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  1. Yeah, as the last post said; You're a year ahead of when the Radicalz jumped. It wouldn't make sense to do it in 2001 for the hell of it either because they're all under written contract.
  2. Heck, you could even go back to 1997 for ECW. First PPV coming up in a few months. Try to make it as successful as possible. Another realistic one would be to take WWF and try to take down WCW. They have much more money than you along with much more talent. That makes a good challenge.
  3. Dan Gilbert is probably on suicide watch right now... In all seriousness, congratulations LeBron!
  4. I was going to suggest that you go to the "Give me rules for a game" thread, but it seems as if someone has already given you a clear path. Eventually though you're going to have to start making these storylines up yourself.
  5. The Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 poster was reportedly already made 2 weeks before the fight. Definitely fixed.
  6. People wonder why boxing isn't as popular as it once was. Sure, things like UFC play a part in it, but it's crap like this that drives even more people away.
  7. David Stern will have another round of expansion and award a team to Jacksonville instead of Seattle and then Seattle will take the Cavaliers out of Cleveland. ...but the Cavaliers have a devoted fan base. It's not like their attendance numbers decreased that much when LeBron left. Anyway, picking Boston to close out tonight. I really don't want to put out a prediction for the Finals yet, though.
  8. I personally want 1998 done first, but I'd be satisfied with either at this point.
  9. Could I get just the kyky background? I know it's been posted before but I honestly do not have the time to be searching through 971 pages for it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Agree 100% that this should at least be attempted. It'd be so useful.
  11. Toonami. I don't even care if it was for one night only, so much nostalgia.
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