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  1. Dunno what you're talking about, it was least points wins.
  2. Arsenal won the domestic treble in 2007.
  3. No one seemed to have a problem when Bournemouth did it. They weren't non-league but they wouldn't be where they are today without the mega rich oligarch they have as an owner.
  4. They won just three of their last 23 league games and none of their final nine. Not surprised they got rid.
  5. Why be mean to me like this? I'm optimistic for next season. With Herrera and Valencia going (and hopefully Young too) that indicates to me that we have a plan in place. How good that plan is remains to be seen.
  6. Big summer needed, but at the same time, there's positives in the emergence of several promising academy graduates.
  7. Ivan Rakitic is a racist homophobe
  8. Only a 16k allocation in a stadium that seats more than four times that is bullshit.
  9. Late but I have - it's super basic and lacking in depth, especially when you compare it to something like CK2 or EUIV. Like I get that it'll be built up over time with the various DLC packs, but it kinda exposes Paradox's business model as rip off bullshit. The game itself is fine. But for the price they're charging I think I'd expect more that fine, and definitely more than one start date from the off.
  10. Barca might be the biggest bottle jobs in football.
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