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  1. The Getaway. It looked amazing, and was so good to have a very detailed map of London as the setting. I enjoyed the story... well as much as I could handle anyways since the gameplay was just awful.
  2. Trivial Pursuit, eh @9 to 5 It's a good game, but the developers don't care about it enough to add basic features like you know, invite a friend.
  3. Well, i've got just the game for you. https://www.myabandonware.com/game/z-2uk You can play it in your browser and a little know how of MS-DOS to configure the sound. RTS game from 1996. Pretty basic and easy to pick up. You're the red team, and all you need to do is take the blue teams base, with some added comedy. @9 to 5 recommends it.
  4. Time to trade in all those untradeable shines in SBC. Out of 4 BPL premium upgrade packs, i got Davidson Sanchez, Kyle Walker, Mesut Ozil and TOTW Boly. Even the standard ones can be good... out of about 8 packs i landed an Allison.
  5. I got a black card Petr Cech from one of the starter challenges. That'll do nicely 😎
  6. This Points Division league in Ultimate Team is pretty interesting. Although all 5 of my qualifying games were against people with 82-85 rated team... compared to my 67 rated English team. Lost 4 drew 1 and been placed in Division 6. Since then ive won 4 and drew 1, and i'm still going up against 82-85 rated teams... where as i'm sticking to my 67 rated English team. Where are all the uncoordinated jobber team you get in the first week on Ultimate Team 😂 Couldn't of asked for a better first victory though than this:
  7. This review pretty much nails everything if you've never heard of Shenmue before. I still think it's a fantastic story and the game can still hold it's own nearly 20 years later. The dub is bad in places, but I find it more humorous than cringe. Highly recommend the remake.
  8. 4662 1564 6495 since I forgot to leave my code in here before, and well research task 😂
  9. It's quite simple if you go on holiday. I traded someone a Pokemon i brought back from Malta and we both got the badge.
  10. I'm still traumatized from 2K17.
  11. I look forward to @9 to 5 accidentally nuking our own base.
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