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  1. Boycott should never had been up for a knighthood due to organising outlaw tours of Apartheid South Africa, the self absorbed dickhead.
  2. Or, at least, not in September.
  3. Good. Trash person going to a trash club.
  4. Project Hospital, a spiritual successor to the Theme Hospital games, is 40% at https://www.chrono.gg/ for the next 18 hours
  5. It's almost like reappointing the guy they sacked following a poor start last season wasn't the best way to avoid a poor start to this season.
  6. Daniel James is going to be superb one day hopefully. Was our best player today. Pogba was shit first half, good the second - and the sooner we can replace Matic with anyone the better.
  7. Lovely. Let's hope we see plenty of minutes for him, Gomes, Chong, and maybe even Dylan Levitt or Ethan Laird.
  8. So with Smalling off, Bailly crocked, and Rojo either suspended or injured for two thirds of every season, that leaves us Lindelof, Maguire and Jones as first team centre backs. If this leads to lots of minutes for the likes of Axel Tuanzebe this season, excellent. Can't say the lack of depth doesn't worry me a bit though.
  9. Yes it's Phil Neville's fault that Bury has been serially mismanaged over recent years.
  10. Lingard gets a lot of love because he has scored important goals that have won us trophies or helped us beat a big rival. He's only starting because we apparently are run by incompetents who can't get transfer deals done. The plan very much was to start the season with Bruno Fernandes and the failure to get that done is why Lingard continues to start.
  11. At this point I'd probably support a Red Bull buyout if it were my club.
  12. I have 100% used that Dallas Renegades logo in a Madden game at some point.
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