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  1. I'm really impressed you were able to name all of those and alphabetize them.
  2. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    So I'm not going to stop being salty that the Lions traded away Quandre Diggs. He has two INT's tonight. One is a pick six. He also has two passes defended. Fuck Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia.
  3. I don't know, I hear six is afraid of seven but seven eight nine.
  4. I haven't heard it yet, but I suspect if I do it's going to be at work. I've noticed they're playing music in the stairwells and in our cafe.
  5. So I saw Skummy shared his stuff on Facebook, so curious what everyone else had. My top five artists were Scratch Acid, Morphine, The Damned, The Wipers, and Jesus Lizard. Not surprised at all because those all got a ton of play. I'll post more stats later.
  6. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    So since I hate the Lions, I'm hopping on the Seahawks band wagon. My favorite player is now a Seahawk (Diggs), my favorite QB is there, cool colors, and I've loved the way they build their team since the Legion of Boom days. Or Baltimore, loved the way they build their teams. They have down years on occasion but the track record of success is there.
  7. I know, those dead people should go be dead somewhere else
  8. Maybe you shouldn't be hanging out inside of churches when people are trying to fuck.
  9. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Or if you're the Lions you buy into the Patriots way bullshit.
  10. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Dude, they will look like world beaters against our shitty defense. We made Trubisky look like a stud in the first game against them.
  11. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    The Lions are starting their 3rd string QB today. It's going to be a blood bath.
  12. I think I'm gonna buy tickets to go see Bikini Kill. They're coming here in May. Also want to go see Dweezil Zappa in March.
  13. VerbalPuke

    Best OST

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater for sure. Streets of Rage 2. Trainspotting. Last of the Mohicans.
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