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  1. See, I'm the other way. I never asked for it to be re-cut, but I've been enjoying it in a new format.
  2. Even when you suck, there is fun to be had. Especially if the person playing as Jason has a headset on.
  3. I've got Friday The 13th as well. I just can't remember what my PS4 name is. Found it - it's bradhutchison86
  4. You have a manager AND a bench coach PLUS all the other coaches on the team. There is no excuse.
  5. In the Major Leagues, that has to be pretty close to a fireable offence for a manager.
  6. I started a new game, this time as the Texas Rangers. For some reason, the Marlins were perfectly happy to give me Wei-Yin Chen AND Justin Bour for Matt Moore's terrible contract. I've now got Bour as my DH, Gallo at first, Beltre at third, and Wei-Yin Chen adds some much needed depth to the rotation.
  7. There will be times where you would expect the catch animation to kick in, but for whatever reason, the fielder just keeps running turning a routine out into a double or triple.
  8. This is not online - but I've had moments where the fielder's momentum has carried them past the ball, and others where I anticipate it... just for them to stop on a dime and let the ball roll by. It happens just enough to annoy me, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment of the game.
  9. I've got to remember to watch Season 4 again. I liked it when I watched it for the first time, but I'm curious to see if the re-cut makes it even better.
  10. Washington finally makes the Conference Finals with Ovechkin. Here's hoping they go all the way!
  11. I have everything set on "low" for settings, and there are a few moments where the framerate drops. But it's a strategy game, so it doesn't affect gameplay much.
  12. I played Battletech all day Sunday. It's pretty fun. If you can get it for less then $20, that's a steal.
  13. Of the remaining teams, I want to Finals to be Washington vs. Nashville.
  14. That third period was hard to watch. It was if Boston flipped a switch, and suddenly the Leafs were just not able to get any sort of attack going.
  15. I've only played through the very beginning of the game, but Battletech is so much fun. I used to play the table top game, so seeing all the lore and history in this is great.