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  1. The crazy thing is that Jones has still fought more recently than Gus.
  2. Happy days. Definitely the most sensible option of all the names touted.
  3. Still not seeing a reason to feel sorry for Artem Lobov in that.
  4. Poor Artem Lobov is a very weird take. His fight against Caceres was cancelled because he took part in the bus attack, so he really doesn’t get my sympathy there. And 20 days is plenty of time to find a new opponent, if they do choose to pull Tukhugov. In any case, his career isn’t over, either. No shortage of Russian promotions, who pay fairly well. Really enjoyed seeing Khabib batter McGregor. Post fight was fucking stupid though. But in a post busgate UFC, this is the trashy shit I guess we can expect.
  5. Tickets booked for Cage Warriors 100 in December, two title fights already booked. Super hyped for that. Jack Shore, Nicolas Dalby, Josh Reed, Paddy Pimblett all announced, along with the 145lbs tournament final. Stacked. Hoping to add Birmingham next month, and possibly even Copenhagen next March, too. Much more excited by these shows than the UFC these days. Just not worth staying up all hours for shows which are being hyped as big deals, but are basically just regional shows with a half decent main event, and not much else. Want Khabib to win tonight, if only to shut the McGregor stans up. But honestly, couldn't give a fuck about the build up.
  6. Alright for you, already being in the Prem! But yeah, quality addition this. Got the game on release, will be able to play for the first time this evening, so hype. Looking forward to treating Villa to some actual defenders in career mode.
  7. I think I’ve read that they will get the badges. Don’t know about the font though.
  8. Cage Warriors last night was a lot of fun. The two Welsh prospects in the main and co-main got it done in R1. And just an exciting night of fights on the whole.
  9. Shame. BT were doing a stellar job. Least they’ve still got Cage Warriors. Won’t bother with Eleven, seeing how you’d essentially be paying more for less.
  10. I’m totally okay with this tbh. Gives me time to give some love to the single player before killing @9 to 5 and Eddie’s horses. Hopefully they’ve learned from the GTA V online launch though. That was rather broken at first.
  11. Drive a golf cart over the lake. Especially if you need to accumulate 150k trick points for that challenge still.
  12. IGN had two hours with the game and holy shit it sounds amazing! Like, it probably should come as no surprise that it sounds good, but damn. Won’t post deets for people wanting to go in with no knowledge, but check it out otherwise.
  13. Port a fortress is pretty mental, fair play. Managed to reach level 100 this season as well. Ragnarok looks pretty swag when you level him up a bit.

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