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  1. League of Legends Thread

    I haven't played or looked at anything LoL since the last season ended, so I would have to be out as I don't even know what is going on anymore.
  2. The Hateful Eight

    Loved it.  I was constantly wondering where the hell the movie was going, but the performances were great.  As much as I love Kurt Russell and how great Walter Goggins and Tim Roth were but Demain Bichir's character Senor Bob was my absolute favorite part of the entire movie for reasons I cannot possibly explain.
  3. Pokémon

    The sprite for Horspix is hilarious
  4. Pokémon

    I just discovered that Pokemon Conquest exists and I've binged the hell out of it for the last couple of days.  Interesting but so far super enjoyable game.
  5. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2015: The Voting Thread

    1. Game of Thrones 2. The Last Ship 3. Supernatural 4. Castle 5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6. From Dusk Till Dawn 7. The Walking Dead   I'm pretty sure those are the only shows I've watched that meet the criteria.
  6. The Anime Thread

    I enjoyed Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the original Full Metal Alchemist.  I'm looking for new shows in general to watch and my last couple were horror and comedy themed shows, and variety is nice. Any suggestions?  I should note I tried Cowboy Beebop a while ago and gave up after Disc 1.
  7. TV/Film you didn't expect to like but did

    I'll echo the fact that I was surprised by how much I could love a movie like Pitch Perfect, considering I should hate everything about it. I've never been into anime, I never hated it but it just didn't seem for me, but I was convinced to try Attack on Titan and really enjoyed it.  From there I discovered an insane love for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.  Between those two and the original FMA, I haven't seriously watched any thing else and I really don't think I will find something to match up. Finally, I decided to check out The Last Ship simply because Adam Baldwin was in it (I watched Castle because of Nathan Fillion and love it, so figured maybe this could be the same thing). I think the show is fantastic and really unique.
  8. League of Legends Thread

    Decided to spam support Kennen in ranked.  I'm 6-2 right now, and I'm not sure how effective it is.  I mean, I'm annoying in lane, and I can stun a lot of people in team fights, but that's about it.  I almost feel my best quality is that greedy soloq players go for the easy kill on me and waste ultimates so my team can clean up.  I usually just rush in with my ult and proc as many stuns as possible and flash out so I don't die then just toss shurikens at people and exhaust whoever dives my ADC.
  9. League of Legends Thread

    I just played a game, the enemy Sivir got a Zhonya's became we "had to much cc"... it didn't help. at all.
  10. League of Legends Thread

    When I started ranked this season I wanted to main Nautilus as a support, because the champion seemed fun. I admittedly was off to a bad start with like a 30% win record, but I stuck with him, despite winning like 65% of my games on Blitz. I'm glad I stuck with him because I moved up to a 55% win rate over 86 games, and over my last 20 games with him I am 15-5, apparently at some point I got really good with him. Plus I just won a game going 5-0-10 because apparently tower diving a Naut is a good idea...
  11. League of Legends Thread

    I just won a game in 15:13... I dont even understand how... It may have been our level 1 invade where we killed their jungler and support, and our blitz/lucien stayed around so when their jungler came back they killed him again to put us in a huge lead, but still, it was fast.
  12. League of Legends Thread

    Forced into Jungle Maokai due to badness in lobbby, ended up with a score of 0/1/4 but at least we won, despite me not doing much I guess. Sad thing is, I'm not sure over how many games but my win to loss ratio has increased by 15 wins, and I haven't moved up at all, at least my MMR has sky rocketed I guess.
  13. League of Legends Thread

    Lost my promos again, I think this is like the 9th time, the luck is strong, just not the right kind.
  14. League of Legends Thread

    So this has been me over the last while... Win 6 out of 7 games to get to promos Lose 0-2 Win 7 out of 10 games to get to promos Lose 1-2 Win 2 games to get into promos Lose 1-2 Win 2 games top get into promos Lose 0-2 My Win % in Non Promo games is 81%, in promos its 20%....