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  1. Erikson just scored a tasty goal.
  2. Nasty looking injury for Sakho
  3. But I did it first.
  4. Johnny on the spot as usual.
  5. ... and Joey Barton has been suspended from all football activities for 18 months.
  6. Investigations in Newcastle and France, irregularities with transfers and wages... This has to be about how Newcastle got £35m for Sissoko.
  7. Newcastle gain promotion; Immediately get investigated by HMRC. Classic.
  8. Diving bastard Costa
  9. I'd have bet my dog on him putting that away. Nice moment when he took off his shirt and showed it to the fans.
  10. Crikey, what an El Classico this has been
  11. Yup, need a dongle. Take it back to Game and slap them with your cock until they give you a dongle.
  12. Yup, 30 day ban for nothing, right? Anyway, how is the Liverpoolol match going?
  13. Coming from a people that wear skirts? Pffft.
  14. I dunno but it is a bookable offence.