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  1. Phil Jones to finally prove he is the ultimate utility player.
  2. Neither is Lamela. Must be after a "bonus".
  3. They should play it on a waterlogged pitch. It's always entertaining.
  4. It got a limited release which is good enough for me.
  5. I dunno how The Irishman got nominated for best film. It was okay but nothing out of this world. Big win for Netflix though.
  6. Wow, that website is awful on mobile. Well done.
  7. Who is in line to take over?
  8. Angry Birds 2 has been criminally overlooked
  9. Who should have been nominated? The Oscars are a self congratulatory wank fest anyway.
  10. You must be gutted Ron Greenwood never called you up.
  11. With your FA? Probably non-league.
  12. Put a nsfw tag on that. Pure filth.
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