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  1. Announced tomorrow. Its always the Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the month.
  2. Yeah Santa Clarita Diet was great, it's a damn shame they cut it. Hoping it gets revived somewhere still.
  3. @=BK= what's your team like?
  4. You all suck for not getting Sex Education on the list. I probably would have dropped Thrones for Living With Yourself, but I didnt watch it until the new year and figured that was too late.
  5. Just think of it as Sony and MCU as two halves of a Venn diagram with Spiderman in the middle.
  6. 1917 was bloody excellent.
  7. Nonagon Infinity is my only real knowledge of them but its damn excellent.
  8. Add me to the Dying Light crew @Ollie @Benji, still looking for an excuse to play it again.
  9. New Creeper will be interesting. ADTR will either be a triumph or a disaster if the change in sound is anything to go by.
  10. Because we're not waiting until March for a new thread this time. What are we all excited for this year then? Got my eyes set on the new Green Day, The 1975 and Twin Atlantic albums, and there's a fair few others I'm hoping come to fruition.
  11. #3 is something Asamoah, I've blanked on his first name.
  12. Can confirm, Yu-Gi-Oh is so combo heavy the games frequently end within 3 turns
  13. The Arsenal/Leicester one.
  14. Alan Smith? Didnt even know there was a C team tbh.
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