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  1. If you can score a left pit, right pit, bum crack three is it a smelly hat trick?
  2. Martin Braithwaite played for Stockport in the 70s
  3. Pat Nevin is the best co-commentator on the wireless. And a terrific guest on Fighting Talk.
  4. Its easily one of the best games I've ever played. Did you just play the base game or did you play the dlc? If you are going to replay it you might as well do New Game +.
  5. I was listening to the wireless and they were doing bit on him, they played a clip of him talking about the plane crash. He went back into the bloody thing to help carry out survivors.
  6. They can concentrate on the league now
  7. Toy Story is rubbish
  8. This is what I was wondering. How much will Brexit change our transfer rules?
  9. MDK


    Nah, I mean there might be more than ten minutes of excitement.
  10. MDK


    I might try to find a stream. It can't be much worse than regular American football.
  11. MDK


    Is this on in th UK?
  12. Now make it so you can't hire managers outside of the window for a laugh.
  13. I paused it once because I was sure I had another tab open playing Blade Runner.
  14. I thought Brexit would solve this fixture congestion
  15. Clearly I didn't attend that playoff final
  16. MDK


    That's the spirit
  17. He's also 10th in the goal scoring charts despite only playing about 160 mins
  18. I hope so. The last striker from Spurs was Harry Kane... I think.
  19. Kaziah Sterling to Orient is a DONE DEAL
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