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  1. It’s not flawed, you’re just mad that we never reached Proland.
  2. Definitely out for Slam Dunk unfortunately. I am however going to see The Killers at Cardiff Castle just before they headline Glastonbury. I know that they divide opinion, but I think that they are pretty dope, plus it is at an actual castle.
  3. Bought this a couple of days ago after a few years out of getting new ones. Fucking hell, just seems like everything is needlessly complicated now, just feels both daunting and a bit of a chore to play.
  4. I mean they already lose six points a season when they play the Villa so what’s a few more?
  5. Boys! Wasn’t a pretty 6N but all business. Delighted.
  6. Yeah I had clocked that too. Police were seen leading him away, so indication that he has been arrested or anything at this time. If he has indeed done that, it is arguably worse, because for an employee of a club to do something like that...wow.
  7. Jack is fucking great. Picked himself up, didn't let it get to him, scored the winning goal. Mature performance. Oh to be the copper to be able to tell that prick the final score.
  8. Lawler was never out there. Better to be safe than sorry though.
  9. Cov City’s future isn’t looking great at the moment, so we’re going all out to save them.
  10. Cymbols

    The Sims

    One of the women had twins as well ffs. So Don has two kids with the maid, one with Nina Caliente, three with Dina Caliente (the youngest two being twins), and an alien baby. Game is progressing fairly well otherwise. The Pleasant twins have gone to uni - one has stuck with Dustin Broke, the other has left the Dreamer kid. Dustin is going to graduate from uni first, then the twins, then Lucy Burb.
  11. So Johnny Walker wins inside a minute for the second time in two months...and then injures himself doing the worm in celebration. MMA is fucking weird sometimes.
  12. American keeper picked up a back pass apparently. May have been a collision/being chased down by the English player leading to the keeper picking it up, but it was an indirect FK as a result of a backpass all the same.
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