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  1. I should be free to play Friday The 13th on Saturday or Sunday. Just add bradhutchison86 on PSN if you want to play, and send me a message on there.
  2. I'll play - add bradhutchison86 on PSN.
  3. UPDATE: Auston Matthews - still pretty good at hockey!
  4. I really don't want Nylander to miss the first game of the season tomorrow...
  5. My brother is a huge Star Trek fan like me, and wrote off the show as soon as he saw what the Klingons looked like. I think if you added hair, or just included a line about them cutting off their hair to follow T'Kuvma, it would have been fine. Otherwise, I enjoyed the show. The start was a little slow, but once you got to the Discovery, it got a lot better.
  6. YES! I've been so close to re-buying this. LET'S GO!
  7. Yeah, it's pretty fun. I've played as a few characters now. I think me and my party have completed 70% of the game?
  8. Stevie Y is stepping down in Tampa Bay.
  9. I've got an idea for a podcast. Think there would be interest in a "Tales From The Crypt" episode review? My idea is me and a friend summarize then review an episode, then branch off and talk about other horror or pop culture stuff after. What do you think?
  10. This has been a rough season to be a Jays fan. At least we've got Vlad Jr. to look forward to.
  11. Toe

    NFL 2018

    This was a great read that I just wanted to share somewhere, so I figured this was as good a spot as any. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/8/15/17677262/plaxico-burress-gunshot-incident-10-years-later
  12. I've been playing Mafia 3. I'm probably 3 hours or so in, and I really don't know if I like it or not. The setting is really cool and I like the gameplay, but the missions you are given don't seem very original or fun. Does it get better?
  13. Jays also get OF Billy McKinney.
  14. I like Drury more at second, but that's probably because I'm pretty down on Devon Travis at this point.

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