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  1. Fight Island is falling apart. Two Brazilians have tested positive for Covid today, leaving Jack Shore and Modestas Bukauskas without opponents. Both Cage Warriors vets and super sound guys too, which sucks. Nicholas Dalby and Ramazan Emeev have been left without opponents due to injury over the last 24 hours. And today Khabib’s father has died, resulting in two of his teammates pulling out of fights on the island. Six fights have fallen out in just one day, and we’re still eight days out.
  2. Up to 18th! Operation find three teams worse than us is a go
  3. Parks is excellent, yeah. Currently watching it for the third time. Moved back in with the parents during lockdown, and am showing them Parks and The Office for the first time. Speaking of The Office! All nine seasons are now on Sky Comedy on demand. Got it on boxset anyways, but having it to stream on TV is a delight. Incidentally, don’t think I’ve ever related to any TV character like April off of Parks. Fucking legend.
  4. Yeah this is great. Not entirely sure why, but I can’t help but root against every single team of teachers.
  5. Ffs I was looking forward to seeing him link up with Werner as well 😭
  6. Timo Werner won’t be playing any further part in RB Leipzig’s campaign. With Poulsen and Wolf injured too, and Schick’s loan coming to an end, it leaves them in a tricky spot.
  7. Maupay is a shithouse. Obvs he hasn’t meant to injure him, but he’s blatantly left one on him there. Was always a sneaky fucker in the Championship, so no surprise there.
  8. Cymbols

    FIFA 20

    Gameplay is just fine in 20, though I admittedly only play single player and pro clubs. The problems are that it took months for them to make career mode playable, but even more frustrating, is that tournament mode has never worked. There’s posts on the FIFA forums from release week where tournaments with over a certain number of human controlled teams would crash halfway through week two. Nine months later, that problem has never been fixed, rendering that whole game mode largely obsolete. They even added the South American Champions League, and still didn’t address the issue, so that mid season addition didn’t work properly either. I’ve bought 16 of the last 18 instalments, and this year was the most disappointed I’ve ever been.
  9. They still want to replace him with Upemecano? He’s been fucking useless lately. Got that Luiz streak in him.
  10. Bit late replying to this, but after I finished the most recent book (just after it was released), I was mad keen for the next one - and the wait was a killer. Now? It’s been so long, and I’ve largely forgotten what happened. Yeah I’d still read it for sure, but I’m also really not that bothered if it never happens now. The wave feels like it has crested really.
  11. Hoffenheim vs Leipzig has been a corker so far
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