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  1. 1. Game of Thrones 2. Supernatural 3. The Last Ship 4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5. Archer
  2. The season would be way better if they didn't dedicate entire episodes to side stories and mixed them together so each week they all moved forward, over watching something for an hour, then the next week watching an entire different part of the story and only seeing the results each episode 3-4 weeks later.
  3. Yes, an episode where its about a secondary characters adventure away from the main story line. The Walking Dead has done this a bunch, like Morgan and the Cheesemaker, The Governor and Tara's family, Beth at the cop hospital place. They have their place in the story, but in these case it just seems like an awful lot of them in quick succession that is delaying Alexandria/Saviours arc, and after such a big moment.
  4. Answers for people guessing
  5. As I mentioned before I'm doing this big Simpsons trivia thing for some friends and I'm not sure if the questions are too easy or too hard. So in a bit of a test/for fun here are 20 of the questions randomly selected. Note that some of these will be done in a lightning round so they might be easier for that reason. Lets see if you can guess them. Who is Bart's Bigger Brother? Where did Marge plan a Family Vacation to (that was switched to Itchy and Scratchy Land)? Who was the Grand Marshal on the Monorail's maiden voyage? Who runs Kamp Krusty? What epidemic is caused by the Juice Loosener? What Band plays at Flaming Moes? Who replaces Apu at the Kwik-E-Mart to research a movie role? What Hockey Team does Lisa play for? Where does Homer trick Barney into getting his Plow stuck? What name is on Homer's Fake ID? What cereal jingle does Homer sing while reentering orbit? How does Moe save Earth from Kang and Kodos? That starting Line up of which hockey team was on the Jury of the Damned? What is the Springfield Elementary Mascot? What is the name of the Ivory Dealer that tries to buy Stampy? Who is Aristotle Amadopolis? Who was the celebrity guest for the Junior Campers raft trip? Who does Bart call in Austrailia? What did Barney and Wade Boggs get in a bar fight over? What are the names of Mr. Burns' goons?
  6. I'm really starting to not enjoy this season (it seems I wait longer and longer to actually watch the episodes). Maybe its because I kind of hate the "day in the limelight" episodes and this season has been 60% that.
  7. Thanks for answering that, I had no clue. Episode 1 was a good mood setter, but after that its just been not particularly interesting, like they really slowed down after episode one to the point where I remember why I prefer to watch this show in a binge instead of weekly. My biggest fear is that they are going to ruin Negan. He's a great character but if he is so heavily featured all the time it kind of ruins it. Maybe its just me but if you want a real bad ass villain, he needs to be rarely seen to keep up his mystique instead of overexposing him. So far this season we have seen more Negan than anyone else on the entire show.
  8. I haven't looked at any Season 7 spoilers, the stuff I marked are predictions mostly based off the books. I would avoid the Handsome Luchador's post just because I'm not sure exactly what it is referencing.
  9. @Ruki What Final Fantasy game is this and what is it on?
  10. He could just get new bats whenever one breaks? Lucille could be like his 9th bat for all we know, possibly all named Lucille.
  11. Outside a few characters I've kind of disliked Rick's entire group for a while now. Negan however, is quite entertaining in his evilness... so I'm actually going to start watching the show as if Negan was the good the guy and hope he kills off more of those pesky Alexandrians.
  12. Wondering if anybody wants to help with a little Simpsons related Project. Basically two friends of mine quote the Simpsons endlessly and we have all agreed they need to basically have a trivia off to finally settle who knows more about the show. I am the one creating it and the final round I am stealing from some British Game Show I saw when I was staying in the UK and would need some help. PM me a list of Simpsons characters, the more the better but I would prefer if you did it off the top of your head as opposed to looking anything up. The contest is only seasons 3-10, so characters need to have appeared at least 5 times in that period. That being said, if you are unsure if someone makes the cut just put them in anyways and I'll just remove anyone who doesn't fit. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie do not need to be included. I'm going to collect 100 of these lists (I'm going to try to get the bulk from Reddit), The less times they appear on the 100 lists the more they are worth points wise.