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  1. Man Down is great because the character Greg Davies plays reminds me way too much of my dad.
  2. Let's get Marcus Brigstocke out of the woodwork whilst we're at it.
  3. Stephen Merchant and Holly Walsh are good picks. EDIT: So is Baynton now I've googled him and remembered who he is.
  4. Oh I know we'll get one, just wondering if its counted in the 6 seasons. Next line up I'd like Lee Mack, Sean Lock, Miranda Hart, Suzi Ruffle, and Bill Bailey.
  5. Wonder if those 6 seasons include the Champion of Champions that will be round the corner.
  6. I'm hoping they resolve some of the issues by the time the Gen 4 remakes come around, but Jim a lot more positive about Gen 8 than I was before.
  7. Channel 4 are the new home, as tweeted by Alex Horne.
  8. Jericode

    Workout Music

    I vary depending on what I'm doing. For weights I tend to go heavier, so I'll have something like Rammstein or Parkway Drive: If I'm running it tends to be pop punk or rock, so something like Don Broco or State Champs:
  9. The Witcher has a second season order already, production starts in the new year.
  10. First half of Too Weird is excellent, second half is shite. Vices and Virtues is a bold pick for favourite and I appreciate that.
  11. I Write Sins Not Tragedies is brilliant to be fair.
  12. The replay for that Ziyech goal is a glorious watch, Kepa gets fully Scott Sterling'd.
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