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  1. Probably, but that's fair enough. SmackDown is debuting on Fox only a couple weeks before the game is out, so it's understandable and completely expected if it's not included. Buddy Murphy's theme is probably an incredibly quick change to make.
  2. The first entrance revealed for the game is... Samoa Joe! For some reason! Greg Hamilton is in, though! That's cool.
  3. One per week, yeah. Season 3's already aired though so that's why it's all coming to Netflix at once, but otherwise I believe (outside of US?) the episodes are put on Netflix the day after they air on NBC.
  4. You can buy the Originals pack separately for $15, and generally I feel like it will be just themed wrestlers and arenas, with The Fiend being an exception to the rule.
  5. In this press release it mentions that the 2K Originals is a Showcase thing, which sounds more interesting.
  6. HEY. You've gone too far, this time! I'm putting my foot down, it does NOT look like 2K14! ...But yeah okay it kinda does look like all the others. The graphics haven't really changed all that much since the games went to PS4/Xbox One. The only difference really was the new lighting engine in 2K18.
  7. I'm not sure how much change could be expected, but I feel like the main thing going into the 2K partnership was the graphical upgrade (although that was for sure helped by the upgrade in console generations). The gameplay itself isn't too different, aside from maybe some changes in AI, but then I don't really know what they should or could do to make it that different in terms of a positive change, tbh. They added a stronger career mode in this year's game as well as bringing back Showcase Mode. I think 2K19's entry was quite a solid entry into the series compared to what we've seen previously, and there have been marked improvements when we compare that game to 2K14 or whatever... just maybe it took too long to get some of them. But then, games that are in constant production and are yearly releases are never going to change that much year from year, which is a shame but it's absolutely something that they can get away with because people are dedicated and so many buy each year's game. 2K17 and 2K18 weren't... really that good, but I think 2K19 had a lot more in terms of QoL improvements and I've definitely spent more time playing it than I've played the last few instalments, too.
  8. Importing SvR 2009 into Legends of WrestleMania gives you one of the most ridiculous wrestling game rosters of all time.
  9. Legends of WrestleMania was fun but the control scheme was unnecessarily messy, I thought. I'd be cool with a new one with a control scheme similar to the control scheme in the 2K games because that's pretty solid.
  10. I'm not too much help, but my computer cost me £700 including the monitor and it run games like GTA V on the highest setting. You probably don't need to spend that much if you aren't too interested in playing any games on the ultra settings. That might be because I didn't bother with an SSD and got my RAM for cheap off ebay.
  11. I made a Mario Maker 2 level! The course ID is Y2F-0JC-5MG. It has a clear condition of collecting all the coins in the level, so it's puzzle solving to an extent, but only has one thing that I would consider a 'puzzle' which is basically just an asshole move... ah well, I enjoyed making it!
  12. I don't think Lou can actually lose at this point. Seems like she's way ahead of everyone else points-wise. I've read a lot of stuff complaining about Lou, and maybe sometimes she's given more points than she really deserves in some cases, but I've enjoyed her. This series has been really good in my eyes, there really is no one on the cast that I dislike.
  13. It arrived today instead, even better! Glad I didn't waste that £5 now! Mario Maker 2 is fun. The course creator is a little awkward when you're playing in docked mode, but it just takes some getting used to.
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