, I believe they are done for the mean time as most of their roster is working elsewhere now. If a new season is announced, then I will re-add it in if everyone wants.) I have also renamed GFW back to Impact WRestling and their championships reflect the change. Title are updated to the best of my knowledge, as well. I have also added Wrestle Circus in the game as they have started to run monthly shows and most of the roster they use are in the game. The roster i compiled is a rough shot, so if anyone has suggestions for the roster and for the staff (currently they have no staff in the game.) As always, if anybody has any questions, comments, or suggestions.... leave them below. Thanks You Guys.... Stay Villainous..... EWR Real World Update: November '17 https://www.mediafire.com/file/pswjlbbc8d47h58/November DATA.zip -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KyKy Worker Pic Pack: (Released October '17) http://www.mediafire.com/file/7hunbfqt4m7tlwq/Paige_The_Villains_KyKy_Pack.zip Logo and Banner Packs: (Released March '17) (Next Update: TBD) http://www.mediafire.com/file/alxhvmjszf4947g/LOGOS.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/41wo0oy66m99634/BANNERS.zip
  6. TEW Graphic Requests

    Could somebody make me a custom ROH logo? In my game Bullet Club is taking over ROH so i'm looking for something with the Bullet Club logo over the O in ROH. If someone would be willing to do that and it on the silver logo background, I would truly appreciate it. Heres some references:
  7. Paige The Villains KyKy Pack

    Hello EWB Universe, I have decided to release the updated kyky pack as planned. There are over 14,000 worker pics included in the pack. Thanks to all of the great cutters in the Worker Request Thread for all the great work they contributed which led to this pack. (Note regarding my monthly EWR updates: I will release the next update at the beginning of November. This month got away from me and got quite busy at work. Thanks everyone for being patient.) If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns.... Let me Know. As Always, Keep Playing.... and Keep Chillin' like a Villain! https://www.mediafire.com/file/7hunbfqt4m7tlwq/Paige The Villains KyKy Pack.zip
  8. 2017 logo and pic request

    I will be releasing it and my update tomorrow.
  9. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Large Request, but if anyone has time can I get these cut for my NXT game? They will be included in my next kyky pack with credit given.
  10. Deleting people who do not wrestle anymore, those who have been inactive for awhile or those who have never really been heard from again can be removed to make room for new additions. There are always suggestions on lower name indy wrestlers and i dont want to add them due to the amout of workers already in the game. Yes the game may be at a low loading time now, but it can be made even faster by taking out a few wrestlers here and there (not a worker exodus, so relax), and limiting the number of relationships, sponors, and alter-egos. Like Lineker said, some peoples computers run slower than others, im just trying to maker it easier for everyone across the board. If there is a problem with worker additions and removals, you can always take the updates and try the DIY method.
  11. So far what I have for next months update, I have tweaked most of the the sponsors and tv networks to be up to date. I have set Nikki Bella to be a non-wrestler for the time being. I am removing all of the Mae Youn competitors from their open contracts with WWE (besides those who are signed to contracts). I plan on updating relationships and possibly alter-egos as well. Since I will be updating those, I am looking to remove some workers from the game to cut down on loading times. I will also release an up-to-date logo and kyky pack (even though the request topics for workers and logos are pretty much dead). Thank you guys for the overwelming support.
  12. Custom Profile Picture

    That's perfect, thanks a lot
  13. Custom Profile Picture

    Would someone be willing and able to make me a new profile picture? I'm wanting something similar to AJ Styles' P1 logo with a T replacing the 1. Just a black background with the logo itself being white or silver would be perfect. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey Everyone, Thank you all for the on-going support and for your patience. I did not get to do as much as I had planned on this update, but I did get quite a bit done. I added alot of workers (with help from @Stratosfaction), and redid quite a few of the sponsors. Next months update (yes, I will release one at the beginning of October) will have some updated relationships, alter-egos, wages, and tv networks. If anyone is willing to help me at all on any of those, leave your comments and suggestions below or send me a PM. Along with next months release, I will provide up-to-date kyky worker pictures, logos, and banners. Thanks again for everything, and as always.... Happy Playing. SEPTEMBER '17 REAL WORLD UPDATE http://www.mediafire.com/file/xsd9n5afx6v4rkr/DATA.zip
  15. August EWR Update?

    Okay, folks. I will be releasing my update tomorrow sometime. Thank you for being patient. Now, for those who always ask. I WILL NEVER add a non North American company to the database (I.e. Progress, NJPW, etc.). EWR is a North American simulator. With that being said, if anyone wants to add international companies, download one of my updates and add them yourself. It takes just a few minutes