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  1. Cymbols


    I know I might be a stereotype, but Gavin and Stacey is the best.
  2. Turns out that it is very easy to comfort listen to old stuff that you know that you like. Go figure. Anyways, finally got around to listening to something new - VI by You Me at Six. It’s alright you know. Inoffensive and unremarkable, but loud and fast enough to do the trick.
  3. Yeah I’m pretty much the same. The only person in the whole thing that was in any way sane was the assistant to Carole’s obviously murdered first husband. Every single other fucking person is fully mental. Really did enjoy it though.
  4. Watching the first episode of Tiger King, fucking hell it is mental
  5. Not discovery so much, but my three most played songs today are: Power by Kanye West I Try by Macy Gray Dusted by Asteroid Boys
  6. She’s been busy. Spent 24 hours in London before the plug was pulled on that event last weekend.
  7. Jon Jones got arrested for driving under the influence and for negligent use of a firearm last night.
  8. So I’m working from home at the minute, which means that because I’m not in the office, I can play me some music loud. And to spice up this lockdown, I’m trying to listen to either a new song/album/ep a day, just for a bit of variety. Doesn’t have to be new releases, just broadening horizons and shit. So if you guys listen to anything decent, feel free to share here. Best thing I’ve listened to so far is Lovetap! by Smallpools. Not a new album, but nice and upbeat stuff. Killer Whales and Mason Jar are particular highlights. https://open.spotify.com/album/59xqFRG2IgFTsZtQ73yIp6?si=tmKKpM1IT-Os7moSKvducQ What are you guys listening to?
  9. Part of the reason the UFC is so keen to keep their shitshow going
  10. Not sure about that. Ad revenue is likely a lot higher. Sounds like Endeavour are really pushing the UFC to carry on, and the UFC bosses meanwhile, see this as a way to become mainstream, thinking that more people will watch by virtue of nothing else being on.
  11. The maddest bastard Graham Boylan is getting in on it. Cage Warriors London is going ahead behind closed doors, and will feature at least one of the UFC London fights - with the potential for more.
  12. With family in mind, Leon isn’t travelling. The only original fighters still on the card are Kevin Holland and Marvin Vettori. A couple of others, like Woodley, de Freitas, and Benítez are unknown. But certainly the rest of the Europeans are out.
  13. Makes way more sense just to have one competition screwed up this season, then start back up again next season. It’s a massive blow, but then we hit reset and go again. No point dragging it out over years, which is also why they shouldn’t cancel any cups next season. Make a decision to end this season, come up with a solution for titles/promotion/relegation, accept that some people are going to be left unhappy. And come August, we start again. Personally, I think we just void the season, no promotion, no relegation, but honestly, if they promote and relegate teams as is, it sucks for us, but it is what it is.
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