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  1. Sims 2 looks better. Probably plays better too. Hell of a game.
  2. Get in Japan! Great for the tournament and the game as a whole
  3. Watched the first three episodes of Manifest this afternoon - anyone else catch it? Quite like it you know.
  4. Nah, no chance will they be rusty - still very much in training. Those teams will go into the knockout stages having played 80 minutes fewer of full throttle rugby - and would’ve been the toughest game of the group stages for each side. Also, statistically we’re seeing at least one serious injury per game of professional rugby, so those teams also have the advantage of a lower risk of injury. I get why it has to happen, but some teams are getting a lot more out of it than others.
  5. And England and France get 10 extra days to recover compared to their QF opponents.
  6. He’s blatantly not Irish though, Birmingham through and through. Wesley confuses me. Either brilliant or fucking shit. Genuinely don’t know which one it is.
  7. Cymbols

    Criminal on Netflix

    That sounds amazing. Police procedurals are probably my favourite genre of TV to be honest. Will give it a watch.
  8. Amazing, just amazing
  9. Mate the card this afternoon is stacked for a fight night card, not being funny. Most highly anticipated card of the year so far for me, top to bottom.
  10. Has anyone been arrested?
  11. Fair play Japan. Also how shit does this make Scotland?
  12. Hardly high level opposition. MVP vs Kiely was a bigger mismatch. Can only beat who you get given though.
  13. Yeah I don’t think you guys should be worrying just yet... ...ah hang on...WESLEY!
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