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  1. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    I wish the Lions could find a coach like Jim Caldwell. Speaking of Sports Apparel, I don't have much at all. I have a Lions hat my son got me for Christmas. And I still have a Golden State Warriors Chris Webber Jersey that I got in third grade. It was actually my first jersey ever, and why that one is still around I have no idea.
  2. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    I don't really know much either, I'm picking things up more recently regarding "theory" I guess. Truth is you don't need to be a virtuoso, prodigy, or even talented to write a song. I mean everything I write is pretty basic. String together a few notes in a pattern and uh go from there?
  3. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    Guess what (what Puke since you're the only one here)? I got a recording apparatus again, and it's much easier (though lower quality) then the old recorder I had. So... Here's some new ones... First one is just me trying to figure out how to play lead guitar. Went with a simple three chord rhythm (weird right?) in the Key of A and attempted to do a bit of lead over it. What ended up happening is I settled on a pattern in the Key of A lead notes to make the song have a bit more of a cohesive sound (before hand I was free styling, some good and bad results). And what was supposed to be a regular ass song sort of turned into a neat little surfy sounding deal. I do bass on this as well, hope to add drums eventually but I am for more awful at drums than I am mediocre at stringed instruments. The title is a funny one, seems like every time I attempt to record the kids come down. I love them but ya know some songs weren't meant to begin with a high pitched "HEYY DAD! WHERE ARE YOU?". Anyway, this song sort of represents a breakthrough in my playing. So I've been playing over six years, for whatever reason it just now dawned on me to playing single notes while holding a chord shape on the neck to make my sound more interest/create a lead playing shortcut. Its actually a trick I picked up from banjo since I will do banjo rolls over chord shapes on the banjo. I kind of want to re-record the bass on this because I feel like I'm off a few times and want to sort of experiment on how I hit or play the notes.
  4. Elmore James is awesome, real pleasant surprise to see him here. Well deserved of course, he is the king of slide guitar after all.
  5. I fucking love Rocket 88, really catchy song
  6. Nice. They're a cool band, kind of daunting to get into because they have such a large discography. They're playing here in April actually, I may go.
  7. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Absolutely. I remember when Barry retired I was like "what a dick". But now that I'm not 15 anymore I realize he did the right thing. He got paid, had 10 relatively seasons, and got the fuck out with some quality of life (and realistically fuck the Lions and their feelings). Knowing more now about what the game does to the body has me applauding anybody that retires. The petty part of me likes that it pisses off shithead fans.
  8. I love Hank, I like Lovesick Blues from Shawshank Redemption. Oh, I listened to that Rum and Coke song by Lord Invader and really like it. Think that will be the next musical rabbit hole I fall into.
  9. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Houston is a well built team to be fair, I like their roster. Still...the potential for an AFC championship game being Houston vs. Tennessee is not at all what I would expect. If the Texans win does this sorta change some perception about Bill O'Brien.
  10. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Dude THE AFC playoffs have been absurd. I love it.
  11. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    There is still part of me as a Lions fan hoping the Packerse lose. I'm hoping for Seattle to win it all, but it's going to be tough. But if the Packers win that's ok because it'll piss off our fanbase.
  12. I think I'm gonna try to listen to a few of these today. There were some really interesting ones on here based on the story/social commentary. The "Brother Can You Spare a Dime" in particular sounds good after the way you all talked about it.
  13. It is a bummer, but on the other hand, you can get reasonable prices on the used market. And I'm good with that because the games are these tiny card things so they really can't get scratched and shit. Also, Mario Odyssey is fucking awesome. It is the first Mario game since the first one NES that I have had in my household. I remember really liking Mario 64 a lot, that is the most recent one I had played and I barely played it. There was a fucking dragon breathing electricity. Here let me repeat that. There was a fucking dragon breathing electricity. Actually....is there a way to buy Mario 64 still? Is that a buy an old N64 and game cartridge or can it be downloaded (not emulator).
  14. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    A lot of times it comes down to execution, and we just didn't execute. Look, we're going to continue to review film and work hard. My guys fought for sixty minutes.
  15. I really like the stuff off of Dust Bowl Ballads with Tom Joad Pt 1 and 2 as my favorite. It's a great song (songs), obviously just a quick re-telling of Grapes of Wrath. But I love that one of my favorite folk artists is singing about one of my favorite authors stories. And Blowin' Down This Road, that's another great one.
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