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  1. DK Country Tropical Freeze is awesome. I've only played one level but I'm already in love.
  2. Glad Fulham got through to the final. I think it might be just because I'm not really a fan of the play-off qualifiers, but Fulham deserved to go through to the premier league more than Derby.
  3. Seinfeld's great. I still need to watch Silicon Valley and Barry. I'm about halfway through Angie Tribeca as well. Glad to finally be watching stuff I've never seen before instead of rewatching Friends or The Office all the way through for the 18th time.
  4. Owen

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    The show's bound to be picked up by some other network, though, surely. It would be nice if it went to Netflix, but who knows.
  5. AND they cancelled The Last Man on Earth FOX IS THE WOOOORST.
  6. Dude, it's on sale all the time! Where did you get it from? Couldn't you get a refund?
  7. I just bought it, for some reason. I don't have PS+ but I can buy it at some point, probably in a couple weeks. I picked up Jak & Daxter collection (which I had no idea was even on PS4) and Need for Speed Rivals (again...) as well.
  8. You can pick up Tabletop Simulator for £6.75 on Fanatical, with coupon code 'MAY10', and as far as I know, that's an all-time low.
  9. Isn't 'floating' a level bellow midcard, though? Or does Floating literally just mean it can go between midcarders and main eventers in terms of the AI? If it is the latter, then yeah, I guess keeping it at floating makes the most sense. My bad! EDIT: yeah it's the latter. ignore my suggestion, then
  10. I mean, I knew bizarro world was a thing in post-WrestleMania Raws... but I didn't think it happened in football too Cardiff, though!
  11. And according to Google, the scorer for Nottingham Forest's second goal was 'Update'... Aaaaaand My Sky Sports Player has fucked up and probably won't fix itself before the end of the game. Urgh.
  12. Fulham have been playing really well all season, so it'd be a shame if they lost their last game of the season after such a good run, but also uh... they're going against Cardiff for that second place spot so I'd never root for them. I'm actually watching this, which probably means Cardiff are going to lose now.
  13. Owen

    WWE 2K18

    The thing is with me is I always get real hyped about the new inclusions in each new WWE game, and always really buy into the hype, and then I get the game, play it for a week, and then never touch it again. I probably should stop buying them.
  14. I finished How I Met Your Mother finally. I just remembered today that I hadn't actually finished it yet and had been halfway through the final season for about 3 and a half years now, lol. spoilers I guess.