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  1. Maybe I'm missing something but why has WWE been downgraded to a national company and TNA to a cult sized company?
  2. So, EWWarehouse.info is down. Could anybody provide me with the April 2010 update?
  3. Can someone provide a backstory for the "Antitrust" scenario? I'm looking through it now and I'm pretty confused.
  4. I like it. Thanks C-Mil!
  5. I would like to request a sig for my diary. I would like it to involve pictures of Christopher Daniels, Raven, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, all circa 2006. I would also like there to be text that reads "Swagger-Verse" (Shitty name I know but that's the name of the diary) and the TNA Logo somewhere on the sig(Again, circa 2006). Thanks in advance.

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