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  1. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    I do actually like how they are treating advantages this season. Only being able to use it at the next tribal council is way better than being able to sit on it, and having to give it to someone if you don't go adds extra layers for later in the season. More next tribal only advantages, less idols and legacy advantages.
  2. Pokémon

    Slowly made it to Lavender Town, Rock Tunnel was hell and cost me a great pair. Goodbye forever Starmie and Primeape. Route 5: Igglybuff and Arcanine - Could be decent, I really need a Thunderstone to turne Eevee Electric type so I can add pairs Route 6: Politoed and Miltank - Nothing special, the two most common type so will probably never be used Route 11: Lotad and Volbeat - Awful pair and a Crit knocked out Volbeat so they were never caught. Diglett Tunnel: Kakuna and Roselia - Added to the team to fill my Bug/Grass spots. Beedrill is kinda trash but Roselia has a good moveset Route 9: Zubat and Growlithe - Crobat is available so not awful, but I canot use them at the moment. Route 10: Hoppip and Gardevoir - Gardevoir used teleport, goodbye forever Rock Tunnel - Kecleon and Zapdos - Zapdos is a great catch but Kecleon is not. Pending use based on Eevee dying or evolving to Espeon or Umbreon instead. Current Active Team: Moltres, Kabutops and Beedrill Jirachi, Eevee and Roselia Box: Seadra, Furret, Spoink, Cloyster, Zubat and Kecleon Mawile, Bellsprout, Camerupt, Sudowoodo, Growlithe and Zapdos Dead: Machop, Sandshrew, Ivysaur, Starmie Bagon, Mudkip, Aron, Primeape
  3. The Hustle Muscle

    I don't know, that sounds an awful lot like me
  4. Pokémon

    Grinded up my Sandshrew/Ivysaur/Kabutops and Mudkip/Aron/Eevee teams to take on Mt. Moon and things got weird again. Mt. Moon I lost Sandshrew to a trainer's Blaziken getting a critical Ember, so Sandshrew and Mudkip went to the graveyard. This gave me room to put Starmie and Mankey on the team and Starmie became the MVP of his team. Got through all that and... Route 4 - Moltres and Jirachi! I didn't think I would be able to catch both but I did admittedly up the catch rate a little for legendarily to make it possible Sadly a Crit Ember with a Burn took down Ivysaur so I lost my huge pair of Ivysaur/Aron for Moltres/Jirachi. Route 24 - Spoink and Camerupt - Meh pair, only chance they will be used in the near future is if Moltres/Jirachi fall. Route 25 - Cloyster and Sudowoodo - Another meh pair for the box. Current Active Team: Starmie, Moltres and Kabutops Mankey, Jirachi and Eevee Box: Seadra, Furret, Spoink and Cloyster Mawile, Bellsprout, Camerupt, Sudowoodo Dead: Machop, Sandshrew and Ivysaur Bagon, Mudkip, Aron
  5. The Hustle Muscle

    I'm in a game I've never heard of? Where's my royalties?
  6. Pokémon

    I got up to Mt. Moon on both games and things have been both frustrating and weird. Starters: Machop and Bagon - Great long term pair, and due to the set up Machoke will evolve to Machamp by level up. Route 1 - Seadra and Mawile - Decent, I like Seadra but using Mawile is hard Route 22 - Sentret and Bellsprout - Gives me a third pair, at least Victreebel will be good. Route 2 - Starmie and Mankey - Can't use at the moment since it'll give me 2 water and 2 fighting typles Viridian Forest - Sandshrew and Mudkip - I kind of want to use this instead of Seadra/Mawile but I would need to grind to have Brock, so Box for now. First Death - Trainer in Viridian Forest had a Regice, I sent my Machop in and he used Explosion. RIP Machop and Bagon I beat Brock using just the teams of Seadra/Furrett and Mawile/Bellsprout. Had to get a little creative with the Green game since Brock had a Metagross so Bellsprout was useless. Got useless TMs so Mawile now has Fury Swipes because why not? Route 3 - Ivysaur and Aron - GREAT pair, but I would need to box both my active pairs to use them, so I might need a huge party switch Magikarp - Even trading for this guy is random and I got a MEWTWO! The other game got a Lugia! But they are both Psychic so I can never use the pair.... Mt. Moon - Kabutops and Eevee - Another great pair but I need an evolution stone. So even after all that my active parties are still Seadra/Furret and Mawile/Bellsprout since all my box Pokemon have one member of each pair that is Water, Normal, Grass or Steel. I'm probably going to switch up my party and go with Sandshrew/Ivysaur/Kabutops and Mudkip/Aron/Eevee and send my leveled up pair to the Box
  7. Pokémon

    So in an attempt to spice things up I'm taking on a weird challenge of playing Pokemon that hopefully makes my life both fun and infuriating. I"m trying what is called a Soul Link challenge. basically I'm playing Fire Red and Leaf Green at the same time using Nuzlock rules with some additions. So outside only being able to catch the 1st pokemon in each route and death being permanent...also Pokemon from Gen 1-3 are included in the Fire Red/Leaf Green run. - The game is completely randomized so all wild and trainer pokemon can be literally anything, also all trainers Pokemon are 20% stronger than normal. Items are also random and all TM's have a random move BUT they are still compatible with the same Pokemon (so Brock give me Rock Slide in one game but the actual move I got was Petal Dance which can only be taught to Pokemon who can learn Rock Slide). - The first encounter in each area are linked across games. So my Starter in Fire Red and my starter in Leaf Green are linked. If one is in the active party, so is the other. If one is boxed, so is the other. If one dies, they both die - I can only have one of each Pokemon Type across BOTH teams. So if I have an Ekans (Poison) on one team, I cannot have another Poison type on either team. This only accounts for the primary type. If I have Ekans, I would be able to have Bulbasaur since its is (Grass/Poison). The challenge here is the massive restrictions on the team force you to use Pokemon you normally wouldn't and having essentially an active Party of 12. So if Red catches a Dragonite ont he same route Green catches a Paras, I will have to use the Paras just to have access to the Dragonite, and if the Paras faints I lose the Dragonite. I did start and get up to the Rock Tunnel but I realized I made a massive mistake and have to start over. I got my Route 2 and Viridian Forest encounters mixed up. Route 2 was Lairon/Umbreon and Viridian Forest was Whismur/Mareep. Whismur died because Brock had a Charizard but I boxed Umbreon instead and used Mareep a lot when he should have been dead. So I'm going to restart over the weekend and give random updates of how it goes.
  8. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    They already cast Ogre back in Season 7, so its not really a surprise.
  9. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    Do I have to spoiler things? I'm not saying I hated it or anything, but I guess we know which way they are going when it comes to advantages.
  10. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    Ottawa. I've heard he's done shows in Gatineau and I've found some stuff on youtube (but like a year or two old) with Spiderman and The Mummy.
  11. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    I've heard that he runs shows in my area but I've never once heard of one before hand or seen any promotional material for them, just rumors they exist and people who apparently wrestle there.
  12. Favorite TV Show themes

    Best Theme Song: Greatest American Hero gets a mention as well. Rawhide just because of Blues Brothers as well.
  13. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    Oh, so now I have to watch it week to week! Jerk.
  14. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    Worst case scenario is I won't watch it for a few weeks and binge it all at once.
  15. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    I kind of hate the idea that every season is going to have some weird gimmick just so they can stop doing different locations. However if they pick good gimmicks I won't really care. This is not one of those good gimmicks.