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  1. So, interesting Spiderman 2 news...
  2. Yeah Alonso should have got in. Morata definitely shouldn't have. Dave's there, that's all that matters.
  3. I definitely think they had more fun with this one. If the series continues, I can see them expanding the universe with more bigger names and doing some great stuff with it.
  4. No I'm just still extremely bitter about HIMYM
  5. The last season takes a slower pace and shows the entirety of Dany and Jon's wedding before they break up in the finale and Dany runs off with the Night King because he brought her a blue dragon.
  6. Dids is fucking awful. Blatant Tobes ripoff.
  7. What I've played of Trackmania Turbo is excellent.
  8. Ki Sung-Yeung has joined the Swansea exodus.
  9. Yeah Hitman's Bodyguard was a good watch. Supposedly a sequel in development.
  10. Amazing. Once you know when it airs let us know!
  11. Am I meant to know more than 4 of them? I don't exactly know what my link to Iceland is