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  1. Ace

    Comic Book Films & TV

    I absolutely loved Crisis. Awesome crossover, and very well done. Just the tiniest annoyance though.
  2. 1. The Flash - Cicada was bad, but Nora was adorable. I'm always going to fanboy on Flash. 2. Supernatural - This is the second last list I can vote for it. 3. Last Week Tonight 4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5. Arrow 6. Lucifer 7. Stumptown 8. Elementary 9. Veronica Mars 10. GLOW 11. Supergirl 12. Legends of Tomorrow 13. The Punisher 14. Watchmen 15. Russian Doll
  3. Rui Hachimura, Wizards @DMN
  4. Joe Ingles, Utah @JMarushin
  5. Steven Adams, Thunder @DMN
  6. Miles Bridges @JMarushin
  7. Aaron Gordon, Magic @JMarushin
  8. Dammit. Okay. Time to take a chance. Zion Williamson.
  9. Rudy Gobert, Utah @JMarushin
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