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  1. I'd hold off on this, he's still on SmackDown on the WWE website and I feel like his match on Raw may have just been a special one-off appearance.
  2. Oh, hey, the second half of season 5 is on Netflix now. Had no idea this was happening and noticed it just now.
  3. I just checked the Wikipedia page for season 1 and Cliff's missing from only one episode in season one, which is apparently the only episode without him in it. The two of them aren't credited in the opening sequence at first, but are regulars from the start. (EDIT: Cliff isn't credited in season 1's opening, but Norm is) But yeah, giving Cheers another go and I'm enjoying it more this time. I feel like I was probably just not in a great mood when I first tried watching it, and had too high hopes in that it would be anything like Frasier. It's a very different show but still enjoyable!
  4. Sounds about right! I'm definitely going to miss the rest of the Crane family too, though But hey, we're supposed to be getting that reboot at some stage!
  5. Okay, I know that much now, but I feel like if I started watching Cheers first, I would have probably just written off Frasier and figured they were similar. I'm about 3/4 episodes into Cheers right now and still... eh.
  6. Finished Frasier. Wonderful show, they sure do love the trope of 'This person thinks that another person is someone else/a different sexual orientation/pursuing someone else' but it nearly always works and those are some of the most best episodes. Now I'm onto Cheers. About halfway through the first episode and I'm just not into it yet. At this point, I'm glad I watched Frasier first.
  7. Just finished the season 7 finale of Frasier...
  8. Well I'm dumb and figured it was because of edits that I had downloaded that had been updated to add DLC moves and whatnot... so I deleted them and that made my save data useless cos I'm a DUMMY and didn't read the warning that it gave me when I tried to delete them. I mean, yeah, the warning was in Japanese but I probably should've figured, I suppose. Also also!! If you hold down L1+L2 when picking the number of promotions and the difficulty level in Promoter mode then you'll start with 10 million and have no cap on how many wrestler start in your promotion.
  9. urgh WHAT how does this make any sense?! am I now forced to buy the rest of the DLC if I want to play it?
  10. Frasier's The Ski Lodge is an absolutely wonderful episode of television.
  11. Owen

    Music hot takes

    Plastic Beach is Gorillaz's best album.
  12. We're gonna lose Alan Partridge from Netflix, aren't we?
  13. Reggie Fils-Aimé is retiring as president and COO of Nintendo of America. He's to be replaced by (we're all doomed) Doug Bowser. So, expect the bad guy to win every time in all the upcoming Switch games.
  14. All the more money for demos!
  15. Choices, my rental place of choice (pardon the pun), closed about a decade ago and I haven't seen another rental shop since. They used to rent out video games in a local library, too, but then they relocated and stopped doing that as well, so I don't really have the option, but I used to do it on a weekly basis when I couldn't actually afford to buy any.

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