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  1. And Arda Turan, who had his loan to some Turkish club terminated early.
  2. Horrific decision to allow Barca to sign a new player in the first place - they have Messi (arguably best player of all time), Griezmann (120 million euros) and Ansu Fati (youngest player to score a brace in La Liga history) all fit, plus B Team and academy players if needed.
  3. We have been very, very lucky with regards to VAR tonight.
  4. Barcelona's board has hired a company to make social media accounts to attack, variously, Real Madrid, Pep, Xavi, Leo Messi, Ronaldinho, Florentino Perez, Gerard Pique, Carlos Puyol, rivals of club president Josep Maria Bartomeu in the upcoming election and even Messi's wife Antonella Roccuzzo. It's kinda mad.
  5. A legend and a hero, both on and off the pitch.
  6. But they're nothing like each other? Like for a start, Willian has never put up the kind of numbers of Ziyech does, even before he was at Chelsea. Ziyech is pretty much an ideal creator - and has tremendous ability to unlock low press/low block defences that are increasingly common in the Premier League. Willian is just... well he's just not that kind of player is he?
  7. Get ready for a ton of dumb comparisons with William because he's an attacking player who has the numbers 22 and 10....
  8. My favourite is that Newcastle legend Jean-Alain Boumsong almost completed a medical degree but then his playing career took off, so a few years later he went back and got a degree in mathematics instead.
  9. To be honest, there will always be a loud minority of people who have x issue with the ME and it is the most important thing ever and ruins the game and SI are awful etc etc etc no matter what SI do. And then SI will 'fix' that and there'll be another issue.
  10. I mean whilst they've 'fixed' the 1 v 1 thing - which was always overblown and actually fairly close to realistic, if a little on the harsh side - they've now made the deep cross to a winger on the far post an insta-goal. 8 heading, 8 jumping, 7 bravery Ashley Young has 5 headed goals for me since the update.
  11. Mad Jack Frost


    I'm going Dallas Renegades cos I'm 90% sure I used their logo in Madden 08 or something.
  12. Saracens, not content with getting themselves relegated, might now be thrown out of the Champions Cup for fielding an ineligible player.
  13. In other news, Watford's 18 year old Brazilian signing Joao Pedro has had to send his girlfriend back to Brazil cos she's 15.
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