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  1. Ok, sounds good but I'm not sure how to do that. Probably simple I'd imagine?
  2. So I lit that stick of Dynamite. Legs fell off. I also re-started from an earlier game because I want to beca nicer cowboy.
  3. So I made two playlists for EWB members to collaborate on. One is EWB 2019 and the other is EWB Assortment. This was an idea by...somebody in the 2019 music thread (sorry I forgot the name already, I didn't really see the name, just the idea that I liked). 2019 is for songs in 2019, Assortment is for whatever you want people to check out. So I'll add one song each and everybody/anybody interested can add whatever they'd like. I made the playlist "collaborative", is that the right way to do it? Edit - Arjen Robinson's idea.
  4. I feel like this was attempted or mentioned somewhere. I know this is the 2019 music thread, but would we be limited to 2019? Or maybe we can make two? One for 2019, one for whatever? Then make a new one each year? I can attempt to create it.. And done. I made one, I'll make a new thread so that everybody can see...
  5. He was fucking awesome. Loved having him here, dude always played hard and was a great leader. Shame we couldn’t win more with him.
  6. “The Athletic reported that the Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons also have interest in Westbrook, who averaged 22.9 points, 11.1 rebounds and 10.9 assists last season, marking the third consecutive campaign he averaged a triple-double.” I mean, I’d basically just ask the Thunder who they wanted as long as it wasn’t Blake. We don’t have the ammo anyway, just think it would make us a far more interesting team if they could pull off a move like that. It wont happen, but I do hope they can still make a significant trade.
  7. DMN just brings bravado to his optimism. I still follow the Pistons but wouldn’t say I’m as big into the NBA as I used to be. I follow enough to know who is good, etc. The Lakers are a fucking lottery team! 😁
  8. I accidentally ran over a dog with a carriage I was selling. I picked up the dog to try and hide it but a guy saw me running away with it so I got charged with animal cruelty. I’ve been a horrible asshole and have accomplished nothing. I hog tie mother fuckers and toss them off cliffs. I am planning on lighting a stick of dynamite in a bar.
  9. Detroit is a good place. We’re mired in mediocrity, but team is interesting kind of. I loved them old Pistons teams, but I’m from the area. I loved the grit and defense of those teams, they were scrappy.
  10. Pistons signed Markieff Morris. I like it. We didn’t have a lot of cap flexibility but I feel like we’ve done well with our available resources.
  11. I guess the Pistons are the front runner to sign Derek Rose. I don’t mind this signing at all, he looked good last year and could be a really nice sixth man.
  12. Interesting/Point discussion. The 80s had a huge collection of one hit wonders, as did the 90s. I see what you’re saying. In 100 years you’ll still hear the one hit wonders in bars, weddings, baseball games, etc. But then there are a lot of great bands with hits, that probably will remain timeless (but maybe not a hit that is just universally known), maybe on a lesser scale depending on the band. Here’s a maybe not so hot take. The Temptations were amazing. Like not just a great Motown band, but an all time great band in general. The music was excellent, they were all great singers, and they were able to transition into other styles beyond Motown. And it fucking worked. I think they hold their own with any band of the 60s.
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