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  1. I was a bit surprised when I found out too. That league is meant to be like a separate thing that's equivalent to level 4 in the actual pyramid so I think that's the League One (or the league above). You should out one of the League One clubs - both Valour and Halifax has superb facilities and a metric fuckton of salary cap room. I think Valour has something like 80-85k of cap room - and a 33,000 seater stadium to boot.
  2. I mean like it might not be possible to get out of that league >_>
  3. I think Howe would do much better at United than he would Spurs and yeah, he should definitely get a chance at a big club soon hopefully.
  4. You uh... might not be able to get out of that league.
  5. Just go with it. Also League One teams Valour FC and Halifax Wanderers are good starts. Shit squad, but lots of money and great facilities.
  6. The worry for Spurs is - if Poch goes who comes in and does a job? The betting money - and media agenda - is on Eddie Howe, but Howe's not the kind of manager who can work under a budget and sell to buy like Poch has - Spurs net spend since Poch arrived is less than £50 million. Bournemouth's net spend this season alone is £47 million.
  7. A month ago De Gea does not make that save. Amazing the difference in the entire team since Jose has left.
  8. Top class presenting by Jake Humphrey to bring up Rio's business links with Ashley there. Rio's talking rubbish.
  9. Correct. You might've seen one like this going around that was a trick with the surnames. Not this one though.
  10. Let's bring this back: This player has been managed by Roberto Mancini and played in the Premier League. They have also played with: Zidane Messi Eto'o Figo Aguero Balotelli Beckham Diego Forlan Who is he?
  11. Solanke hasn't even played 50 league games in his career, meaning he's now cost, counting the 3 million or so Liverpool are estimated to have paid at tribunal for him, a shade under £480,000 per game in transfer fees alone.
  12. Gave Chong his debut. Sent off inside 10 minutes.

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