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  1. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    18 from Jones, Martial and Valencia. Had Lindelof in instead of Hegazi which is annoying, as the latter scored another 6 points >_> Fuck Arnautovic as well.
  2. Premier League 2017/18

  3. Premier League 2017/18

    This football lark is easy innit?
  4. Premier League 2017/18

    Fer should be off by now.
  5. Premier League 2017/18

    Lingard would've finished that.
  6. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    Insane money but with the tv deal in place clubs big and small don't have to sell. I love it.
  7. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    I got my three waivers through, and I'm banking on United's defence to bring me a win >_>
  8. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    I kinda sympathise with him to be honest, but he makes it so hard for himself. If what we're being told is true, then Chelsea haven't exactly done right by him (and vice versa of course) - and if he's not part of Chelsea's plans then I don't see why he should be expected to turn up and play for the reserves, rather than doing something that will help his own career like find a new club. Demanding Chelsea sell him to a club he can't even play for for four months is a bit of a joke though.
  9. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    Two episodes into Defenders and I totally get what people have said about Foggy. Just the worst (almost).
  10. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    Imagine the scenes if it was though.
  11. European Football Thread

    Couldn't happen to a nicer racist vampire.
  12. Football Manager 2017

    It's enough of an upgrade that its worth gettting - especially at 80% off - unless you're planning on picking up FM18 this time around.
  13. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    Apparently not content with a defence that cost just under £250 million, City are now after West Brom captain and former Man Utd centre back Jonny Evans.
  14. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    Might be a bold move, but dropping my Chelsea defenders just in case.