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  1. Liam really summarized Love Will Tear Us Apart brilliantly. I love that song, it helped get me through basic training (obviously I had to play it my head, thank you Andy Dufresne). I personally like Joy Division and most of what they did. She's Lost Control is my favorite, just such a fucking cool song. For those of you maybe unfamiliar, even before Joy Division there was Warsaw. I recommend it, even just to show where the band was before Joy Division. Its pretty straight forward punk stuff but quite cool. I like it because it's so fucking raw and I just dig hearing bands go out there and do some gritty rock and roll. @Liam Have I thanked you for this thread yet? This is awesome, my favorite thread on EWB in a long time. Its fun hearing new stuff and talking about stuff I already know. Its generating really interesting discussions and I like seeing everybody else chime, even metalman when he's wrong (i kid, i love metalman)
  2. I love Steel Pole Bath Tub. The Witch Trials was him and East Bay Ray I think? Or maybe it was Klaus.
  3. He's got a ton of cool stuff with other bands. Also worked DOA, Nomeansno, Mojo Nixon, Lard, and his current band the Guantanamo School of Medicine. All good stuff. It's all a bit different as well, Lard is a lot like heavier Ministry stuff (because the band is basically Ministry featuring Jello Biafra). I know Napalm Death covered Nazi Punks Fuck Off but didn't know he collaborated with them. Sounds cool.
  4. Shit, I'd be ok with the Lions giving him another shot. If he's utilized more as a rotational piece could keep wear and tear down.
  5. If he stays health he can be a solid contributor. Sucks he's had bad luck with injuries because he looked like he was going to be a beast for awhile.
  6. WOW that most recent list is awesome. First off, Dead Kennedys are all-time favorite, love them. Great choice though the song posted is a slightly different version then whats on Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (their first album). The pace is just a bit slower. Rappers Delight is brilliant, you can't listen to it without wanting to move a bit. I like Gary Numan a lot, Cars is a pretty obvious choice, but that whole album is good. Gangsters is my favorite Specials song, so no complaints. Also...Atomic is probably my favorite Blondie tune. The Slits somehow I've not really explored which i should change.
  7. From The Warriors, I've played the mission where you defeat the Destroyers once and for all.
  8. Hmm...maybe this is the Lions year? lol.
  9. Wow,great group again. So I admit I really only know Talking Heads, Joy Division, the Jam and The Clash but love them all. Transmission is a great tune, fine choice.
  10. That's a surprising choice for X-Ray Spex, but still cool seeing them here. Gotta love the inclusion of an off-key saxophone.
  11. Well said, and I love that the bizarre campiness somehow fits in with a banging garage tune like Lava. Or a dancey tune like 52 Girls around. My buddy showed me their second album awhile back, and its really good. Basically just builds off the first album, but the usual blend pf garage, dance ,surf, pop, whatever they want. Amazing that they seem to check so many boxes musically as well. They appeal to punk, dance, pop, garage, and had mainstream appeal. Very underrated group I think. (Give me back my fan feels like it would fit in with do-wop or motown thematically, but musically is right at home in 1980).
  12. i saw them around the same time frame and concur, B-52s kicked so much ass. Planet Claire was probably my favorite sing they did that night on their encore. I am really pleasantly surpris to see Subway Sect on here, been a huge fan for a long time. I probably wouldn't have picked Ambition though. I like it but I think... Or this And yes also Stiff Little Fingers are incredible, always liked Clash, still really haven't explored Siouxsie and the Banshees as fully as I should, and intrigued by the Human League song as I more associate them with their 80s work (which is a nice bit of 80s pop if I say so).
  13. Yeah wow, great stuff here. I'm thinking about cover Das Model but trying to capture a bit of Kraftwerk and Big Black. I love both versions. That guitar riff in Magazine is something else, fucking killer stuff. I saw Elvis Costello, oddly enough I was talking about it today. Great show, really like his stuff. I'm not hugely into PiL but they got some good ones. This in particular is quite good. I like Funkadelic, don't know a ton but i like what I've heard.
  14. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    So been recording a lot still. Wednesday night is now my jam night in my own basement since covid prevents me from going next door. I'll just pick a few of my recent favorites since not everything is that good. None of it is, but I try. So this. I came up with that drum beat, and for some reason that weird rhythm is what I was feeling with bass. I played this one and told my wife it was prettier than my other stuff. Synths are dope, so why not? A surf one that i like a lot but blatantly fuck up near the end. And this might be my new favorite thing I've done.
  15. No, what I meant was the Mario Brothers U Deluxe i think? Sorry, I'm still new to the Switch. I dig it though, i really have enjoyed revisiting titles I probably haven't played since I was little (Mario, Mega Man, Legend of Zelda). Oh, ya'll think Animal Crossing would be good for a four year old?
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