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  1. Spoiler tag just in case, no story line spoilers, just an answer to your question.
  2. Seriously considering buying a whole new PC just to play XCom 2 (and maybe other stuff). I have a friend who can build it for me, and I'm gonna give him the run down of what I need and let him tell me what I should get based on that... I literally have no idea what it will end up costing in the end, probably more than I should spend.
  3. With Jude Law being in Captain Marvel, I just realized that means now Sherlock and Watson from both the movies and from the BBC series are all in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  4. The guy who directed Slither directed Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Slither Slugs are in the Collectors... collection In a really stupid one: The evil Russian from Taken 3 I knew I recognized from somewhere but couldn't quite figure out, until I realized I had already seen Taken 3 and that's where I knew him from. Turanga Leela is Peggy Bundy
  5. Azazel

    The Anime Thread

    I need something else to try out. This is my short list of things I've enjoyed and would like something similar to if anybody has suggestions: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Hunter X Hunter Attack on Titan Seven Deadly Sins
  6. Azazel

    The Anime Thread

    You poor sweet summer child.
  7. I felt the same, took me a little to really get into it, but basically from episode 6 on is when everything started to click for me.
  8. I'm gonna go a completely different direction. There was this dude that I went to elementary/high school with. He was this insanely good runner that would win literally every running event at any track and field event. Then towards the end of elementary school this other kid would be able to just barely beat him in every race but would collapse and vomit as soon as he crossed the finished line. I got to give it up the the puke guy for pushing himself to that point on a regular basis. I think it destroyed the other duded confidence though and he became a huge drug addict.
  9. I decided to buy XCom 2, but I had to do a refund because my computer doesn't really have the ability to run it well. I'm stupidly considering buying a new computer to play it but I should probably spend that money on a new car.
  10. The last three episodes really picked up, and I'm glad it did. Hopefully Season 2 is overall better. I still say people should check out Final Space.
  11. Decided I wanted to play XCom Enemy Within last night since I bought it with the original XCOM and only beat the original. For some dumb reason I had to uninstall the game and reinstall so it would open. What a waste of two hours. I might buy XCOM2 after I beat this.

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