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  1. Azazel

    Stranger Things

    Loved Season 3, especially Robin. finale spoilers
  2. Here is the main problem with literally everything that exists now. People want to dictate that story instead of listening to it. Would I have done things different? Yes. Does that make me unhappy with what I got? No.
  3. My soul hurts At least I can take comfort in....
  4. Actual part of the movie that I didn't understand and could use help.
  5. Azazel

    Stephen King

    I love The Dark Tower, The Long Walk and The Stand. I was really enjoying Under the Dome but I felt the end went in a completely different direction than I wanted and was pretty let down. I have IT that I will eventually read, probably after I see the 2nd movie.
  6. I think this is the full list of who is in Winterfell.
  7. Episode MVP was Tormund. Edd is a close second.
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