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  1. I think the collapse of Telltale has shown that putting out episodic games isn't a sustainable strategy, I can see it dying off. I've got no issue with MMOs but the pay-to-win aspect needs to stop, if there's no skill to it then there's no fun. From a personal standpoint I absolutely hate Battle Royale game modes, just bin them all. Quick time event bosses is another one. Why should I care about fighting through a shit load of people if I subsequently kill the boss by pressing three buttons within a time-limit?
  2. Jericode

    CDs are still cool

    Charity shops have had a great selection recently, including 2 MCR albums I got for a combined £1.50. My girlfriend bought 6 in Glasgow and I think it came to £5.50.
  3. @Cymbols That is a great list to be fair. Where are you seeing Frank Turner too? Completely jealous you're seeing Busted, not buying a ticket to see them in Cardiff is my biggest regret so far this year.
  4. I was already quite excited - I think I played Ultra Sun all of once and just couldn't be arsed with Alola's bullshit so the change up looked good - but I think I'm definitely going to have to get it now. I've been debating a Switch for a while so I think I'm sold on getting one plus this for Christmas in an inevitable bundle deal.
  5. Are we not gonna talk about how the rival is literally called Hop?
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn is magnificent. I bought it a year ago and I don't know why it's taken me so long to get started on it.
  7. Always Be My Maybe was really good.
  8. Line of Duty is one of my favourite shows, it's brilliant.
  9. Decent cover choice for them.
  10. Don't think I've watched any of it since either Punisher or Defenders, whichever came out latest. Hopefully they just multiverse it all and retcon them into the MCU somehow given they've never really given a shit about them in an MCU sense.
  11. Digging these a lot lately.
  12. Yeah, they're all great, the group have found their chemistry pretty quickly. Iain is growing on me, I initially thought he was really annoying.
  13. Can't get it to paste the link on mobile for whatever reason but the new Biffy Clyro album is great stuff.
  14. Banned for reminding me about this.
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