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  1. I was actually thinking of KISS too, but with 'Rock and Roll All Nite' instead. I realise I somewhat vaguely knew of Crazy Nights, too, both of which from Tony Hawk's Underground, I'm sure.
  2. God damn library sharing stopping working for absolutely no reason. Steam is rubbish sometimes.
  3. Perhaps not my favourite band, but I'd introduce Yes with Yours is No Disgrace, because Owner of a Lonely Heart would be such a misleading introduction.
  4. San Francisco is pretty good, yeah. I haven't played much of it but the little I did play, I enjoyed. But then again, I also enjoyed Driv3r so maybe my opinions are worthless...
  5. Fake Kane was my favourite wrestler. Never heard of this 'Kane' fella. But how can Bret get a bye if everything you've laid out says that Bret gets through the tournament by competing in each round
  6. Lovesick's pretty good.
  7. If you're going to want someone to actually make this graphic, you're going to have to make it clearer, because even when you tried to explain it in detail it made little sense. Draw up a rough outline of what you want in Paint or something and you'll be more likely to get what you need.
  8. I do feel for the English team... but CROATIAAAAAAA!!!! 🇭🇷 🇭🇷 🇭🇷
  9. A France win would be such a dull thing.
  10. If England get through here, I hope they don't have the final going to penalties. That'd be awful
  11. He really has been great this whole knockout stage. I'd never even heard of him before it started (I obviously am not a big football fan), but his performances have really impressed (and also annoyed) me.

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