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  1. F91 Dudelange from Luxembourg are currently holding AC Milan to a goalless draw at half time.
  2. Man remember how people were saying Morata was a better signing than Lukaku....
  3. It's fine, the name's ironic. They actually have a higher average age than Newell's Old Boys of Argentina.
  4. Saw Souness's post game remarks about Pogba. He can go fuck himself.
  5. Couldn't agree more, it's literally the best series out there for me. Also speaking of broken, 4-4-2 with a defensive forward, is almost unbeatable. Using sortitoutsi's latest update as Atletico - they have like zero players and are under a transfer embargo. I'm top of the league, unbeaten in all competitions and Diego Costa is the best striker on the planet bar none.
  6. To be fair to Celtic, they're 5 points behind first place currently
  7. Possibly the most overrated top level player in the game at the moment.
  8. Souness I'm sure was a great player. As a pundit, he's a moron and can go fuck himself.
  9. Of course, no chance that Ward is lying to protect his mates, one of whom - Jon Walters - started a physical and verbal confrontation with Keane.
  10. Haven't had a look at any of the HIAC results, but many of the title changes since July aren't in this data: Both Raw and Smackdown tag titles Universal title Both women's titles US title Intercontinental title
  11. That entire 'scandal' was dumb as fuck, particularly as the only person with cause to be upset was JT's wife.

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