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  1. I hate you
  2. I would never want to see a castaway have to leave the game for medical reasons, but on the other hand, fuck Colton and I'm glad he got really sick and had to leave. Dude is a complete piece of shit.
  3. So she kind of saved the show from itself? Well that's neat. After a second viewing I was okay with Redemption Island existing but please, no more. Embarassing Coach is also great, but I just couldn't stand the religious aspects of the season with all the praying and people generally being complete idiots. I don't get Brandon's hate for Mikayla, it really came across like he hated her because he wanted to bang her and that was somehow her fault. I like Ozzy but with Cochran, Albert, Coach and Brandon being major parts of the show they made the season suck because they were terrible to watch. Cochran the genre savvy expert that was the absolute worst, the only redeeming quality he had was that he got full of himself before realizing he made the worst decision possible and helped make Coach look like a jackass. The whole "honour and integrity" thing was outed as absolute bullshit because he supported the guy who had none of the qualities. I did enjoy some of the final tribal council because Rick told Albert to just shut up, the Brandon/Albert interaction was hilarious and Coach got destroyed and caught in another huge lie. I also have to feel bad that the movie rewards went from Out of Africa and Treasure Island to Gulliver's Travels and Jack and Jill. Though at that point I would probably be happy to watch any movie.
  4. Maybe I'm missing something... what exactly did she do besides beat Ozzy and cry?
  5. I finished South Pacific, what is the best part of South Pacific? The Final Tribal was the only kind of good part.
  6. Started One World because I needed to cleanse my brain of South Pacific. I like the idea of the same beach thing but I think the guy/girl split was a bad idea go with it. Sucks that one girl broke her wrist on the first challenge, but then again nobody listened about how to fall.... but then everything went to shit so fast and I have no idea what is happening. Colton went from a pathetic and whiny person to some super evil asshole in like a day and the male tribe I think went insane. They gave up immunity to vote out Leif because he told Bill he was next... but then voted out Bill? I literally have no idea what is happening or why the male tribe is evening listening to Colton and Tarzan.
  7. South Pacific makes Thailand look like a great season. Please tell me this is the worst season. I can't take more of everybody crying and the entire strategy of the game being about religion.
  8. I agree, I mostly dislike how it replaced reward challenges. I understand using it for this season because they want to make sure Rob and Russell are on at least a few episodes. I'm not huge on mechanics that allow people back in the game, because I think it should be once you are voted out the game is done. I hate the Pearl Island twist because it came out of nowhere and screwed over a lot of people and ended up with someone who should have been a minor character in the finals. Redemption Island is less bad just because its not a twist and all the players knew about it before hand. I do like that the guy who got to come back in at the merge immediately got voted back out though.
  9. I think my official thought on Redemption Island (the gimmick not the season) is that I don't like it. I don't mind it being used sparingly but I'm glad to know its not a permanent fixture for the next 12 seasons.
  10. Which is why Russell couldn't win a game, nobody wants to vote for him at the end. I'm seriously hoping come the final tribal council of Redemption Island we find out that Phillip isn't a complete lunatic or something, because I have no idea how someone was able to out-Coach Coach. One thing I'm not really enjoying about this season is the old... Purple Tribe (I forget the names) basically being like "well we lost, so we are going to eat all the food and just generally be dicks about it." They lost the number war, which sucks for them, but they are being petty about the whole thing.
  11. Oh, I never said I loved him, I said I loved how production put a ? on his occupation.
  12. Poor Russell, but I'm not sure what he expected to be honest. Ralph right now is getting my MVP award for finding an idol by accident, Road Warrior Hawking someone elses confessional and his inability to spell names correct. "Ressell" "Krasta" and "Stiphinie". I also love how Phillip's occupation is listed as "Former Federal Agent?". I'm not sure how I feel about Redemption Island, especially if there are no reward challenges because of it. I'm fine if its a one off thing, but is this going to be a permanent fixture like Exile Island was for a few seasons?
  13. Well that first episode Tribal Council was something else. This Phillip dude is odd, completely outing Francesca (and the inability to say her name) and that other girl was pretty hilarious, especially Rob's reaction to it all. I understand why he did it, it was a terrible move to try and get Rob out (though it never was going to work) and would have been a terrible use of the Idol. Get rid of the strongest player and still be in a minority.
  14. Decided to check out the 1st episode of Redemption Island, dude Roadwarrior Hawk's someone else's confessional and walks into shot and quickly runs off.
  15. Well that would explain why Jeff basically ignored Sash at the reunion. I like how Jeff gave Shannon a chance to redeem himself, then told him to shut up when he didn't. The season started pretty weak but by the end I got to cheering for Dan and Fabio so I'm happy with how it turned out, and seeing Sash go down in flames was quite wonderful. I guess I shouldn't ever expect him back. I am also glad that they decided that they can kick quitters off the jury, it would have sucked to see Fabio lose because Kelly and NaOnka voted for Chase when they don't really deserve to be part of that anymore.