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  1. Finally my kids birthday party came and I was able to give him Rayman. This is a lot of fun, controls are really good, not too loose or too rigid ya know what I mean? It's a challenge but doesn't ever feel unfair or anything like that. Really great music and graphics, I might buy a second controller just so we can play together. He seems to be enjoying it also which is nice since he didn't seem to dig Little Big Planet 3 so much.
  2. I’d actually love a new game that has no ties to WWE at all, make it all fictional, that’d be fucking dope. Not saying make it outrageous but make a big roster of fictional wrestlers, or do what they did in WCW vs. the World and give us Wu Fang, Overdose, David Harley, and such.
  3. So...what is he getting at? Yukes wants to make a different wrestling game?
  4. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    Speaking of, Deadly Class had probably the best soundtrack of any tv or movie I’ve ever seen. And some other DK covers
  5. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    So literally a month later. SO yeah, as I Described above one acoustic singing, and one yelling. I added reverb to the vocals on the first one (the acoustic one) because I hate my voice, sounds nasally as fuck. So first track is mellow, second is not. Watch your volume on the second.
  6. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    Every band is going to have their own take on something. I felt like Steel Pole Bathtub does well making it their own but staying true to the original also (not changing so drastically that it sounds bad). I saw DK three years ago in Vegas and it was honestly an amazing show. It wasn’t Jello but the musicians were original and East Bay Ray is among my favorite guitar players ever so it still meant something to me. Honestly, the dude they had filling in for Jello did an admirable job, he brought energy and didn’t take away from the sound.
  7. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    Close enough. I love Sonic Youth also, definitely a band I'd pay good money to see live if the opportunity ever presents itself. I kind of use this thread for my noise rock musings anyway. Hell man, most of those bands and bands like Sonic Youth came about because of punk influences. The song Hotwire My Heart is an old Crime song.
  8. Yeah that is weird, Avatar. We saw it and it felt mind blowing because of the bright colors and 3D. But then I really cannot remember much about the characters, or the dialogue. It’s not like one of them great movies where you recite great lines or remember this well told story. I saw it the one time in theaters and initially thought it was brilliant, but I’d probably never watch it again and don’t still feel like it wasn’t brilliant. It’s not crap or anything either though.
  9. I played the demo and really liked it. I need something different then the usual stuff I play. Debating on buying the digital copy of this for 19.99 or they have a bundle of the three David Cage games on Amazon. I’ve never played any of them so that might be fun. This being in Detroit of course adds more to my intrigue since we don’t often get our fine city featured in games.
  10. Eh... could have been worse. My kids will probably like it
  11. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    Speaking of Jesus Lizard and Rapeman, Scratch Acid is amazing. Scratch Acid was sorta Jesus Lizard before Jesus Lizard. There was David Yow two others that went to Rapeman, then one of those guys formed Jesus Lizard. They’re really good though, interesting sounds. Hard to describe as they fit in that post-hardcore sorta mold but aren’t as noisy as other stuff in that era.
  12. So my wife and I took the boys to see the big marvel movie this weekend
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