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  1. Red Dead is flawed by a shit control scheme.
  2. Yeah, that's not a cheap deck at all. I tend to stick budget, which is generally why I tend to lose
  3. It isn't my first choice, it's just the only one that I had fully complete and wasn't in the process of rebuilding. Three of my games were against Salamangreat, which was just annoying. I'd play it myself but don't have the key card that makes it all work. What are you playing?
  4. Gadget ABC, but I went to locals today and absolutely bombed so may rethink it
  5. I'm entering a Regional Yugioh tournament for the first time next weekend. 100% certain I'll crash out hard but looking forward to giving it a go anyway.
  6. They're other new single Gone is good too, album out June 21st. I saw them 2 years ago I think? Totally forgot about them but I'll have to try and see them if they drop I to Wales. They've got a covers EP too which is decent.
  7. Line of Duty is just so damn good.
  8. When I first played it on PS2, I really really struggled with him, can't remember why. This time I think my stats are just too low, but yeah I've legitimately never beaten him. Gonna re-try it after I finish a 100% playthrough on FFX-2, and if I can't beat him then definitely just gonna do a new playthrough.
  9. I thought it was okay but the amount of games it makes you play is just annoying. And god don't remind me about the lightning strikes. The first time I worked out how to do it I got to 197. Fuck that bullshit. All Final Fantasy minigames seem to be a complete chore.
  10. The play through I was doing before I didn't realise I had to fill in all the gaps in it to count it as completed and like fuck am I backtracking when I'm at this stage of the game. Figure I might as well start over, plan it better and hopefully get the trophy I glitched along the way.
  11. Finally finished Chapter 2 of X-2 for the first time in years. This 100% play through will be the end of me, but I seem to be on track so far. At some point I'll have to go back and finish FFX, but the trophy for the first boss glitched and I don't know if I can be arsed starting over again for it. Counterpoint, I'm currently fighting Jecht who was the boss I.never got passed the first time I played it, so I'm half tempted to just redo it anyway and be more planned doing the stupid sphere grid.
  12. Okay, now that I've listened to it, I completely get why Billie Eilish is being hyped to hell, but it definitely isn't for me. You Should See Me In A Crown hits hard though.
  13. Endgame tickets booked! So excited for this.
  14. Been meaning to check this, and I usually trust your opinion when given it so that bodes well.
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