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  1. Fucking weird show, but fun. - Double knockdown - Michael Chandler's ankle going to mush like Jamie Varner's did that one time. - A guy from the athletic commission pulling the stool out from behind the guy with the fucked ankle before he could sit down. - A furniture or windows salesman subbing the sports top prospect. (Tbf @Chris2K, Freeman is 9-2 and has fought for the LFA belt, calling him a nobody seems a bit harsh). - Oh, and Wanderlei asking the ref to stand the fight up whilst Sonnen was in mount 😂
  2. Johny Hendricks just missed Middleweight
  3. Not a show that's fallen off, or even a show I dislike. I just like data and graphs and shit. The one for The Graham Norton show is really bizarre. But worth noting that the less people who vote, the more unpredictable the results are. Like, the most popular episode had 100 votes, the least popular had just 17 - though it also had Miranda Hart on it to be fair.
  4. Sage Northcutt vs John Makdessi has been added to the same card. Not the biggest fan of Sage being in there, but this is actually a great matchup.
  5. Yeah the glass ceiling argument is pure ignorance. With the amount of money in the game, all bets are off. Saying that mid range sides should know their place and constantly sell just because bigger teams want to buy is pretty disrespectful imo.
  6. Step up from Stockdale that. Smart.
  7. Bit harsh. But you can also kind of see why it's given.
  8. Fun card really. Good for Holloway, dude deserves all the credit he gets. Will be interesting to see if the UFC pull the trigger on a Hawaii card. Worked out perfectly for Frankie Edgar too, and Cub Swanson. Wasn't quite as enjoyable as Friday's Cage Warriors card, but maybe that's because I'm more invested in the guys that compete for them. Craig White was the big winner, for me.
  9. Matt did call him winkycuntface tbf
  10. Don't think anyone called him useless. It is an interesting thing to theorise though. Would the combined minutes of Morata/Asensio/Vasquez in place of Ronaldo provide the same levels of success? Really hard to say.
  11. BT Sport commentary is awful. Bale comes on "in a stadium he graces so often for Wales". Yeah, factually on point Fletcher, moron. And the wheels have fallen off Juve. But Ramos is scum.
  12. I don't think you can blame Grealish for picking England. I mean, he's lived in Birmingham all his life. I guess you could argue that he probably shouldn't have played for Ireland at youth level, but realistically, if a national team comes calling, are you really going to say no at that point in your career?
  13. Got sent this CD to review, and it surprised me. Partly because I got them mixed up with Eliza and the Bear, but also because it's actually really good. They're touring in a few weeks as well, possibly going to review it, but tempted to go anyways if not.
  14. Gus won't fight Manuwa again, after they fought they started training together and are now good mates.
  15. Ruined it with a pun though, didn't I