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  1. I'm not too much help, but my computer cost me £700 including the monitor and it run games like GTA V on the highest setting. You probably don't need to spend that much if you aren't too interested in playing any games on the ultra settings. That might be because I didn't bother with an SSD and got my RAM for cheap off ebay.
  2. I made a Mario Maker 2 level! The course ID is Y2F-0JC-5MG. It has a clear condition of collecting all the coins in the level, so it's puzzle solving to an extent, but only has one thing that I would consider a 'puzzle' which is basically just an asshole move... ah well, I enjoyed making it!
  3. I don't think Lou can actually lose at this point. Seems like she's way ahead of everyone else points-wise. I've read a lot of stuff complaining about Lou, and maybe sometimes she's given more points than she really deserves in some cases, but I've enjoyed her. This series has been really good in my eyes, there really is no one on the cast that I dislike.
  4. It arrived today instead, even better! Glad I didn't waste that £5 now! Mario Maker 2 is fun. The course creator is a little awkward when you're playing in docked mode, but it just takes some getting used to.
  5. I'm getting it on Saturday because I didn't really feel like paying an extra fiver just to get it on release day (cheers, Amazon!) but I'm excited!
  6. I would go with Super Mario World, too. Crazy to think it had a rushed production schedule, I would love to have seen how it would've been if it had all the time it was supposed to have.
  7. I Think You Should Leave is the dumbest show and I love it.
  8. Good Girls is really, really good. Season 2, especially, is incredible.
  9. I've got the Ghostbusters game (the original 2009 release) on PC so I can't imagine I'll pick up the remastered game. I haven't actually played it yet, though. Death Stranding looks like... something. I haven't really been following the promotion at all so I'm not really sure what it's all about.
  10. yeah, Spider-Man's a lot of fun.
  11. Siblings is a fun show. It's on iPlayer, and it's almost Always Sunny-esque, about two awful siblings who share a flat and sorta fumble their way through their lives. My description doesn't do it justice but it's GOOD. Also, Ghosts is great too, which also stars Charlotte Ritchie. She's good. I like her.
  12. Just if Chelsea's goal against Cardiff was disallowed, as it should've been Cardiff might still be in the Premier League if it was!
  13. Yeah, I can vouch for that. My timeline matches yours almost exactly, although I got it mid-September, and platinumed it mid-October. A lot of fun to just swing around the city, but there wasn't anything keeping me once the story was done and I got all the collectables. I haven't started a second playthrough or touched the DLC, though, so that'll be something to do in the future.
  14. Yeah, I made my comment before I knew Tottenham scored, and I can't see Cardiff beating both Fulham and Crystal Palace. I'm somewhat hopeful now!
  15. So, Cardiff's going down, then It's basically official.
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