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  1. I am currently working on a mod for TEW 2005 set in June of 2002. I want to make it the most complete mod possible, but I have not found a pic pack close enough to 2002. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I am in the need of the creation of 2 logos for TEW 2005 for custom promotions. The first is named "Champions League Wrestling" and I would like for it to have a gold and blue theme with like a spartan helmet incorporated. The second is "Elite Wrestling Corporation" And I would like for it to have a purple and black theme with buildings or skyscrapers or any other "business" looking things incorporated into the design. These requests may sound familiar as I had the two logos made by someone on here in the past, but I am on a new computer now and it seems the original threads have been deleted. Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Any chance of this being made into a mod for TEW 2005?
  4. Hey I am having issues downloading this. When I click the any of the links it takes me to the rapidshare website, but its just a blue screen with no links,
  5. TEW 2005 Company logo request

    Can somebody please make a logo for my created fed "Elite Wrestling Corporation"? Only specifics would be the main colors being Purple and White and that the general theme being skyscrapers/buildings in the background. TEW2005 federation logo size would be fine. Please and thank you.
  6. Working On New Scenario(TEW2005)

    Just a thought: What if TNA and ROH combined in this scenario?
  7. TEW 2005 request

    Thanks a bunch C-MIL
  8. TEW 2005 request

    Can somebody please make a logo for my fed in TEW2005, called Champions League Wrestling. Anything will do, only requirment is that it includes a trojan warrior head and the color scheme is Blue/Gold . Be as creative as you want. Please and thank you.
  9. Someone should make a pic pack for this scenario. That would definitly amp it up to another level, so to speak.
  10. Tew 05 pic pack

    I am also having problems downloading the most recent picture pack.
  11. ok so i got the Logos and Pic Pack download to work but I still need the belts.. any help?
  12. Anyone got a link to download the 2006 Belts, Logos, and Pic Pack? I tried the EWWAREHOUSE links and they are all corrupted. Thanks.
  13. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Thanks Rocky these are great. I will try and use the right thread next time.
  14. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Can someone make a cut of Undertakers son Gunner and put it on a KYKY please. Here is the photo: And can you make a cut of these guys (seperate, of course) also on the KYKY background please.