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  1. Son vs Granqvist is not a battle Sweden want repeated. The South Korean burnt him - badly. Couple of penalty shouts, first half is ending nicely.
  2. The "best player of his generation" can't even score against Iceland...
  3. I don't think any modern player can be the GOAT, because the likes of Pele achieved what they did at a time that, in terms of the support a player gets now in everything from the design of boots and balls to specially tailored diets and growth hormone regimes, is essentially the stone age. I'll always rate a Pele over a Ronaldo higher because of that. Could Ronaldo and Messi have thrived in those days of heavy balls and the kind of tackles that today are straight reds being the norm? Maybe, but I'm not convinced they'd be posting the kind of numbers they do in the modern era.
  4. I don't see how anyone can claim the debate over who's better between Ronaldo and Messi is settled, considering similar achievements and the fact that they're both still playing. It's not like it's a Ronaldinho situation where Messi's emergence in 2006-07 essentially ended his Barcelona career - and his stint as the best in the world. Neither's the GOAT though.
  5. Sergio Romero too, as well, but he's injured. Rulli's an odd one, for some reason the Argentina manager called up the equally uncapped Franco Armani instead, who plays for a River Plate team that came 8th.
  6. Tbh until either one of them wins a World Cup its still Pele. >_>
  7. He has a habit of self destructing so if it is a short one, at least it'll be interesting to watch.
  8. You (as in Russians, and in huge numbers too) vote for the guys who pass laws banning homosexual propaganda, which has resulted in hate crimes against LGBT people doubling. You vote for the people who put and keep cunts like Ramzan Kadyrov in power, someone who runs literal concentration camps. You vote for the people who fund motorcycle gangs and militia who have threatened to assault gay World Cup fans. Russia actively persecutes homosexuals and until Russians bother to do something about that, fuck Russia and fuck anyone who seeks to excuse that.
  9. Buy five players, one will work out and you can absorb any losses on the others. Top level management becomes boring after a while in this game.
  10. Gay World Cup fan suffers brain injuries in brutal attack Fuck Russia. Scum.
  11. I want Liverpool to wear nothing but that. The league should give an extra couple of points for the worst kit each season.
  12. Surprised at how good Russia were, but I guess they more than anyone are an unknown due to not playing any qualifiers.
  13. My only prediction is that City will win the league when we lose to Everton on April 20th.

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