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  1. The Athletic is really really good by the way. Subbed for MMA, but the football stuff is class as well. Real interesting Ron Vlaar interview today for example.
  2. Gareth Anscombe is out of the World Cup. Fucking warmup matches. Wank.
  3. Villa have confirmed the signings of Tom Heaton and Marvellous today. Heaton is an excellent signing, don’t have complete confidence in Jed Steer and the bosses don’t appear to have faith in Kalinic. I reckon Marvellous will be backup to Luiz, but we will see.
  4. Started watching The Rookie this afternoon. I do like police/crime shows, and this one is pretty decent. Seen adverts for FBI on Sky Witness, might give that a crack too.
  5. Bit pissed at the jeers from his own fans it seems. Never really understood fans who so vocally get on their own players’ backs to be fair. Can’t help.
  6. Billing is a class signing.
  7. Why did it take until he’d actually arrived in China to realise that this was the case though?
  8. I assume someone above Zidane told him to stop being a prick.
  9. In actual feel good news, Nicholas Dalby is back with the UFC, returning at UFC Copenhagen. Was actually at his first two fights after being cut - in Gothenburg and Cardiff, and it made me a big fan. Drew against a much bigger Darren Till too, so I’m interested to see how far he can actually go this time.
  10. Arsenal fans actively taking joy out of it on social media are pretty awful, irrespective of the history there. I’ve seen the injury, and it looks awful.
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