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  1. WWE 2K18

    At least we have new lines of commentary this year. Yeah, it can be buggy at times, but that can be fixed with a patch. Before this year, we'd been stuck with the same lines of commentary for years with only a couple new lines trickled in with each new game.
  2. Nintendo Megathread

    But you just told me I shouldn't!
  3. WWE 2K18

    You have to select 'edit show' before you actually start it, highlight the 'start show' button and press... I want to say it's triangle/Y?
  4. WWE 2K18

    A few of them (Shane Strickland, and others) are in the game because they did mocap for the game. Tanahashi and Pentagon Jr., I dunno, though.
  5. Nintendo Megathread

    Fair enough, cheers! Yeah, I bought a Wii U last year and barely played it so it would most likely be a waste of money until more first party games I'm interested in are released.
  6. Nintendo Megathread

    I totally get that, but I don't tend to ever go anywhere in order to play on the go or anything, and I prefer playing on the PC otherwise because it's in my bedroom, whereas the Switch would be in the front room if anywhere (although I suppose I could just play it off the dock and in my room or just unplug a monitor and plug it in there?)
  7. WWE 2K18

    Apparently the fix for this is to turn off automatic rivalries. That makes no sense at all, but okay. EDIT: nope, didn't fix it. still broken. ...Why am I the only one that has this problem, yet I've had it for years and years?!?
  8. WWE 2K18

    I simulated a Royal Rumble in Universe Mode. Jey Uso won, and challenged for both world titles at WrestleMania. I thought this was silly, so turned off the world title contention option for both singles championships for The Usos. I simulate another year, just out of curiosity. Guess who wins, and challenges for both world titles this time? Jimmy Uso. Of course.
  9. Nintendo Megathread

    I feel like the only game I'd be interesting in would be Super Mario Odyssey, as every other game I'm not interested in, could get on PC or already have for 3DS (well, I have a Mario Kart game for 3DS, but they aren't all that different). I did the same thing with PS4 and ending up owning maybe 3/4 games for the first year or so, and played maybe only 2 of them. I should probably wait a bit first, might wait for a little price drop.
  10. Nintendo Megathread

    Looking into getting a Nintendo Switch... is it worth getting at the moment? Not entirely sure what's about outside of Zelda, and I'm not much of a Zelda fan, myself.
  11. WWE 2K18

    Yeah, from all the streams I've seen of WWE 2K games, desyncing is a big problem too.
  12. WWE 2K18

    WWE games are developed by Yuke's though, so they should really take a fair amount of the blame. I wouldn't say this is all 2K's fault, but if NBA is shit too, then that's totally solely their fault.
  13. WWE 2K18

    Aw damn, my bad!
  14. WWE 2K18

    It happens a lot, though, and really it shouldn't happen at all. I think the referee refused to count maybe 4/5 pinfalls in the first match I played.
  15. WWE 2K18

    The game would be really good if it wasn't so buggy, IMO. The referee not counting pinfalls is a big one that definitely needs to be fixed soon and, of course, there's a plethora of other bugs and glitches that need to be ironed out before this game is really considered good enough. The new lighting makes the game look really nice, though. That's a solid improvement, and the roster is awesome... but no Arn or Brian Pillman