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  1. United also now very close to finalising Bruno Fernandes.
  2. I only change schedules after a fixture change gets announced, cos sometimes the AI doesn't fix it - and I take control of all individual training myself.
  3. I thought that was Bruno Fernandes for a minute and had a heart attack.
  4. Also to put into context just how young our team is this season, that Liverpool side that bodied Everton? Average age a year older than our regular XI.
  5. Marcus Rashford - from Wythenshawe, for those keeping score - just capped his 200th appearance for us with a goal. He's the third youngest player to reach 200 appearances for us, behind only Ryan Giggs and George Best.
  6. 2 is Ciprian Marica - who played as a striker.
  7. It's a beautiful game sometimes.
  8. @Colly A ref used a pitchside monitor!
  9. Trust us to, when Chelsea are dropping off and Spurs still 8n trouble, not take advantage of it.
  10. Pardew is still has a year to go on his. >_>
  11. I think it might be a similar appointment to last time - appointing Moyes to keep them up before moving onto another manager in the summer.
  12. Halaand is joining Dortmund... apparently for just 20 million too. Crazy value if true.
  13. This didn't happen in real time, as a note, but was shown after the game.
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