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  1. Kinda worried to go back through this topic just to see how many of our faves ended up being problematic >_>
  2. Just realised last day of season has us vs Leicester and Wolves vs Chelsea
  3. Fun fact: Arteta played in Arsenal's last win against Wolves.
  4. And Mason Greenwood makes it 4! Lots more goals in this one I feel like.
  5. Joke of a penalty decision that. He's out of the box and it hits his shoulder.
  6. A penalty from Rashford and a beauty from Martial puts us 3-1 up at half time. Tony's goal is pure Ashley Young vs Arsenal in that 8-2.
  7. Mason Greenwood is going to be so good.
  8. The Mirror reporting that Bruno and Pogba collided in training and are possibly out for multiple games. No one else is reporting this except... for a parody site. Amazing.
  9. Didn't even have shoot on sight on either (until the 88th minute when I saw I could get 60 shots). Just a very attacking formation and West Brom being really bad.
  10. So this went well - West Brom are pish.
  11. Could be beneficial in the long run - Liverpool just got a very real reminder that, despite winning the League by miles, potentially setting records etc etc, their closest rivals are still very, very good. It'll run well with Klopp's whole "we're not going to defend the title, we're going to attack it" message.
  12. It's more that for years and years certain games were a fantastic escape from that - Call of Duty being a noted example, with its engaging story and excellent, largely microtransaction free multiplayer and fun gimmick modes like zombies. And then they added loot boxes which plummet to the earth and land on Omaha beach that you then open in-game, whilst others watch. Video games used to be a potential escape from problem gambling - and then publishers decided they needed all the money in the world, rather than just some of it.
  13. There is nothing 'optional' about loot boxes for a lot of people with potential gambling addictions - which is something that is increasing in both adults and children - and they certainly should not be in games rated for children. Also if I hear that 'cosmetics don't effect gameplay' again I might just be sick. They're part of the gameplay experience.
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