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  1. I watched the last Marbleympics by accident and I couldn't stop. The Marbula One was less exciting, will watch this though.
  2. I did the inverse. I watched episode 1 when it originally aired, then stopped and read all 4 books out at the time then watched the rest of Season 1. I agree strongly with this. A shock does not equal good storytelling. One of my biggest issues with the end seasons of GoT was that there was so many mini stories built up that just went nowhere.
  3. My three favorite book characters are Victarion Greyjoy, Strong Belwas and Wyman Manderley and they all got written out of the show (no, I will not count Wyman being in one scene to get scolded by a little girl as being in the show). I will absolutely read the books because there are so many more plot threads that the show cut out and they got too actiony at the end. The Battle of Winterfell was pretty badly done, but the episodes featuring every before and after were fantastic. The one spin off I want is The War of the Ninepenny Kings. Nine usurpers put their armies together in an attempt to take over the Free Cities and Westeros so they could each take over one of them. Robert's Grandather, Euron's Father and Tywin's father leading an army across the sea, with a young Barristan Selmy, Tywin, Kevan, The Blackfish, The Mad King, Littlefingers father and basically all the old men being part of it.
  4. I saw stuff on twitter and it sounds terrible. On a funny unrelated note. I'm pretty sure they brought Carter back from Phillipines in Edge of Extinction and just renamed him Gavin as an experiment to see if anybody would notice.
  5. She hasn't really done much yet except go from caring motherly figure to "I want to talk to the manager". The news anchor dude is pretty great too, I love how he went on this big thing to Wardog about how he was going to work with him and then just stopped and basically told him to fuck off because he was in the majority now... then immediately got flipped on.
  6. There is always some stuff to enjoy in every season once you get passed the actual game of Survivor. In Edge of Extinction I'm liking Wardog. Mostly because he calls himself fucking Wardog, and partially because he is laughable bad at literally everything and constantly getting yelled at by the women and complaining about it. Survivor needs more comical idiots who don't realize it.
  7. Working through Edge of Extinction now. I think the biggest tell was the first post merge challenge, two people got eliminated and when Probst said their name I had no idea who the hell they were, 6 episodes in. I hated the Outcast twist in Pearl Islands so I'm not thrilled to see it back. It looks like Season 40 is finally an all winners season. I'm glad to see a few early/mid season winners. I think the only acceptable result is if Sandra wins again so she can stay the only two time winner.
  8. I've started watching again, I needed a break after that Heroes vs Hustlers vs Healers or whatever seasons because it easily ranked as a top 3 worst seasons for me. Redemption Island, Caramoan and this season. All for the same reason, they felt completely rigged for certain winners. I called who was going to win in like the first 3 episodes and the entire end of the game felt super rigged to make sure it happened, especially the change to the Final 4 fire challenge. It felt like they handed him 3 idols and when he still lose the final immunity challenge they changed the rules so it was impossible for him to get voted out for the entire second half of the game. Ghost Island was not very good either, but more so because the heavy focus on all the returning advantages seemed to leave the actual castaways not matter. I finished the finale and like 20 minutes later I couldn't even remember who won, or was even in the final 3. Just mostly a forgettable season.... except that one dude that looked like Matthew Lillard for some reason. I'm watching the finale of David vs Goliath as I type this, a much better season with more focus on the actual players. It blows my mind how insanely jacked Johnny Mundo looks. Also, Christian talks exactly like Hank Azaria's character, David, from Friends.
  9. Fuck dude, you have to come out of semi-retirement or retirement or whatever just to be on the FIghting Back 9 card. 

    1. Owen


      Hasn't Fighting Back 9 been and gone?

    2. How The Cloud Stole Christ

      How The Cloud Stole Christ

      Oh shit, you're right, it was last weekend.

  10. Azazel

    Stranger Things

    Loved Season 3, especially Robin. finale spoilers
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