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  1. Premier League 2017/18

    Gotta love those Liverpool fans who were chanting Luis Suarez every time Evra had the ball. Scummy scummy cunts.
  2. Football Manager 2018

    On their way to winning the Champions League, FC Kobenhavn PSG'd Real Madrid: Spartak Moscow won an all Russian Europa League final with Zenit, Shakhtar were losing finalists in the Champions League. Bayern and Dortmund topped the Bundesliga, but are joined in the CL places by Wolfsburg and Freiburg. Real won La Liga, Barca second, Atletico and Sevilla round out the top four. I won Ligue 1 as Monaco, Lille and Lyon behind me, and PSG behind them outside of the CL places. Inter won Serie A. Man City and Chelsea were top two in England, but Southampton and Leicester were also top 4: The lower leagues are much more interesting. Bolton won the Championship and went up with Reading and Sheffield Wednesday, with Burton, Sunderland and Brentford going down. Portsmouth, Southend and Blackburn (playoffs) go up from League 1, with Oldham, Shrewsbury, Bristol Rovers and Northampton going down. Coming up from League 2 are Carlisle, Chesterfield, Colchester and Accrington. Wycombe and Crawley go down. Leicester won the FA Cup against Man City, whilst Man Utd won a League Cup where three of the semi-finalists were from the Championship - Leeds, Ipswich Town and Bolton.
  3. Which aunt viv was better?

    I don't even remember a single thing Viv 2 did. Viv 1 all the way.
  4. The 2016+1 EWB Baseball League Thread

    I'm not going to be able to do this this year, do I need to do something to leave or can whoever's running the league just remove me?
  5. Football Manager 2018

    Teams that went out in the group stage of the Champions League: Porto (bottom), Juve (bottom), Man City (3rd), Barcelona (3rd), Bayern (bottom), PSG (3rd), Chelsea (bottom), Dortmund (3rd), Benfica (bottom), Man Utd (3rd) Teams that went out in the group stage of the Europa League: Liverpool, Arsenal, Villarreal, Hoffenheim, Lazio, Milan, Napoli. Jeez. This is the Quarter finals of the CL and Europa:
  6. Football Manager 2018

    Deleted all the players and staff in the game and started a new save, simming until the youth intakes just to get some more players in the game. It's less varied than I thought it might be, although this is kinda fun: Edit; and the Ballon D'or winner:
  7. The England thread

    What a fucking joke.
  8. Premier League 2017/18

    It might vary from policy to policy (depending on club), but entry level stuff in the NGIS does cover that stuff, but has been criticised for being inadequate at the amatuer and semi-pro level. I assume, being a professional club in the top two leagues in England, Hull City have a comprehensive policy that covers long injury layoffs and retirements.
  9. Premier League 2017/18

    Players all the way down to the amatuer level have insurance - since the introduction of the National Game Insurance Scheme in 2013 - but professional clubs have had insurance for much longer.
  10. Premier League 2017/18

    Aerial duels won is winning a header in direct contest with an opponent.
  11. Premier League 2017/18

    Bye Myke.
  12. Premier League 2017/18

    No but seriously Jose's going to bring the good times back.
  13. General Rugby thread

    Eddie Jones is great and a breath of fresh air compared to most other northern hemisphere based coaches.