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  1. Cage Warriors 100 was excellent. 10 fights, 10 finishes. Welsh lad won the world title in Wales as well, and the place went mental. Watched the UFC main card this morning as well, couple of fun fights on there as well. Max Holloway is quality.
  2. Yeah we can’t defend. Thank god for Tammy.
  3. You KNOW that it’s a spoiler, because you put it in tags, so it quite clearly isn’t a case of preventing discussion. All I’m saying is that you can do a better job of what you write before the spoiler. How about “mission in Saint Denis spoiler”? That way, people who maybe aren’t as far through it as you don’t know what is to come, and now thanks to the edit, when that thing is coming.
  4. I haven’t read the spoiler. But you introducing the spoiler is a spoiler in itself, and the edited post has only gone and made things worse. Top work.
  5. Could you not just have said “chapter x mission spoiler”? I’ve just gotten to this town and didn’t particularly want to know that this was going to happen.
  6. Welsh game was all kinds of fun. Couple of really nice tries scored too. It's a very strange feeling for us mind, not used to having so much depth, particularly in the backs and at 10. Some real selection headaches ahead of the next one.
  7. Yeah the final Margaret mission might just be my favourite thing that’s happened so far.
  8. The Korean Zombie vs Yair Rodriguez holy shit. Watch it if you haven’t already.
  9. I mean, losing to Cardiff. Hate anyone who does that this season.
  10. Of the two that Dana said were done, Tukhugov hasn’t been cut yet, and Islam Makhachev has just been booked to fight Trinaldo in January. Dana chats utter shit, but two exciting guys fight on, so happy days. In other news, anyone seen the card for Cage Warriors 100 in December? Fucking stacked. Second best UK MMA card of the year after CW92 I reckon. Great way to close out the year - and I think the scene is looking pretty healthy, despite BAMMA dying.
  11. You can pull up the wheel to give your horse stamina boosts when you’re on the move. And if you time your button pressing correctly, the horse barely loses any stamina. ... Still quite early in the game and it is tremendous. Not one to blitz through which is nice.

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