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  1. Ouch. Cov haven’t looked like scoring at all this season, but your boys helped them find a way.
  2. There’s some um, interesting speculation on social media as to why he’s stepped down.
  3. Take the L, my dude. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with his goal either. But still, tit.
  4. I’ve noticed a couple times (esp with clingers and traps) that if I throw it, I die, and then it kills someone, it doesn’t count towards the challenge. Can be frustrating.
  5. Yeah man. Cut a scary amount of weight for that one too. Definitely walked out with his head held high, so glad he’s getting a second crack.
  6. Super nice guy I’ve met and interviewed a few times has been lined up to face Diego Sanchez next. Went on an incredible winning run, to get a short notice fight against Neil Magny, to this opportunity next. Amazing.
  7. Sessengnon might be happening. Fulham scrambled to buy a left back in a hurry last night...
  8. Looks like Fulham have hijacked this one, so no.
  9. We’ve signed John McGinn from Hibs. Know very little about him, but back to signing young players is a good step I reckon. Still think Jack will go Spurs. Tough one. Would hate to see him go, but would love to see him have a successful career, and unfortunately, while he is in his peak, we won’t be a club where he can reach his full potential.
  10. Alan Hutton ❤️ My boy.
  11. Resigned Tuanzebe on a season long loan. Pleased with that, should get more minutes this year if he can stay fit.
  12. Sell-on fee aw yeah. Sounds like Villa and Boro are in a straight fight for Joe Bryan as well. £6m is the figure floating around.
  13. Yeah that’s me tapping out as well, in that case. It’s a real shame, because they’ve got a good thing going on BT.
  14. Bruce has had two attempts, and failed both times, so don’t think he’s the best man for the job. Saying that, I don’t think Henry would have been the best option either. Hmm.
  15. Fucking hell. Looks like something is happening today.

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