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  1. I don't think that is a certainty. Well, until we find out Mark Hughes has a new job... Seriously one of the silliest things Ashley has managed to do. A legit world class manager is gone.
  2. I'd be worried about the fouls in the second half. Cameroon look like they are going to channel the spirit of Italia '90 and kick the shit out of us.
  3. Apparently Barca didn't fancy paying him €12m per year
  4. Also it is being shown on freesports
  5. It was on yesterday. Frankie Detorri won. ITV, I think.
  6. Bleh, now Josh Koroma has left and gone to Huddersfield. Was really hoping we could keep hold of him and Bonne, but I guess they stayed with us in non-league and they deserve a big move to the Championship.
  7. It happened in the Champions League semi final
  8. ... wat Its very possible. Why wouldn't it be possible?
  9. Such a pity. It would be the perfect way to kill off VAR.
  10. Use dead eye and go for head shots. Failing that, shotgun time!
  11. lol, more penalty madness in the Scotland-Argentina game!
  12. Oh, beautiful bit of goalmouth scrapping. 6 minutes in! And a crazy Jap freekick and a wonderful save from Bardsley!
  13. And it gives you a sense of well being.
  14. I read up on the other ending out of curiosity. VP, don't click that spoiler.
  15. It does. Luckily I was very honourable so I got the nice ending.
  16. Retaken penalty because the goalie moved off her line. Utter bullshit, really. Best check every single penalty on VAR to make sure all the people are outside of the box, bar the keeper and the taker.
  17. Would it be quicker to go to West Brompton and change there?
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