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  1. Hard to say really, when it comes to his UFC tenure anyways. Only fought four times before leaving, going 3-1 - only loss coming to prime Aldo. Before that again, lost a controversial split call against Leonard Garcia, and to George Roop, who was pretty tricky. Seriously impressive though in his last few fights, absolutely. He wants in on the November South Korea card. He wins that, I say give him a title shot. And holy fuck, give him a fight against someone like Calvin Kattar, would either guarantee a title contender, or give a huge boost to a rising star.
  2. BT won’t give a fuck about losing a few UFC fans now that they’ve got WWE. Also fuck the contender series. Brendan Loughnane is arguably the best competitor they have ever had, and Dana refused him a contract because he shot for a takedown in the last ten seconds of a fight. Outrageous.
  3. Benteke did a job - that changes the equation a little right?
  4. Looks like Villa have signed Wesley. Who is Wesley, I am not certain.
  5. It feels so good to post in this thread again. Yknow, until our season falls off a cliff like it did the last time. But hopefully not!
  6. He’s playing a super small show at The Empire in Coventry. Sold out in minutes, so had to ask for a review ticket instead which luckily they’ve said yes to.
  7. I haven't been to a gig since reviewing Sean Paul last August. In late June/July I'm seeing The Killers, Frank Turner, Frank Iero, and Busted all in the space of eight days. Just easing back into it like. Frankie T and Busted are through work, nabbed The Killers one off a relative who double booked, so all told, I'm only paying for Frank Iero...which is £2. Cannot complain there at all.
  8. The sound of it is how I would imagine a baseball bat to a head sounds like.
  9. Tony Ferguson is back! For fuck sakes though, give him the winner of Khabib and Dustin. For UK viewers, all numbered shows will now be on BT Sport PPV which sucks. I’m not going to pay £20 a pop each time.
  10. Giggs out etc etc. In all seriousness, having some lad from Rotherham man marking Modric was the stupidest thing that he has done since taking over.
  11. Oh man, so much love for the Xcom games. My only sadness is wondering what happened to my original soldiers in between games. Didn’t rename him, but Major Fernando “Nuke” Torres was my only survivor from the tutorial, and led the line in the very last mission. I sure hope he joined the rebellion somewhere 😢
  12. Known about it for a couple of weeks now, but today it has been confirmed that Coventry City will be playing in Birmingham next season - at St Andrews. What a fucking mess.
  13. We pay a small fee, pick up a decent squad option, ditch a fucking useless player in our strongest position, and piss off the Bluenoses? I’m on board.
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