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  1. Can we please not have this kind of xenophobia?
  2. Its a pity a lot of them haven't or won't read his open letter about the whole thing.
  3. Wouldn't make much of a difference to Bulgaria though. Hardly likely to qualify anyway. Would send a message. Now, Italy on the other hand...
  4. Just heard on the wireless that the Bulgarian PM/President has called for the Manager to be sacked, I think. Lets not pretend we don't have our own problems.
  5. Oh dear what a pity never mind
  6. I was chatting with a work colleague the other day about where the limits are for certain athletics. How much quicker can someone really do it realistically? Same with 100m and the like. There must be a barrier where the human body just cannot break. Great achievement even if it isn't classed as a WR.
  7. Even better, Scotland get knocked out via a weather DQ.
  8. Was there ever any talk of him playing in Europe? Not as much money but it would have been a coup to get such a player.
  9. Exactly. Perfect heel storyline.
  10. Vince not wanting something controversial to help sell tickets?
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49980927 Would be good to see the players actually do this.
  12. I quite liked that it was a movie sort of set in the Super Hero Universe but there was no special effects, no massive fight scenes and it was just a thriller about a man slowly losing it. King of Comedy was better, though.
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