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  1. Siblings is a fun show. It's on iPlayer, and it's almost Always Sunny-esque, about two awful siblings who share a flat and sorta fumble their way through their lives. My description doesn't do it justice but it's GOOD. Also, Ghosts is great too, which also stars Charlotte Ritchie. She's good. I like her.
  2. Just if Chelsea's goal against Cardiff was disallowed, as it should've been Cardiff might still be in the Premier League if it was!
  3. Yeah, I can vouch for that. My timeline matches yours almost exactly, although I got it mid-September, and platinumed it mid-October. A lot of fun to just swing around the city, but there wasn't anything keeping me once the story was done and I got all the collectables. I haven't started a second playthrough or touched the DLC, though, so that'll be something to do in the future.
  4. Yeah, I made my comment before I knew Tottenham scored, and I can't see Cardiff beating both Fulham and Crystal Palace. I'm somewhat hopeful now!
  5. So, Cardiff's going down, then It's basically official.
  6. Finally got round to watching Fleabag... it's such a good show! Also, I had zero idea that Phoebe Waller-Bridge was behind Killing Eve as well!
  7. I never thought that Cardiff could win tonight, but hey, there's a possibility that they might end up surviving in the Premier League, but it mostly hinges on how Burnley do against Bournemouth, and then if we can beat Burnley. I'm hopeful, because Burnley have an awful last 4 games (Chelsea, Man City, Everton and Arsenal) and while Cardiff do have to go against Man Utd and Liverpool, they also have Fulham and Crystal Palace in that last 4. I HAVE HOPE, OKAY. No doubt we'll end up getting relegated anyway, but I have hope for my bluebirds!
  8. It's only 1-0... 😅 Google doesn't fancy Cardiff's chances.
  9. Yeah, Lou Sanders is a lot of fun, I like her a lot. I like Joe Thomas' stuff as well, although not sure if that'll translate over to Taskmaster.
  10. Just out of curiosity, what made you change your opinion on it?
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