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  1. Keeper should've had it. Fucking Hennessey.
  2. I love how angry he looks.
  3. Couldn't resist! I have no practical answer though sadly.
  4. Common problem apparently, but there's a workaround. Spoilered for length:
  5. Hasn't played in ages. First goal in 442 days as well.
  6. Gabby's only gone and fucking scored
  7. Shake It is the only song I previously knew and liked. So this takes the total up to two.
  8. Love and War
  9. I found a good song. Just one.
  10. Hibs vs Aberdeen is on BBC One Scotland right now. Good game too, 2-1 after 35 minutes.
  11. Wait no they still are.
  12. Must be a South Wales thing (CC: @Jericode)
  13. Found out today that the founding members of Metro Station met on the set of Hannah Montana, because they both had siblings in the show (including Miley Cyrus). Amuses me for some reason. They also aren't actually as shit as I remember them being.
  14. The one up by John Lewis Ones and Zeroes Actually a terrible opinion
  15. So there's an entertainment store in the shopping centre in Cardiff that's having a closing down sale, and uh, clearly they over bought some random stuff and are having a hard time shifting it. For example, they had one copy of Carly Rae Jepsen's newest album for £4. They had loads of copies of the deluxe edition of the same album for £3. Okay, sure. They didn't have any Green Day, YMAS, and a few other mainstream artists, but they also had like seven copies of a Neon Trees album. £3? Fuck it, why not. Also picked up a Young Guns record because it was only £6.