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  1. Just starting opening day with the Padres, and the first thing that happens in the announce team throws to Heidi on the field. She then goes on to talk about how the players and fans were excited for the team's new uniforms.
  2. Toe

    The Horror Thread

    Just re-watched Demons (1985) while helping my brother sign up for unemployment. It's such an enjoyable movie. It's so entertaining from beginning to end, and it has an awesome soundtrack featuring Accept, Motley Crue, Saxon, and Billy Idol. The scene on the motorcycle with "Fast As A Shark" blaring is worth it alone.
  3. I won the World Series in the last season, and this season is where a lot of the hard choices had to be made. My team that won the Series (2021) was incredibly deep with back-ups that would be starting on other teams like Travis Jankowski, Yadier Molina, Eric Thames, and Leury Garcia. I couldn't afford to keep any of them. I also had to let Carlos Rodon walk in free agency, although my big prospects like Michael Kopech and Dylan Cease have made some big strides. I also had to trade away Dee Gordon (who started at second and batted lead off all year) and Wellington Castillo (who had a fair contract but was coming off a poor season). Since I'm playing as the White Sox, my budget is more forgiving then yours. All this cutting allowed me to sign the best position player available in free agency - Kris Bryant. I lost some depth on both sides of the ball, but my starting line-up is still very strong.
  4. I've been sticking with MLB 19 for now, but will probably give in and get the new game this weekend. I'm burning out a bit with my White Sox franchise (who are the best team in baseball for the third season in a row) so I want to start something new. I think my short list for my next franchise is... Atlanta (they are always on my short list), Baltimore, Detroit, San Diego, or Toronto
  5. First time they did it a few people gave up.
  6. Toe

    The Horror Thread

    It's well worth it. His version of Pit And The Pendulum is also worth checking out, even if it's hurt by its obvious low budget.
  7. Would the Broncos make sense as a landing spot for Cam? Or Jacksonville?
  8. Panthers expected to release Cam Newton
  9. Toe

    The Horror Thread

    I watched it this weekend and thought it was a blast. I highly recommend it. Another movie I checked out this weekend was Pledge Night from 1990. The first half of the movie feels totally different from the second half - and not in a good way. There are plenty of better high school / college slasher movies out their, like Graduation Day or Final Exam.
  10. Toe

    NHL 2020

    ...and there we go. NHL announces pause in 2019-20 season
  11. Toe

    NHL 2020

    From Chris Johnston's article on Sportsnet...
  12. Toe

    The Horror Thread

    The Burning. That whole movie is pretty great (except for starting Harvey Weinstein's career in movies) and is worth watching if you like slasher movies. That scene also comes out of nowhere and just hits like a ton of bricks. If you like Savini's work, I'd also recommend The Prowler. It's directed by Joseph Zito before he did Friday The 13th Part 4. It's got a bit of a dream like look to it, and the gore effects are very good.
  13. What a fucking steal for the White Sox. I think I had to pay him more in The Show!
  14. I was just coming here to post that. The trailer looked fantastic. I love the original Candyman, so I'm really interested to see how this one turns out.
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