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  1. What Did You Watch Today?

    Finally got round to watching The Last Jedi, and honestly, I thought it was real good. Maybe my favourite of the newest three. I wanted to like Rogue One, and I did, but I think I just got too lost and confused by it all at points, and Force Awakens was good too, but it felt a lot like it was a reunion tour and just 'hey remember these guys!' than an actual new installment. Again, still good, just perhaps not as good in isolation?
  2. you can do at least one thing.. I checked it for copyright:


  3. Lip Sync For Your Life

    I'm probably blanking on some, but I know Mr. Blue Sky (ELO), and probably some other ELO or Supertramp songs... and I Can't Stay (The Killers) would definitely up there too. I suppose Mr. Brightside would have to be up there, too, after hearing it what seemed like every day during first year. EDIT: Oh. And Mouldy Old Dough by Lieutenant Pigeon, easily.
  4. Nintendo Megathread

    If I didn't have a PS4 or a 3DS, I'd love that they were porting Crash Bandicoot and Smash Bros (if it is, in fact, a port)... but I already own them both so I'm sorta only alright with the news, I guess? Smash Bros on Switch will be cool though because there was no 8 player on 3DS, and couldn't play it multiplayer, also portable Crash might be a thing to consider buying it again.
  5. Nintendo Megathread

    As long as it's a new game and not a port of the Switch version. I like the Switch, but the amount of re-releases from the Wii U is honestly getting a bit tiring.
  6. WWE 2K18

    It can, yeah. Obviously you need a headset with a microphone, but as long as it plugs into the PS4 (controller or the console), I believe it works. EDIT: That might just be for streaming to Twitch, actually. But you could always do that and then upload those Twitch streams to YouTube.
  7. General Television Thread

    There may as well be a Goodnight Sweetheart thread for my ramblings but for fucks sake. Season 4, episode 8 spoilers (I know it's a 20 year old show but just being safe, if I've somehow made someone else want to watch the show Season 5, episode 3 spoilers Season 5, episode 8? spoilers Season 6, episode 1 Season 6, episode 5
  8. General Television Thread

    I did actually notice an article from him while I was looking something up. He brings up a lot of very valid points. There's a hell of a lot more they could've done with the show that they just avoided entirely. The one with his nephew running into the 1940s was a particularly interesting one in terms of that. There's never been any indication of anyone else's ability to travel through the portal (Ron was unable to in the first series), so it doesn't really make sense as to why his nephew could, but again, they fail to go anywhere further with that as of yet. I like new Yvonne, but old Yvonne was good too. New Phoebe is eh. Old Phoebe was better.
  9. General Television Thread

    Yeah, that's another point. The guy's a shitbird, definitely... but why Nicholas Lyndhurst? He's not particularly awful in the role or anything, it just seems like such an odd casting choice. Also, Gary Sparrow must be a bastard for his family when they try and make a family tree. EDIT: Just got to season 4. Time for the new wives!!
  10. General Television Thread

    Also half of the show's comedy is "WOW HEY EVERYONE HE'S CLAIMING HE WROTE THIS SONG!! BUT HE DIDN'T!! HE DIDN'T REALLY!!" which gets pretty tiresome quick.
  11. General Television Thread

    Yeah, they both appear in the show, as far as I know, so that sounds about right. I haven't got to that point yet, though. Halfway through series 3, and it still sorta feels like nothing's happened and I know both Phoebe and Yvonne get recast after this series. I like the atmospheres and the worlds it's created, I think, but I dunno. Not the funniest show? But I like the world of it all.
  12. General Television Thread

    Started watching Goodnight Sweetheart. Currently on series 2, episode 2. It's eh. It's alright, it's a fun concept, but I feel like it hasn't lived up to its potential as of yet, and to be honest, it's not particularly funny, either.
  13. General Television Thread

    I've watched nearly all of Father Ted today. Oops. EDIT: ok I just finished it. I forgot Dermot Morgan died the day after they finished filming the show (with the anniversary of his and Frank Kelly's death next Tuesday). How heartbreaking
  14. The Good Place (Thread)

    Finally caught up with the end of season 2. God damn, it's such a good show. Clever, witty, funny, actually educational and it always keeps you guessing. So well written.
  15. Favorite Youtube Channels

    lmao, okay dude. not really, because I don't support his opinions and his content has nothing to do with politics. If their politics isn't anything to do with their content, I'm honestly not bothered. He hasn't spoken about his opinions in that regard since, and I think he's learned his lesson. I don't think it's doing any harm as long as he keeps things to himself from now on. If his content was based on politics, sure, that would be how it gets normalised. But his political opinions have nothing to do with his content and he got a massive backlash from that time he shared his views. As long as he keeps his opinions to himself (and hopefully realises the error of his ways and how daft his views are), then I really couldn't give a toss.