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  1. I don't know anything about Paul Dano but it's an improved casting on virtue of not being Jonah Hill.
  2. I haven't trawled through the list yet, but searching for a few of my favourite albums and having them not appear can only mean either myself or the subjective views of the list creators are wrong, and I know which one it is. The first album I own on the list is After Laughter by Paramore, ranked 169th. And I get that there are fucking loads of albums in the span of a decade but not including Death of a Bachelor by Panic at the Disco is a travesty. It's a million times better than the Paramore album. Okay after going through it all it turns out that that Paramore album is literally the only one on the list I own so I evidently know nothing about music.
  3. The Blackout slap hard, forever and always.
  4. Yeah, swing and a miss.
  5. Trent Seven is great but he's no Trent IV
  6. Really enjoying this series, David Baddiel and Jo Brand are brilliantly absurd. Hoping Ed Gamble gets the win.
  7. My girlfriend's got me watching Money Heist, which is a fucking excellent Spanish show on Netflix. I'd recommend watching in Spanish with subtitles rather than dubbing it.
  8. Yeah I loved it, felt really tense and each one felt unique despite the setting being the same. Would love if they did a follow up. Planning on watching the others at some point.
  9. I love the ideas behind the DLC, but I'll wait and see the reviews before I consider buying the game.
  10. Appeal to Reason is a banging shout for 2008, I'm changing my answer to that. Great list.
  11. Super into these guys at the moment. Need to see about getting to their January tour.
  12. 2018 is such a tough call and by contrast I still can't pick anything for 2012
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