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  1. I have always said I love Final Fantasy. Even though the reality is I love 4, 6 and Tactic. I like 9 and 10. I don't care about any of the others.
  2. I don't know anything about baseball, but I just want to appreciate the Helloween reference.
  3. No, it's a story not real life. Most of the characters in Game of Thrones can be redeemed through good storytelling. They were able to make me legitimately hate these three characters at one point and have the moment where my entire opinion changed and I got emotionally invested.
  4. What is dead may never die
  5. He ran away from Kings Landing because of his fear or fire, he fought Beric's flaming sword and the Lord of Light judged him innocent. He "died" and came back, he saw a vision in the flames OF A MOUNTAIN. I've fully convinced myself that The Hound is going to wield a flaming sword to kill his undead brother.
  6. Is it weird that I don't care about Cleganebowl? I think The Hound is a great character and his growth through his arcs with Sansa, Arya, Brienne and the Brotherhood are great and he is one of the best characters in the show. I just don't particularly have any interest in this big fight between him and the Mountain. Sure, he burned Sandor's face as a kid, they had that one fight in Season 1, but I'm not really sure why Sandor vs Gregor is some big fight everyone wants. Maybe I just really want Beric to kill the Mountain? Edit: Ah shit, Sandor is gonna kill The Mountain with Beric's flaming sword, isn't he?
  7. The war cannot end until Beric Dondarrion kills The Mountain. No Cleganebowl for you!
  8. My mistake, I think I had gotten mixed up. The actor who played Hallyne died, Ilyn Payne was due to illness.
  9. A lot of my favorite characters got cut from the show, chiefly Vicatarion and Aeron Greyjoy. Darkstar, Wyman Manderly and Strong Belwas are other major ones missing. Manderly and Aeron had token appearances but they don't count since they are just background characters that get named once and that's it. Wyman Manderly is especially depressing because two his role in the story is so ridiculous. I completely understand why they had Arya do the Frey Pie thing instead, but I love the fact that Manderly got Roose Bolton and the Frey's to eat their own kin because he gladly ate the pie himself first to trick them, and then made the bard sing about it without them realizing. Dude went straight cannibal to make him enemies eat their own family members.
  10. From that list the only ones I would really be willing to add is Robin Arryn. Most of the rest were never important enough in the show. Shagga - Appeared in like 2 episodes Yohn Royce - Appeared in a couple, kind of with Jon's Army Quithe - Appeared twice Ilyn Payne - Wrote out when the actor died GreatJon Umber - Wrote out when the actor quit Aeron Greyjoy - Appeared once Illyrio Mopatis - Appeared twice and written out even when they went to his house Pyromancer Hallyne - Appeared for the Battle of the Blackwater only
  11. This actually raises a pretty ridiculous question. What characters have left the story alive so far? Daario Naharis, Sallador Saan, Jaqen H'Gar and Hot Pie? Is that it? Daario, and Jaqen I can see showing up in the last season, Hot Pie might have a cameo again. Sallador is the only one I don't expect to see at all. Edit: Anguy the Archer, he was the only other named member of the Brotherhood and he didn't show back up with Thoros and Beric, so he could actually be dead.
  12. Got through most of Season 3, girlfriend was starting to tap out and I did not want her to miss the Red Wedding. - My favorite line in the show, by far, is "Tarly, I forbid you to die." I love the Jeor Mormont character and I absolutely hate what happens to him in the story. I know it had to happen but it still hurts. Girlfriend pointed out most of my favorite characters in everything are cranky old men with a soft side. - Dolores Edd is also a gem in his early appearances before he became Jon's #2. The whole "you left me" and him honestly answering "you're fat and slow and we didn't want to die" and just shrugging when Grenn stares at him. I really hope Edd doesn't meet the same miserable fate that every other Night's Watch member meets and ends up being Jon's Kingsguard or something. - Seriously though, the Nights Watch has it rough in this story. Benjen becomes a wight and dies, Jeor killed by mutiny, Halfhand captures and gets himself killed, Pyp killed in the Battle of Castle Black, Grenn dies killing Mag the Mighty, Aemon dies of old age, Janos is beheaded, Alliser is hanged, the mutineers get killed, even Jon dies. I'm pretty sure Edd and Sam are the only named members of the Night's Watch to not die. - My girlfriend loves Shae, I cannot wait to see her crushed by that storyline. - Rewatching this season makes me really wish they had played out Jamie's hand more like the books since it was so much better than just "Locke showing Jamie he isn't that special". If you haven't read the books this is what happens. Locke is replaced with Vargo Hoat. Hoat was a sellsword leading a group called The Brave Companions. Hoat worked for Tywin, but decided to turn on Tywin and join Roose Bolton and helped him take Harrenhal. He captures Jamie but fears Roose is going to join the Lannisters which would leave him in an awful spot since he just turned on them and killed their men. He cuts off Jamie's hand thinking Roose won't be able to join Tywin since his men just maimed his son. It doesn't work, but it adds a lot more depth to the entire thing. - Another major change is Robb Stark's wife. In the books he marries a girl named Jeyne Westerling who is the daughter of a Lannister bannerman. He doesn't bring her to the Red Wedding so she doesn't die (and isn't pregnant). It's a minor change except for a very off hand part in the books where they mention after the Red Wedding that Tywin paid the Westerling's a lot of money... so it's possible that Tywin actually plotted to have Robb marry someone else which led to the Red Wedding. - "The Lightning Lord" Beric Dondarrion is probably my favorite name of any character in this series and I have no idea why. Gerold "Darkstar" Dayne is probably #2 but he doesn't make it into the show. - My girlfriend knows how much I love Syrio Forel, she came up with a theory that Daario Naharis is a faceless man and possibly Syrio. It's clearly not accurate at all but I laughed a lot because she picks the one dude who gets recast next season and actually does inadvertently completely change his face.
  13. I had heard this Bronn's last name is Reyne and he is the last surviving member of his house thing and didn't really think too much of it. However, this part above made me kind of see where it came from, but Season 2 has a lot more too it. Bronn becomes the leader of the City Watch but refuses to wear a Gold Cloak (House Reyne's sigil was a gold lion). Bronn can actually read which is something most people in Westeros cannot do (for example, at the same time Tywin has issues because one of his men, Amory Lorch, was so bad at reading that he sent an inventory report a Stark Bannerman by mistake). I still think its a weird theory and I don't really like it, but I kind of see it now. I wonder if Bronn is going to end up getting Casterly Rock and the tale of the Reynes of Castamere end with the Lannister's losing.
  14. Why does the name "Sean Bean" not rhyme?
  15. More Game of Thrones Season 1 thoughts (finished it and started Season 2). - It's still wild that when the show starts you think Eddard, Robert, Drogo and Viserys are all going to be major players and none of them make it passed season 1. - The slaughtering of the Stark men is pretty brutal looking at it again, especially killing Septa Mordane. - I still refuse to even remotely accept the notion that Syrio Forel is dead - I kind of see why there is a theory that Bronn's last name is actually Reyne. When he meets Tywin and finishes "Bronn, son of..." with "you've never heard of him" and Tywin stares at him like he sort of recognizes him. I still don't like the idea that Bronn is secretly plotting something, but I wouldn't be opposed to it being revealed his is Bronn Reyne and he is just a sellsword looking for his own castle and nothing more nefarious. - I don't really like the change in the show to Drogo's death. In the show Dany tries to get the Dothraki to stop rapping women and it leads to Mago getting mad and fighting Drogo, wounding him. In the books its just Drogo's Khal fighting another Khal and he gets the wound the same way, the only real difference is he didn't directly get in the fight because of Dany. - Two scenes I love, one is Barristan's firing where people make jokes but as soon as he draws his sword the entire Red Keep collectively shits their pants because they know he could probably kill a lot of them if he wanted to. In the books the mention the Lannisters went to kill him on his way out of the city but even without a sword he killed them all with no issue. The other is Maester Aemon's speech to Jon where he reveals who he is, its some powerful stuff. - I always likes the character Qhorin Halfhand but something really stood out to me this time. Qhorin was one of the most feared men in the Night's Watch because of his skill with a sword. He lost half his sword hand to a Wildling Axe, but learned how to fight with his left hand and became an even better fighter. It seems like just a cool backstory until you realize Jamie Lannister was one of the most feared men in Westeros because of his skill with a sword. He lost his hand to the Brave Companions, and is learning how to fight with his left hand. It's almost as if GRRM was telling us that Jamie might actually become an even better fighter.

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