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  1. Vanuatu wasn't my favorite season and I would rank it on the level of Marqueses, in that it didn't really have any characters I really cared about. I would have liked to see Ami win it, once she was gone I would have laughed if Eliza won. Chris did deserve it, but only because the womens alliance cannibalized themselves in pretty spectacular faction. I did not like Twila at all, I wouldn't put her on Lillian levels of hate, closer to Ghandia levels. Good chunk into Panuta or... I actually have no idea what its called. It's hilarious to see one tribe dominate so hard and the beginning twist I think was spectacular, thankfully the singing lady didn't last. I am already ranking this season highly because I like a lot of the cast members, especially the bad ass Tom and Ian. One thing I really could not believe was how god damn stupid James is. He goes into total blame mode because Ibraheim lost them a challenge, saying he has to go because of it. The bathroom building challenge James bragged about building houses, and they lost. The knot immunity he said he could tie an unbreakable knot, and they lost. The Sumo challenge Ibraheim was the only guy to get a win, James went 0-2, and they lost. James lost a ton more things. Favorite Season: 1. Outback (Season 2) 2. Pearl Islands (Season 7) 3. All Stars (Season 8) 4. Borneo (Season 1) 5, Amazon (Season 6) 6. Africa (Season 3) 7. Marqueses (Season 4) 8. Vanuatu (Season 9) 9. Thailand (Season 5) Favorite Castaways (reset after Allstars) 1. Ami (Vanuatu) 2. Julie (Vanuatu) 3. Sarge (Vanuatu) 4. Eliza (Vanuatu) 5. Lee Ann (Vanuatu) Least Favorite Castaways (reset after Allstarts) 1. Twila (Vanuatu) 2. Scout (Vanuatu) 3. Rory (Vanuatu)
  2. Gonna finish Vanuatu tonight, I was starting to like it but I'm not really happy with the final four. Scout has been useless and Twila is a piece of shit. I was hoping for Ami, Julie, Lea Ann and Eliza to be the final four, now I just kinda hope Chris wins because it would be hilarious to see him survive from a 6 on 1 alliance
  3. I understand that people do dumb things on this show, they are tired and hungry and whatever, but holy shit Bubba and Lisa shot themselves in the foot pretty damn badly.
  4. In Vanuatu supposed to be considered a good season? So far I'm kind of struggling to give a crap about anyone outside of thinking Rory is a jackass. Hopefully it picks up and they stop voting off all the physically capable people. I think we can also just go ahead and give Eliza the award for biggest eyeballs in Survivor. Seriously though, how are some people in this game that incredibly stupid? Why did Rory think it was a good idea to constantly yell while Sarge was directing blind people around and refused to shut up?
  5. Thank you for all that info! Now a lot of things make more sense outside the context of the show. This thread led me to starting a massive binge on this show and I'm glad there are people to kind of fill in the blanks of things I wouldn't know about watching it a decade and a half later. Another question that I can hopefully get a non spoiler answer for. I know other cast members come back, but does the game kind of cycle through a few seasons of all new players then do another "All-Stars" and repeat? Or is it kind of a mixed bag? I'm kind of hoping there is a season of former cast members that didn't make it very far (like only people who didn't make the Jury are allowed).
  6. I had to look this up and holy crap Pearl Islands taped June 23rd to July 31st Pearl Islands aired September 18th to December 14th Allstars taped November 3rd to December 11th So the last thing the All Stars would have seen was the episode where the Outcasts (Lill and Burton) come back as that aired October 30th. Rupert got back from All-Stars and 3 days later did the reunion show for Pearl Islands. So when he says he got home and left again, he was only home for 6 weeks. What really gets me is that during the reunion for Pearl Islands, Johnny Fairplay mentioned All-Stars. I would assume he knew it was already done and he wasn't part of it?
  7. A friend of mine that has watched all the seasons mentioned this to me, I know they tape a few months in advance, but with what you said I want to know. Do they actually take the next season before the current one airs? So in this case Pearl Islands hadn't even aired so nobody knew anything about Rupert? They did ask trivia questions about Pearl Islands so I'm not sure if it hadn't aired yet, or some of it had since you say they hadn't seen Rupert play. I'm just not sure of the timeline of it all. Even binge watching I was a little pissed that the final 3 were Jenna, Amber and Boston Rob (I think Rob was the only person on All Stars who didn't even make it to the jury?).
  8. Finished All Stars, I knew who the final 2 were going to be so no shockers there... except how they got there. This was All-Stars, how did nobody do anything about them? Kind of baffles me. Watching the reunion thing I can understand both sides of the "its a game" and "its personal" arguments. Rich was right in that people will perceive them how they perceive them, but at the same time I completely understand why Lex and Big Tom were pissed. I actually laughed when Big Tom made peace and then immediately called Rob stupid and wouldn't shake his hand during the final tribal. I also think Jerri was on point on the America's Tribal Council show when she gave Jeff shit for not controlling the audience, half the time people didn't get to talk because the crowd wouldn't shut up (be it booing Jerri or Lex, or cheering Rupert or Colby). Glad that Rupert won the favorite all star million, he did deserve it. All Stars was a much different game, so I'm looking forward to going back to the more mellow 16 strangers style for a bit. Also, I just realized Jenna was THAT Jenna from TNA. Also, Johnny Fairplay plugging TNA WEEKLY PAY PER VIEWS made me realize how long ago this was.
  9. That's what I figured. They would have been better choices than Jenna and Alicia for sure. You know Thailand really sucked when Shii Ann is the allstar.
  10. Allstars is an interesting season, they targeted all the strong players at the start and left a group of people that can't figure out Rob is screwing them all. Seeing more Rich was great because he's just such an ass that it's entertaining. Also, I remembered why I liked Lex at the start of Africa, then he once again went and did something incredible stupid and made me remember why I stopped liking him as much. Sadly I know who wins this season so it's less enthralling. I'm sure some people turned down allstars, but on the male side you pretty much have the 9 people you would expect from the first seasons. Michael might have been a good pick as well but it would be hard to justify replacing anyone. On the girls side, it looks like they had to dip down and pick up Jenna, Alicia and Shii Ann. Shii Ann is probably because they needed somebody from Thailand and the picking were really slim from that season.
  11. I need this.
  12. Seriously though, fuck Lillian. She was worse than Ghandia.
  13. The lie was a huge moment sure, and I understand Jeff not just calling his bullshit. I do think that they might have just given them letters (to ensure John got one) in hopes that Sandra would find out he lied since she would completely explode at him, making good TV.
  14. Maybe because I already knew about it that it didn't really phase me as much. I think it went outside the spirit of the game and I was really hoping they would completely out him, I think giving them the letters from home was an attempt to try to get the lie outed indirectly by the show runners. Shitty move but it didn't really get him anywhere, I don't think he lasted longer because of it, all he got was to hang out with his friend for a day. In the end I despised Lillian, Osten was a little bitch for giving up as well. I didn't like Fairplay but I disliked other people a lot more.
  15. Finished Pearl Islands and it was easily my favorite season since Outback. Had a super likable character, a good villain and was really unpredictable. I didn't like seeing people brought back, but I understand they are constantly changing the game and this will likely be the only time I have an issue with it since nobody expected it and it kind of screwed over a lot of people. Rupert was easily my favorite castaway so far for so many reasons. Johnny Fairplay is obviously a little shit but for some reason people actually listened to his bullshit, but he didn't come close to the most hated castaway for me. That goes to Lillian. Seriously, fuck her. She whined and cried and would flip sides constantly, once it got down to the final 3 I knew she didn't have a chance in hell of winning and couldn't fucking stand how she would basically cry because everybody wouldn't guarantee her a spot in the final 2. Apparently they aren't allowed to have relationships on the island, but I think the jury and Sandra thoroughly fucked Lillian at the final tribal council. Pointing out that she was voted out and got to come back and screw every member of the jury over, I'm not surprised only one person voted for her because she was the least deserving person to be in the final 2 ever. Johnny Fairplay would have probably beaten her since he seemed competent enough that he could have swayed a few people to vote for him. Sandra was kind of deserving to win, I think only Rupert, Johnny and and Darrah would have been better choices to win. Watched just the first episode of All-Stars to see who was on it, I like the three tribe idea, more possibilities. Plus Richard being Richard is great. Who the hell is Jenna though? She's the only one I didn't remember. My own personal rankings. Favorite Season: 1. Outback (Season 2) 2. Pearl Islands (Season 7) 3. Borneo (Season 1) 4, Amazon (Season 6) 5. Africa (Season 3) 6. Marqueses (Season 4) 7. Thailand (Season 5) Favorite Castaways: 1. Rupert (Pearl Islands) 2. Colby (Outback) 3. Richard (Borneo) 4. Michael (Outback) 5. Elizabeth (Outback) 6. Kim P (Africa) 7. Ethan (Africa) 8. Rodger (Outback) 9. Big Tom (Africa) 10. Tammy (Marqueses) 11. Lex (Africa) 12. Rob (Amazon) Least Favorite Castaways: 1. Lillian (Pearl Islands) 2. Ghandia (Thailand) 3. Sean (Marqueses) 4. Clay (Thailand) 5. Osten (Pearl Islands) 6. Johnny Fairplay (Pearl Islands) 7. Jerri (Outback) 8. B.B. (Borneo) 9. Kathy (Marqueses) 10. Mitchell (Outback) 11. Kelly (Borneo) 12. Kelly (Africa)