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  1. Right, but if fans start to demand this in large numbers, how can Doncaster or Plymouth or Bolton or whoever else replace what I assume is not an insignificant revenue stream? Sponsors aren't going to clubs to not sponsor them.
  2. So uh... how do the Save Our Shirts lot propose to make up for the sponsorship money lost by not having shirt sponsors?
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/jlxnyehc9bewq8l/DATA.zip/file Current day scenario but with no workers signed to any company - there may be a few touring, but aside from that, it's a free for all. Based off of mkpunk's July update.
  4. No idea what you're talking about >_>
  5. Let's compare, stats incoming: Duffy is fine if you want a more traditional centre half, but Maguire fits what United are looking for - a more creative option who is also better in the air than anyone else we've got: And he also has some major advantages when compared with VvD - though VvD is definitely the better player: Maguire represents the kind of signing United need - the money for that is irrelevant, if he can repeat these kinds of stats next season. He'd be United's best defender.
  6. Maguire offers more going forward - he completed more take-ons than any other centre half last season - and he's got a big head. Transfer fee is now irrelevant, which will only be good for all clubs in the professional league pyramid going forward.
  7. Leicester's midfield 3 of Youri/Ndidi/Maddison is better than any three midfielders United could field.
  8. True, but he's right about Nadal taking an age between points and games - his ability to get under Rafa's skin is great but Nadal almost definitely played it up here.
  9. Does this mean Kieran Tierney is off then?
  10. The hotel thing was dumb anyway cos it's Fifa who assigns the hotels, not the teams themselves.
  11. They also once sacked a manager 10 minutes after appointing him.
  12. Man I really wish clubs were forced to publish what they pay each player, might calm some of the rhetoric over Rashford's new contact, the cost of which seems to grow by the hour.
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