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  1. Max is a complete dickhead.
  2. It's ok, fellow Liverpool legend Robbie Keane is still playing.
  3. Daniel Sturridge charged with breaching betting rules Why footballers insist on betting on football I have no idea.
  4. That's entirely Max's fault there. Ocon is entitled to unlap himself. A 10-second penalty for that is a joke.
  5. Different situations this and the Chelsea thing though.
  6. It's not even our best win against Juve ffs.
  7. City go 2-0 up thanks to the worst penalty decision I've ever seen.
  8. United playing Juve in the UEFA Youth League - 1-0 down to a kinda dubious penalty decision. Good game thus far though.
  9. The new owners are apparently big fans. It would be a shame for Milan to get rid of a club legend like Gattuso, who is on course for them to return to the Champions League for five years or so.
  10. I refuse to believe this is a real name. How the hell is that even pronounced?

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