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  1. The guys I mention have wrestled in north America from time to time plus would you rather have real wrestlers in than random generated guys, I would rather have Robbie X than some guy the game randomly has added tbh UK TV is also online for oversees so it can have a lot to do with north American market us brits are slowly starting to invade the north American company's Joe Hendry for instance came out of ICW and has joined IMPACT.
  2. World Of Sport (WOS) back on ITV With WOS back some of their roster are either missing or severely underrated and even available for a backyard fed Rampage Brown needs renamed Rampage (WOS Champion) Certain In game roster stars such as Viper are due a stats update she has been in WWE, IMPACT, Japan and starts with a low 17 (20-25) Not In game (10-20 Over given UK Exposure) Adam Maxted Brad Slayer Crater Gabriel Kidd HT Drake Iestyn Rees Justin Sysum Kip Sabian Liam Slater Robbie X Stevie Boy Bea Priestley Kasey Owens Also Jack Jester and Ian Ambrose are not in the game (not in WOS) Ian Ambrose (Scumbag as shortened) (British) 32 (March) Speaks (Yes) Old School Face (Face) Over 15, Brawl 22, Speed 33, Technical 48, Charisma 48, Stiff 48, Sell 48, Behavior 80, Attitude 80 Finsher Wombstone (Impact) Other Finisher The Sandy Hook Massacre (Submission)
  3. LAX need a slight overness boost if they haven't as on the June update they ended up indie guys while Impact fell and kept yoying between Cult and Regional
  4. So Big Cass And Carmella, Eddie Kingston and Jade and a few others have a relationship on the game but not an actual married couple?
  5. Noticed on Wiki when I went on Davey Richard's page that him and Angelina Love are actually married since 2015 yet in the June update Davey Richards only lists a friendship with Eddie Edwards as his ingame relationship? maybe another one to add in between Richards And Love? 1. should be switched from midcard to non wrestler ? 2. They were Cult actually on the older versions of the game with all workers on open or non contract (verbal on old patch) deals so HOH are fine as they are unless the editor thinks differently of course
  6. on the save I stupidly gave him creative control as part of my stealing attempt so he blocked that but accepted no gimmick needed lol
  7. He is playing a non wrestler and a face on EWR, so the gimmick maybe needs changed to peoples boss or unique ???
  8. Playing the June update I hired Kurt Angle to my backyard fed once we got up to Cult almost about to break through into National we have a risk level of 60, Road Agent noted on my TV show Kurt Angle is losing otherness due to his weak gimmick (Authority Figure) maybe a change to People's boss is required?
  9. Create a dislike relationship between The Fink and Lillian Garcia http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/332/the-fink-not-thrilled-with-lilian-garcias-return
  10. (WWE) - Partial Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch -- TNA has sent Anarquia and Rob Terry to Ohio Valley Wrestling for developmental work. The two are scheduled for matches at Tuesday's OVW show in New London, Indiana. Both should go on an open contract deal to OVW then id take it
  11. TNA Stars to appear for AAA could be of use for people who play as AAA
  12. Well Wiki may not be the best source for info however I personally trust it and it is alot quicker for me to check Wikipedia than search for the infomation on all sorts of diffrent wrestling related websites. So I am going to stick to using both the posts in this topic as well as Wikipedia. Dude persoanlly when i go online i check sites like ewrestling news, wwe.com (now and again) ect to see whats happening in the wrestling world,. Admitely if its Adam Ryland reporting it you take with a pinch of salt untill you see more proof but you just have to remeber Google is your freind and use lol Not meaning while your still backyard haha i wouldnt expect that either iam meaning even when you go regional you are still limited to find sponsors that would help out i had a period of 6 months waiting on 1 sponsor to ditch its current fed.; Felt it was something to look at but you will know best as you have produced great updates of this game over the years.
  13. Fair enough on kharma just theres no fixed return date at this momment in time. Fair enough just i know that in a backyard to global game your limited to the sponsors you can recieve along the way, i had to set the promotion to something stupid like 30% risk to pick up decent sponsors at each level bellow National Your doing an amazing job just thought id throw out a couple of ideas KUTGW

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