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  1. So, knocked out Civil War this weekend. Not bad, but probably not one of my favorites either. I don't know, the ending felt abrupt for me and I guess I expected more from it? Not sure what I expected honestly.
  2. I don't know if I've shared these guys before, but the Redskins. They're pretty god damned good. Not sure how they sort of fell under the radar in the 80s, too radical maybe? I don't know, not that they're a total unknown but I feel like the one album they did was absolutely brilliant. Good blend of third wave ska but maybe more in line with a Clash sound then the Specials for example. The singer even sounds a bit like Joe Strummer as it is, so I think Clash fans would like this. Though I also think non-Clash fans would as well because while they're is similarities, these guys are definitely their own band with their own sound.
  3. So, Sage Francis. I've recently discovered him, pretty cool. Oh, and Del the Funky Homosapien is really legit. In fact I think I figured out that the reason I liked the Gorillaz at one time was largely due to him.
  4. Yeah, Road Bound. Sorry it took me four years.
  5. Kewl. I have to admit, I used to give a friend of mine shit (good natured) about how silly these superhero movies could be. Now I want to see them all, they’re so much fun. 10 year old me would have loved them. Hell, 33 year old me does. Speaking of, I heard Woody Harrelson is playing Carnage in the Venom movie? I love that guy so I like that. Is Venom going to be in the same Universe as the current crop? Actually, do the Netflix shows exist in the same Marvel universe as well?
  6. I think I have the basic idea of why the Civil War starts, but thats mostly from reading a synopsis of the comic books. I think my wife can probably fill in any blanks for me. I didn't care much for Age of Ultron from what I saw, which is probably unfair since I was watching it on an airplane while tired.
  7. I watched Dr. Strange last night and it was really cool. I’m trying to watch stuff and catch up to Infinity War. So I’ve seen Spiderman Homecoming, both Guardians of the Galaxy, the first Iron Man, first Captain America, and the latest Thor. Planning on Black Panther and Civil War soon. What else am I missing? I think I saw some of Age of Ultron.
  8. The Hitmans Bodyguard, fucking great so far.
  9. I know, same. I had high hopes, not that he'd lead us to the promised land, but maybe a perennial playoff team. Not so much, it was weird because there were these brief glimpses where they looked like a fun up and coming team but they always fizzled.
  10. Same. It seemed like an inspired move at the time.
  11. Stan Van Gundy has been dismissed. Not surprised, probably for th best. I think Gores wanted to keep Stan on as coach for one more year but Stan may have resisted it. I liked the hiring initially, but Stan proved to be not very good at anything. Well, he did good on trades but his drafting, FA signings, and player development was awful. Imagine that we could have has Devin Booker and Donovan Mitchell as opposed to Stanley Johnson and Luke Kennard. I mean Kennard is a nice player and will be a good pro. But Mitchell is already a star getting his team to Round 2.
  12. Would be nice. I was hoping we had a corresponding FA move for his trade as it saved us some money. He was a good rotation guy, but I think we’re going to run a lot of 3-4, and my assumption is he’s mostly a 4-3 guy. Probably going to see a lot of hybrid stuff with different guys at safety, corner, and linebacker. For example, Quandre Diggs can play safety and nickel, Killebrew might play safety and lber. Or we have three safety sets/etc You may have noticed that we’re signing/drafting guys that can play multiple roles.
  13. I like the Syd Barrett stuff better. And everybody already thinks I’m cool so it’s not that.

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