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  1. Yes. He's been put on the same card as Rachael Ostovich, who was a victim of domestic violence just last month.
  2. I knew Dana White was shit, but this is ridiculous. https://deadspin.com/the-ufc-is-either-stupid-or-evil-1830876871
  3. I think a good fix would be to go to 5 judges, with the 2 new judges watching on TV. They'd have to get a direct feed that doesn't show replays or commentary, but I think changing their perspective would allow them to see the fight better.
  4. Toe

    Pens and Papers

    Anyone want to do a game through Roll20? I've been dying to play D&D as a player (since I have to DM for my group). Just seeing if there is any interest. I'd be free to play any weeknight from 7 to 12 ET, same on Sundays.
  5. Auston Matthews returns tonight against San Jose! ...and I feel shitty because my first thought was "...and how long until he gets hurt again?" I suck.
  6. Atlanta does have slick uniforms, though... Wait. I just noticed the stupid ATL lettering on the sides. Nevermind. These blow.
  7. Atlanta is my go-to team in MLB The Show, so I also approve of this development.
  8. Also looks like the Braves are bringing back Brian McCann. https://www.tsn.ca/braves-sign-mccann-to-1-year-2m-deal-1.1216272
  9. If you're Quenneville, why jump at this? You've got your contract for big money so you can afford to sit, take a breather, and then have your pick of jobs at the end of the season.
  10. I just saw Halloween (2018). If you are a fan of the series, or just horror in general, I highly recommend it.
  11. I should be free to play Friday The 13th on Saturday or Sunday. Just add bradhutchison86 on PSN if you want to play, and send me a message on there.
  12. I'll play - add bradhutchison86 on PSN.
  13. UPDATE: Auston Matthews - still pretty good at hockey!
  14. I really don't want Nylander to miss the first game of the season tomorrow...
  15. My brother is a huge Star Trek fan like me, and wrote off the show as soon as he saw what the Klingons looked like. I think if you added hair, or just included a line about them cutting off their hair to follow T'Kuvma, it would have been fine. Otherwise, I enjoyed the show. The start was a little slow, but once you got to the Discovery, it got a lot better.

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