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  1. Started Africa and I'm not sure how I feel about this season. Most of the cast (mostly Samburu) is detestable. The lazy trio that would die if left alone, Silas is an idiot and Linda is a lunatic. Boran was fine outside of the first episode shenanigans with Clarence. I'm not sure how I feel about the swap, since it spiced the game up and destroyed the Samburu team completely, which was probably good for the long term of the show since they were not fun to watch, and they probably would have died. I'm not at the merge yet but I almost feel like Jeff put doubt in their mind about it because Ethan threw the immunity challenge (which was brilliant strategy). Almost as if the show runners are reacting to the game and tossing twists to make it less predictable. I'm going to guess a final 4 of Ethan, Lex, Tom and Kelly (maybe Kim). Right now I am hoping Lex or Ethan wins.
  2. To be fair, after Season 2 I know literally nothing about Survivor, so saying Jerri is a modest villain compared to now might be true, I just don't have anyone else to compare her to yet. I didn't like her personality and I didn't know anything about what Tina did, but voting Mitchell off basically got them to where they were since otherwise Jerri/Amber/Mitchell would have had the power post merge the final 2 would have probably been Colby and Amber or Mitchell (since he won everything anyway). I'm sure the production changed after certain things happened that they didn't expect but from a complete newbie point of view, I didn't like Jerri. My opinion might change once I see other seasons.
  3. Jerri was a bitch and she had Amber and Mitchell as her minions. Colby was smart, he broke up that trio early on to give himself, Keith and Tina all the power but never came off like an asshole where as Jerri basically pissed everyone off. I think its like of "Jerri the Villain" and more that she would be someone I would hate if I had to spend 20 minutes with.
  4. I somehow managed to binge through all of Outback over the weekend. Season 1 was good, but didn't have the most likable cast. I liked Richard, but a lot of the other players I wasn't big on (though I won't blame Rudy for some of his opinions since he was born in the 20's). Outback had a way more likable cast outside of a few people. I did remember more about it than I thought once I saw it and enjoyed it a lot more. Africa is next. I looked up a spoiler free cast and I don't recognize a single person so this will be my first time going in blind. Overall the favorite players are slim for season 1 and would probably just be Richard. Season 2 has a lot more likable and hateable people. With Jerri, Mitchell and Kel being high on my did not like list (Jerri is obvious, Mitchell was just a follower and Kel looked like a tool at the reunion). Where as Mad Dog, Michael, Elizabeth, Rodger, Colby, Tina, Nick, Jeff, Amber and Alicia were all likable people.
  5. I'm going to finish Season 1 tonight and start on Outback, I want to see how much I remember about that. I know Tina, Colby, Michael and Jerri (though I could be wrong). I'll probably recognize some other faces once I see it because I think I actually watched that one when it aired and was 100% behind Michael winning. I don't think I have a clue who won season 3 or who is even on it and everything after that I have no idea. The only other thing I know is Johnny Fairplay due to his ties to wrestling and Danny Bonaduce breaking his face, but I have no idea what season he was on, if he won or even if he was hated while on the island. Basically I have a ton of completely new material to watch.
  6. I have 2 episodes to go on Season 1, and I remember how it goes down so I'm not in for any surprises. Rudy is a very interesting character. He doesn't care for homosexuals or having children out of wedlock, which I can understand coming from someone born in the 1920's. However, he never makes anything out of it and just accepts it despite not agreeing with it. It's easy to saw knowing more about how the game works now, so it's understandable not everyone would be playing smart the first season, but some of them are pretty awful at it. Sean doesn't want to vote for everyone, and even though they all suspect an alliance between Rich, Rudy and Sue, nobody every tries to do anything about it.
  7. I'm excited for Season 3 and on since I don't know a single thing about any of them. Season 2 I remember the final 2 and might remember some more players once I see it, but that's about it. The opening has some spoilers in it though, like Rudy with a beard even though its half way in and he doesn't have one yet.... though I assume he has the ability to shave because its been 27 days and even I would have more facial hair then all of them and I can't grow a beard at all.
  8. After seeing this threat I decided to check Survivor out since I wanted something to sort of watch while I did other things. I only remember parts of season 1 and 2 from when I was young so most of it will be completely new to me and I can see it evolve quickly over time. I'm halfway through the first season and I now realized 14 year old me was dumb and Richard is easily the best.
  9. I saw Powerman 5000 and Orgy last night. Felt like I was 15 again. And yes, they played the Dudley Boyz theme.
  10. In older games you would find the common pokemon for a long time afterwards on just normal routes. The new Experience Share thing tends to over level you, I actually have an active team of about 15 Pokemon that I'll swap in and out to give myself more variety and also keeping my levels relatively close to what I am facing. Although wild pokemon are always a few levels lowers than trainers.
  11. Somehow in the insane amount of Pokemon I've played in my life, I have never once found a shiny.
  12. Girlfriend got me Sun for Christmas, just finished Melemele Island. Going to on and off work on getting a living Pokedex and pursue a nother goal I've had for years that I just never got around to doing that requires a living dex (though legendaries are less important for this).
  13. I've been playing around doing random challenges in various games to make them more enjoyable. Currently I'm like halfway through a Nuzlocke variant called a Soul Link. Basically Nuzlocke rules apply except I'm playing Fire Red and Leaf Green games and the Pokemon I catch from each route are linked. They both have to be on the team for me to use them and if one dies it's pair in the other game dies as well. Plus to make it even harder I can only have one of each type on both teams (so if I have Charmander on one team I can't have any other fire types on either team). This only counts for their primary type so Bulbasaur who is Grass/Poison only counts as Grass and I can still use a Poison type. I'm also using a randomizer with trainers powered up 15% in level Currently just beat Silph Co. My active pairs are: Hitmonchan - Exploud Swalot - Venusaur Donphan - Dragonite Aerodactyl - Duskull Blastoise - Absol My starters were Gastly and Pinsir who died thanks to a Critical Self Destruct. I did the Fighting Dojo and the leader had a level 43 Metagross that cost me Slowbro (linked with Omastar who were my Route 1 combo) and Misdreavus (linked with Quilava who I just got at Pokemon Tower) but I got the Blastoise/Absol combo out of it. The only other pairs I don't have are a Mareep/Beldum combo because I couldn't catch the Beldum and my Silph Co. present (replacing Lapras) which was Cloyster/Wingull because they are both Water types and therefor cannot be used.
  14. I felt weird about it the first time, but I mean, its not like I'm going to talk to anyone during the movie anyway. I haven't done it in a while but if there is a movie I want to see and nobody can or wants to go with me then I would do it. My only issue with it is if I have to take a piss before the movie, but I can't leave my snacks/coat unattended.
  15. I start restarted Y in an effort to possibly go for a living dex or something, so Benji if you have any spare anything I'll gladly take some. Sadly I cannot help you with Genesect.