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  1. Yeah, I was thinking I'd probably find myself on the original soundtrack more often. I'd probably often switch through them both to see how they sound in comparison in real time.
  2. Have you paid much attention to the soundtracks? Really curious as to how the remastered soundtrack compares to the original.
  3. Spyro arrived! Installing it now. 18GB patch is fun.
  4. I wanna play it now but it still hasn't left London The spyro soundtracks are so good and I really want to see how it all looks and sounds now.
  5. I preordered Spyro and Amazon emailed me yesterday saying it would arrive today but it's apparently still at Princess Royal RDC so I guess I'm not getting it today!! Laaaaame. Could've just gone to Cex if I knew it wouldn't arrive in time for release... looking on Amazon now, though, it says it should arrive today by 8pm. Still annoying as I could have just gone out and bought it earlier, but it's better than it arriving tomorrow.
  6. I enjoyed the brief hour or so that Cardiff were out of the relegation zone.
  7. I've been watching a lot of Vidiots (with Ben Potter, Michael Johnson and Peter Austin from WhatCulture) recently, but it turns out that they're pretty much ending at the end of the year (outside of streams and podcasts) because they're moving on to new jobs as the channel just wasn't making enough money to justify it continuing
  8. Well that's Cardiff back in the relegation zone!
  9. For some reason, the newest Humble Monthly gave me a code for MGSV, and it came with a code for the definitive edition, and a separate code for Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes... and I've ended up with a separate gift of Phantom Pain in my inventory. Anyone want it?
  10. https://gematsu.com/2018/11/esrb-rates-sunset-overdrive-for-pc Looks like we're getting Sunset Overdrive for PC! That was probably the only Xbox One exclusive that I've been interested in so it'd be great if they brought it over.
  11. I caved! I bought it. Oops. I imagine I won't be playing it until the 7th November probably but I'm excited!
  12. All of you have made me really want this game now!! I enjoyed the first game so I imagine I'll like this, too. I'll have to wait at least a week to play it, though
  13. Oh yeah, of course. I use a USB stick for my SNES classic so I completely forgot that that would be an issue. Must be barely any free space at all on there considering how much more space PS1 games are going to take up, providing they have the same amount of storage space overall.
  14. I'm glad they decided on releasing a PS1 Classic, it's a nice idea, but I'm not picking it up. I've got my SNES Classic modded with all the games I'd ever play, and they've got better controller support (so you can use the Wii Classic Controller) at this point, too. Even if you did get a PS1 Classic and mod it, it doesn't have (AFAIK) any controller support outside of the ones it comes with, unless they decide to release dualshocks for the system later on, so it won't be as versatile as the SNES Classic with mods is at the moment.

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