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  1. Finished this last night. Really good fun, maybe a little short for my liking, but enjoyable all the same.
  2. Weird to be feeling disappointed coming away from Old Trafford with only a point. Don't which team that says more about. Much needed though, with Norwich and Newcastle picking up points against the top six this weekend.
  3. Good result that. I do like that Steve Bruce’s bring all the strikers on approach is working just about as well as it used to with us
  4. Got me some tickets to see Lionel Richie play at Cardiff Castle next August
  5. Should’ve stumped that extra £5m for Grealish when they had the chance (glad they didn’t though).
  6. I love our Wales. Golf. Madrid. Chant that we’ve got - Spanish press are fuming though
  7. We’re off to the Euros lads 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  8. I know it is my own, but gives me goosebumps every time
  9. Picked this up today. Haven't played all that much but it seems to be a lot of fun.
  10. No digs here mate. Just so happens that Liverpool fans have been the whiniest that I’ve seen here and elsewhere (despite being top of the league) - so it makes for a good example. Good Tweet I saw before the rugby World Cup final made the point that no matter how many mistakes the referee makes, players on both teams will make more. Everyone on that pitch is only human.
  11. It shouldn’t be how it is. But accepting that is better than accusing a referee of wearing the opposition’s shirt one week, and cheering the (broken) system the next. Swings and roundabouts ain’t it (and I am well aware that someone will make the obvious roundabout joke).
  12. Liverpool’s VAR complaints after the Manchester United game seem a lifetime ago. Thing is, VAR is currently broken as fuck, but everyone is getting screwed. We’ve had perfectly good goals ruled out, and we’ve had our opponents have perfectly good goals ruled out. Think people really lack perspective. No referee is actually biased, and anyone who mouths off saying that the refs are secretly on the take or whatever is a tool. VAR is broken as fuck, but everyone seems to be getting screwed over equally. Not much of a consolation, but it is what it is.
  13. Controversially, Vices and Virtues is my favourite. Too Weird is the worst for me.
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