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  1. I recently saw a Chipmunk and my first thought was "what the fuck is wrong with that squirrel?" I completely forgot chipmunks were a thing.
  2. It took me a couple of seconds to remember what a CD was.
  3. I refuse to even watch trailers. Why would anybody want to have the movie spoiled for them?
  4. "I've been attacking her for years, but this racist part was a joke"
  5. I love people defending Roseanne on twitter, especially the ones that are mad that Michelle Wolfe insulting Sarah Sanders should be seen the same as being super fucking racist. Probably because they want it to be okay to be super fucking racist.
  6. I would watch Civil War just because it's really good.
  7. I hope it ends with Hitchcock and Scully taking down the mob.
  8. I just want Darkstar!
  9. Please no! I would vote with my heart and get extra disappointed.
  10. That was so damn good, random thoughts that I can think of.

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