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  1. Iron Maiden are possibly the best live act I've ever seen and they are older than my dad.
  2. Good deal for Everton, have to think Barkley's on his way out if they've got that signed and sealed.
  3. FINALLY managed to get a Hardened pair to pro and it's god damn Apollo Crews whose stats just really aren't that great.
  4. Trophy Progress: 4/49 **PLATINUM** ***COMPLETE*** Fuck you Benji for beating me by a week Trophy Progress: 10/10 **COMPLETE*** Picked from one of the PS+ games I've had for two years and done little with to polish it off, there's a few collectables that are hard to spot but once you finish the first play through you get a radar that tells you where they are and makes it easier. Nice short arty little game, but honestly it's a bit dull so I wouldn't recommend it. Only bothered because I could do it in one sitting Trophy Progress: 4/12 Gave one of this months freebies a test run as well, it's one of those annoyingly infuriating games that'll be nice as a time waster when I'm bored of AAA games down the line. The gold completion trophy looks like it'll be a grind though.
  5. Couldn't agree more, great sound to the new tracks. Really hope there's tour dates announced soon.
  6. I had Love Again come up on Discover ages ago, which is how I found out they were still a thing, but haven't listened to it yet.
  7. List as of May 19th (132):
  8. That Harry Kane lad is a bit good, isn't he?
  9. Well, there's my excuse to actually play the first one
  10. Still don't understand why this is show is so loved. Still happy it's back. Still gonna watch it.
  11. Far Cry 5 has been confirmed! How was Primal? I really liked 4 but never bothered picking up Primal since other stuff had my attention at the time.
  12. Can it be June please? This album is everything I need in my life right now.
  13. Royal Blood announced tour dates
  14. Currently watching Master of None, not all of it is in black and white, right?
  15. Hundred percent agree, I've missed most of this season but that episode was excellent.