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  1. Okay, that sounds kinda cool to be fair. I'm.intrigued what the other originals are gonna be.
  2. I was gonna remark how weird it would be that Scott Carson is gonna end up with a Premier League winners medal, but upon checking he apparently already has a Champions League medal from when Liverpool won it in 2005. Scott Carson: Champions League Winner. Signing makes total sense now.
  3. Got Mario Kart for my Switch, gonna spend this evening losing to my girlfriend now probably.
  4. 2012 was such a good year, I might boot it back up again. Turns out I don't have it on Steam, 2014 will have to do.
  5. I honestly think it's for the best, we've got plenty of options with Dave, Rudiger, Christensen, Zouma, and maybe Tomori (or did we loan him out?), plus he's always got an error in him so I look forward to it arriving in the derby.
  6. Dybala is off again because they haven't got a replacement lined up
  7. Sky Sports have just said City want bloody Scott Carson on loan as third choice cover. Scenes. Spurs doing next to nothing all window and then landing Dybala, Lo Celso and Sessegnon within hours of each other on deadline day would be mental. Just remembered they actually made two signings already but still a mad trio of deals in prospect.
  8. Sky Italy are saying they've bid 62m for Dybala as well now United's interest is over.
  9. Rooney to Derby rumours growing, apparently he's flown back to England and en route.
  10. Maguire to United finalised.
  11. Item stats are based off other skills I think, heavy armor, light armor, one handed etc. Its mostly for improvements and allowing you to smith higher grade items.
  12. Getting 6-8m for Mignolet and getting Asrian on a free is great business by Liverpool.
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