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  1. Oh yeah, season one can be a bit rough. I enjoy Encounter At Far Point, The Battle, When The Bough Breaks, Heart Of Glory, and The Neutral Zone. The rest is rather poor (compared to the rest of the series). Code Of Honor may be the worst episode of Star Trek ever made. William Shatner's Chaos On The Bridge goes over the trouble behind the scenes of the first few seasons.
  2. The Discovery one was OK - not sure if it's going to convince anyone who didn't like the first two seasons to give the new one a shot. The Picard trailer was fucking awesome. Watch it now.
  3. His story about the death of RadioShack is tremendous. I recommend everyone read it.
  4. This is a really well made Friday The 13th fan film. Has a really great twist at the end, too. I highly recommend it.
  5. Toe

    NHL 2020

    Dustin Byfuglien considering retirement... I had no clue he was 34 years old!
  6. Toe

    Pens and Papers

    I've played a little on Roll20, but I've never got used to the system. Pathfinder 2E looks fun, I'd love to try it.
  7. Toe

    NFL 2019

    Does anyone think Marcus Mariota is going to finally take a step forward this season? Or could you see the Titans moving on after this season?
  8. I loved Season 2, and I'm excited to see where they go in Season 3.
  9. That's insane, and also the kind of thing I've been waiting forever for. If they do that deal for Stellaris as well, it might be the finally push me into upgrading my computer!
  10. David Phelps is fine. He's not expensive, and this is his comeback after Tommy John surgery. He's not going to close out games for you, but he is definitely a useful arm to have in the bullpen.
  11. Jays have also called up Bo Bichette after trading Eric Sogard to the Rays. So that's kind of exciting.
  12. I loved the Picard trailer. Even if the show is mediocre, I just want to spend more time with these characters. And I love the call back to...
  13. Electric Boogaloo is a documentary about Cannon Films, one of the most prolific film companies of the 1980s. They made stuff like Lifeforce, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, Invasion USA, Superman 4, and more.
  14. In the off-season, I don't really care who I trade with. During the season, I make sure that if I'm dumping players that they are going to contenders, and if I'm getting a rental I'm getting it from a team out of contention. It wouldn't make sense for the D-Backs to give me Robbie Ray if they were winning. And I made sure to give them a solid, young MLB player and a prospect to make the trade work.
  15. I lost in 7 games to the Dodgers. I do like my team, though, so the off-season was me bringing back nearly everyone (including Robbie Ray, who I originally envisioned as a rental only). I did make 2 changes to the team. First, Ben Zobrist had declined and would have been OK, but I wanted to add a little more speed to the line-up. I was able to get Dee Gordon to replace him for a season. The bigger move was at short-stop. Tim Anderson is fine, but hadn't really grown. So I packaged him and my best RF prospect (mid 70s, A potential) to Colorado and brought in Trevor Story. It's a bit of a risk, since Story is a free agent at the end of the season and will need a HUGE deal. Still, he's an upgrade in every way from Anderson and adds more pop to a line-up that (outside of Daniel Palka) was more of a high-average team. I also added Yadier Molina as my back-up catcher. He was still decent, and James McCann needed a real contract so I couldn't keep him. OH - I almost forgot. My closer (Alex Colome) was a free agent, and another team gave him a great contract that I didn't want to match, so I sent Danny Salazer (who had struggled and didn't start in the playoffs for me) to Texas for Jose Leclerc. So my starting line-up going into 2021 is this... C - Wellington Castillo 1B - Jose Abreu 2B - Dee Gordon SS - Trevor Story 3B - Yoan Moncada LF - Eloy Jimenez CF - Bradley Zimmer RF - Marcell Ozuna Bench - Travis Jankowski, Leury Garcia, Yadier Molina, Eric Thames Starting Pitchers - Gerrit Cole, Robbie Ray, Carlos Rodon, Reynaldo Lopez, Michael Kopech Relief Pitchers - Jose Leclerc, Jeremy Jeffries, Juan Minaya, Alex Bummer, Jace Fry, Kelvin Herrera, guy I drafted who I can remember the name of for long relief
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