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  1. Uhh interesting choice of trophy placement from Willian...
  2. Holy fuck I can breathe again
  3. Went on a bit of a mad one in Tomato Town
  4. Cymbols

    FIFA 18

    Beat Niner 3-0 the other day, so you’re only two goals worse than him. Just thought you should know.
  5. Fulham to win would be great. Fuck Birmingham. Fuck Cardiff.
  6. Listened to the tribute playlist on Spotify for most of today. So sad, was incredibly talented, and someone who produced more than just one song that people who wouldn't otherwise be interested in the genre liked. Was a regular feature on the playlists at house parties when I was a teen, so this one's definitely hit home a bit.
  7. Coleman is a moron. Honestly don’t know what he was expecting taking that job. Also fuck Cardiff.
  8. Playoffs guaranteed, which is a relief after the last month or so. Second place is probably out of the question now though, so here’s hoping that Fulham do it. Fuck Cardiff.
  9. Shit first touch though
  10. Respect to Michael Oliver. Made the right call, and responded to Buffon’s actions appropriately. No sympathy for Buffon, and those applauding Buffon are scum and are just as much the problem. Former colleague referees Sunday league and was hospitalised last weekend after a player battered him. What hope do we have if the pro’s are setting that kind of example?
  11. If we can’t go up, I hope we can at least keep Cardiff down with us. Pricks.
  12. Chiesa’s been taken to hospital, and sounds like Artem Lobov’s Fight has been pulled for being part of the trouble.