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  1. (I haven't taken this myself but felt the need to thank you for it!)
  2. I'm not even sure that Community Creations is that active right now, pretty sure a few(?) of the big CAW creators ended up boycotting 2K20 and plan on staying on 2K19 for as long as possible. Custom arenas from Community Creations are broken as well, as far as I know, so the experience on 2K19 might be better than 2K20's right now. I don't own the game on PS4 though so I'm not completely sure, this is just what I've heard within the community.
  3. Oh yeah, I agree. Playstation 2 has a similar reputation but those 2 are some of my favourite consoles. I think it's just the idea of people looking at the console as a whole and viewing their entire library at the same time... but every console has a hell of a lot of crap games, anyway.
  4. Wii is really good but sometimes got a bit of a bad wrap as being known as the shovelware console. I spent a lot of time playing the Wii, though. It had Super Mario Galaxy, dammit!
  5. Soulcalibur VI would be great if possible! Thanks so much in advance
  6. I just looked up Documentary Now! because I hadn't heard of it before (looks fun though), and apparently it was renewed for a fourth season after season 3 ended earlier this year?
  7. I swear this was only just added to Netflix the other day... and I was just about to watch another episode and it's apparently gone! EDIT: yeah it was removed from Netflix after only twelve days!
  8. Toy Story 4 is a really lovely film.
  9. I watched Crocodile Dundee and Turner & Hooch today. (Turner & Hooch spoilers, I know it's 30 years old but there's no harm in being careful!!)
  10. Oh, I didn't even realise it was even out on PC yet! But I can't let myself buy it because I already have it on PS4 and I probably still won't play it if I get it on PC as well. I do that waaaay too often. It's stupid.
  11. You do still have to, yeah. The accelerator doesn't unlock any DLC rewards.
  12. Yuuuuuup, it's bullshit! Luckily, that one's just backstage brawls and they're very easy to just straight up cheese. Just grab a weapon and keep on hitting them. I think you can adjust the difficulty settings too, and do it even quicker. Also, the Swampfather tower is the worst. The damn handicap match is awful, but of course you don't have to do that one if you're only interested in unlocking The Fiend from the pack.
  13. You have to unlock The Fiend through his towers mode showcase thing under 2K Originals.
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