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  1. Now I dunno about some of you, but I'd say Manchester United 8 Arsenal 2 was better than many of those. >_>
  2. Might be a reason why - not getting opportunities...
  3. Well it's a way to get him to sign for Watford without them paying Newcastle compensation I guess.
  4. You made a thread called 'Fuck MPH & -1 for Baddar' smh
  5. @Adam has graciously volunteered to only pick Doncaster players, so that leaves more for anyone joining.
  6. I've joined the EWB discord but if we're using something else my discord is madjack#1524
  7. I'd prefer tomorrow but can do today.
  8. They'll want to move our games further south to be closer to our fans.
  9. Didn't help that as soon as unification happened people started leaving East Germany in droves and that hasn't really stopped.
  10. So home advantage seems to not exist any more - only 3 home wins from 18 games thus far.
  11. This one popped up in a server I'm in and we can't figure it out. We're at the point where we think there isn't an answer and it's either a troll or a mistake - only one who gets close is Michael Essien, but he would've played with Varane at Real Madrid.
  12. I got him for a 52 million buyout in the summer of 2020 but I'm not sure if that is in from the start or the ai negotiated it.
  13. And the FA say gay footballers have nothing to fear from the press.
  14. I do like some of Hummel's stuff. It's uh... certainly unique.
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