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  1. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    If you get 100 knockouts, apparently, yeah. I mean I'm not entirely sure on this, but it's what the cheat sites are telling me.
  2. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    Weird. You'd think they'd make some meaningless thing as an unlockable just for the sake of it, like how they did with the slobberknocker mode in Shut Your Mouth where you'd unlock a 'divas movie'... which would be a questionable unlockable nowadays but just if they gave us something, I'd be fine with it. To be honest, I'm going to play it anyway, but a reward would be nice. Maybe they give you VC points or whatever they're called?
  3. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    Yeah, it's odd, that. It personally doesn't bother me that much, but I can understand why it would affect others. If it really is that difficult to make the announcer say 'her' instead of 'his'... (I can't imagine it really is that difficult, though) why not change it so the announcer says 'making their way to the ring'...? Was it just a complete oversight? Something they forgot was an issue? It's just strange that this is still a problem and they didn't fix it with a patch or anything in 2K18 either.
  4. Picked up Spider-Man today. I'm not too far in, only maybe an hour in or so. I think the last proper mission I completed was the Fisk Hideout one. Enjoying it so far!
  5. Is that the one that supposed to be an actual episode of the program? Yeah, I didn't really like that episode either. Just felt like a whole load of nothing.
  6. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    Exactly, but I don't see why WWE would've asked to not include those guys. Seems a little odd to me.
  7. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    I can't find a source right now, but 2K have confirmed loot boxes will work the same way as the last game, without microtransactions. 2K also told a couple YouTubers (DenkOps I believe was one of them) that 'if they could've', Ciampa, Cross and Kendrick would be in the game in a heartbeat. I suppose there were external factors preventing their inclusion, but I really can't think of what that would mean. Also, this:
  8. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    Some pretty nice changes to Universe mode this year, as well as a cel shading match filter. Also, I don't think it was shown in this video, but we get triple threat tornado tag matches and other 2 vs 2 vs 2 matches again!!
  9. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    I KEEP CALLING HER NIKKI STORM AND I DON'T KNOW WHY AHHHH!! I never even knew who she was before she signed with WWE! It's just a name that rolls so much better of the tongue.
  10. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    And surprise, surprise! No Ciampa, no Nikki Cross, and no Brian Kendrick!
  11. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    Oh yeah, of course. Ciampa doesn't/didn't have an entrance theme so it's not as if I can complain about it not being in!
  12. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    Oh of course, Booker T's model has been dreadful for a lot of years. Just bizarre that they aren't in at all. I'd rather them and looking a bit crap rather than them not in at all. I get the whole thing that we can just download CAWs but then we don't get the entrance stuff which puts me off a little.
  13. I'm not gonna get it, as nice as the idea is. I've got the SNES classic already and that's filled up with PS1 games already, and I'm not particularly attracted to any of the games they've announced already and I imagine they're probably some of the biggest names. Yeah, which is why the SNES classic and modding with a USB stick is really a better system, as you can use the Wii classic controller which has analog sticks.
  14. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    Yeah, I'm just clinging to that hope too, really... as it just seems so ridiculous to me that they aren't in, but there's no reason why they wouldn't advertise them in because all they gain from not doing so is a little bit of bad press and a ton of uproar from fans for a nice surprise in a couple weeks when the game is out. Not sure if that'd be worth it at all.
  15. Owen

    WWE 2K19

    That makes sense to me somewhat for Ciampa because he's changed a lot since he came back from injury, but as far as I'm aware, neither Kendrick or Cross have really changed character wise or even in the moves for them to justify being taken out. Surely they could've just used last year's models if they were really that desperate? Unless they have completely redone how it all works this year, but then that doesn't make too much sense because there are a bunch of legends that they wouldn't have been able to scan in the last year that were in previous years...

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