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  1. It's what you've got to pay for the 'top' managers - despite Jose's failings, he's still considered in that tier - Pep is on £20 million a year, and likely if Klopp chooses to extend his £7.5 million a year deal past 2022 (and not take a break like he has said he wants to do), he'll be in for a big jump, possibly even to what Jose is on. Win the Premier League this season and I'm not sure you could deny Klopp that figure either, tbh.
  2. Basically, yeah. From at least the point of Rooney's then massive contract.
  3. Don't click this if you don't want to know how many there are.
  4. Apparently he's on £15 million a year, which is double what Poch was on.
  5. Levy being so tight with money is a big reason why this current Spurs team has run itself into the ground - it happened with Klopp's Dortmund and won't happy with Klopp's Liverpool, because good dealings in the transfer market that generate lots of funds for players - not meme-y Levy's played a blinder stuff, but actual real money generation plus proper investment mean Klopp's been able to build a large squad that can play the football he wants for 50 games a seasons. Spurs don't have that - and if Levy gets the chequebook out for Jose that's a real slap in the face to Poch tbh.
  6. Real have recovered somewhat under Zidane, so maybe their interest in Poch has cooled?
  7. You deserve it *clap clap clap clap clap* They'll sell Lamela next.
  8. Picked this up thanks to Xbox Game Pass - I love it. Fallout-style games haven't always been my thing, but this feels better/deeper than any Fallout I've played.
  9. Former Billericay owner Glenn Tamplin buys Romford FC and immediately replaced the manager with himself and signed 15 players.
  10. A lot of the criticisms just seem kinda dumb. No national dex? What, you mean they're only putting pokemon in that make sense for the setting? Oh dear how horrible, better jump on twitter to send death threats to game freak.
  11. Some of the people included in the list of selectable players have no right to be there. Anyway, mine I guess:
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