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  1. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    I always thought that was a really odd move to begin with.
  2. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    Draxler has supposedly been told he can leave PSG. Didn't he only sign for them in January?
  3. The card game thread

    Once you get the hang of each new rule they aren't too bad, but i wouldn't try and learn it all at the same time if you're just coming into it.
  4. The card game thread

    Yu-Gi-Oh has definitely evolved a lot since it first started.
  5. The card game thread

    I still play Yu-Gi-Oh.
  6. Game of Thrones

    Legit so happy about this.
  7. The EWB Co-Op Partners Thread

    This is what I know I have based off my PSNProfiles account, I will add in some Steam stuff and other PS4 games that I've not bothered getting around to actually playing yet in a day or two. PS4 Borderlands 2 Broforce Disc Jam Drawn to Death Dying Light Gauntlet GTA V Helldivers Injustice Killing Floor 2 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Magicka 2 Monopoly Plus Plants vs Zombies Rainbow Six Siege Rocket League Star Wars Battlefront Super Exploding Zoo (I know @Ollie needed my help for this one) Table Top Racing Tekken 7 The Last of Us Tricky Towers Tropico 5 Watch Dogs Worms Battlegrounds WWE 2K17 Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist
  8. Complete Your Collection

    Truth, fuck some of those puzzles.
  9. Complete Your Collection

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Stuff like the Telltale Games don't need one and things like Rocket League and FIFA are usually straight forward, but some games have some stupidly difficult collectibles that defy logic without a guide.
  10. Premier League 2017/18

    I honestly couldn't tell you what our starting line-up is going to be against Spurs. Do we even have a midfield left? Presumably Luiz would move forward as he so often did before, Azpi moves back to the middle, Moses goes back in at right back and then Christensen gets a starting spot, but having a new signing, an out of position player and a youth player as a starting back three doesn't fill me with confidence against the attacking force Spurs have. So yeah, if Newcastle can kick the shit out of Alli, Kane, Eriksen and Son that would be great
  11. hey here's a picture of Kanye West

    His mind certainly looks like it's at Kanye Rest.
  12. Premier League 2017/18

    Assist too. Looked bright. Hope he starts against Spurs.
  13. Premier League 2017/18

    David Luiz scores. 3-2. Mad game. Brady hits the post!