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  1. I will buy games from smaller studios because the price is lower so the risk of being ripped off by a bad game is lower.
  2. I do and I am. I would also like to try a demo version first. And then steal it.
  3. Hey, if there isn't a demo version I think I'm within my moral rights to test it out before I buy it. Especially when there are reviewers that might be paid off by a company to verbally fellate a game. Smaller companies I won't illegally download the game but the big companies? Pffft, I'd download a car if I could.
  4. Video game piracy is fine especially against the big studios and especially if there is no demo version.
  5. Not sure what I think about the new DLC. Maybe it only partially downloaded.
  6. Really now, Arsenal, why did you have to ruin my betting?
  7. Just scrap the offside rule and only allow headers and volleys in the area.
  8. Arsenal will master BATE tonight. @Kaney Thoughts on facing the BATE boys?
  9. MDK

    The Panel Show thread

    Especially if it is someone who is a bit of a surprise. Corey Taylor from Slipknot was on QI once and he was pretty good.

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