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  1. If they played today both Fabian Barthez and David James would be much higher rated than they were.
  2. It's funny because he's also like... Dead wrong. Liverpool's net spend is barely 150 million, which is probably comparable to Bayerns in that period.
  3. Teams that have beaten Sevilla in the last 12 months: Slavia Prague Teams that haven't: Man Utd Fucking Jose.
  4. Napoli v Arsenal Villarreal v Valencia Benfica v Eintracht Frankfurt Slavia Prague v Chelsea
  5. Then why do teammates not have comparable results in a lot of instances?
  6. A lot of money but Militao genuinely has the potential to be the best centre back of the modern era - he's got everything you want from a modern CB and bags of potential. He started out at right back but doesn't really have the mobility to do that role at the top level, so moving inside was a great move for him.
  7. Not a chance that was a penalty but Arsenal were probably good value for the win. Be interesting to see how we bounce back.
  8. I seem to have stumbled into a title race.
  9. According to IFAB something like 80% of handball calls are because the player "gains a material advantage" rather than it being deliberate - it's an issue with how the law is written, the word 'deliberate' should never have been in there imo - and how UEFA and FIFA are applying it this season. Hopefully along with IFAB's changes to attacking handballs, we'll get some clarity on defensive handballs as well.
  10. Since he milly-rocked at the Emirates like it was Ipswich away during pre-season.

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