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  1. A China World Cup would be the biggest ever - and for not much outlay. They already have 25 stadiums with a capacity of 50,000 or more, have the infrastructure to host it and the kind of enthusiastic home crowd found at USA 94 or South Korea/Japan 2002. China World Cup would be amazing.
  2. I mean... Qatar will at the next one...
  3. I rage at them until they fix it. Always seems to happen though, a bad run two thirds of the way through the season.
  4. I think I would've liked Croatia to win for two reasons: it would've kept France level with us and it would've been a new winner. Aside from that, I didn't really mind who won. Pleased for Pogba and glad he scored, but aside from that, didn't really care.
  5. It's twitter. We signed Fred and immediately won the Champions League last week.
  6. I miss being able to do the FWR ST ST FWL
  7. No, he just criticised FIFA corruption and the scheduling, as far as I could see.
  8. And yet Lineker and other sports types seem rather unwilling to discuss the human rights situation there, probably has nothing to do with how he was employed by Qatar based Al Jazeera at all of course...
  9. The squad also includes also includes Lucy Roberts, the great great grand-daughter of Charlie Roberts, who was United's first captain.
  10. Yep that's the issue with Qatar 2022. The scheduling. Football people are the worst sometimes.
  11. Reinstalled FM06 for some England goodness, editor'd Scholes out of retirement. I don't know what the data guys were smoking back in 06 but it must've been wild:
  12. Great business on paper but struggle for much of the season.
  13. West Ham will be this season's Everton.
  14. He's a Lamela rebound for Jimmy. *Nods*

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