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  1. Taku Iwasa has been an active wrestler in Dragon Gate since May (I must have missed the memo where it is continuously called Toryumon still, but I digress). Add him as a Mid-Carder. Change his gimmick to No Gimmick Needed Turn Kenchiro A'rai from Heel to Tweener. Make his gimmick into a Fun Drunk Make KnesSuka an inactive tag team, as they had (currently) announced their disbandment last month Maybe change Cyber Kong's gimmick to Man on a Mission (since being kicked out of Blood Warriors, he is out to destroy YAMATO. Given YAMATO lost his hair to Kong by ridiculously hilarious cheating and Kong was kicked out of his stable by YAMATO, I feel this fued will last for a while) Add Marty Jannetty to the Chikara roster
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