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  1. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    Quarantine makes for creativity. Funny story behind "You have to do work". If you listen caredfully at the end after the music you'll hear my daughter walk downstairs and say "You have to do work, you have to do work dad". She was basically saying I should have been working instead of playing music because I did this during my lunch break on Friday (since I'm working remotely). I like leaving weird little oopsies, anomalies, etc. etc. in some songs. Hence the song I had with a fart, or one of the songs I posted earlier you can hear me sneeze at the end, and plenty of songs you can probably faintly hear my daughters voice yelling at me for something. It gives it a charm I think. No real backstory here, didn't really care for this at first, but after a few listens it's been growing on me. It's a pretty noisy/dirty sounding tune that has some grit behind it.
  2. Yeah, lots of interesting stuff in the last few friends. I like Captain Beefheart quite a bite, Safe as Milk is my favorite album because I think it's a bit more accessible than stuff like Trout Mask Replica and Lick My Decals Off Baby. I personally love Zig Zag Wanderer off of that one, but the whole album is a cleaner.This also leads me to wonder, when/what will Frank Zappa be on this list? He has an extensive catalog so it could be from anywhere, maybe nowhere? I don't know. Velvet Underground is brilliant of course. I grew up sort of indifferent to them but I'd say in the last 10 years they've gotten significant playtime from me. I actually grew up as a huge fan of the Doors. I still like them a lot, they're an interesting band, you have a flamenco guitar player, jazz drummer, just a great keyboardist (whatever his style was, he was special), and of course Jim Morrison the poet to tie it all together. They seem to be a bit polarizing, they seem to have fans that are just fanatical, and then some people think they are very overrated, but I think they did a lot of very cool stuff that kind of gave them their own odd vibe. Kind of blues, kind of psychedelic, kind of poppy, kind of rock and roll.
  3. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    Not to blow ya'll up but I did this last night and was happy with the idea, even if the execution was a bit sloppy. Listen to The Day After Your Birthday by VerbalRick on #SoundCloud
  4. I actually ended up buying Disney + because of this thread. I thought about it earlier this week because of the weird life circumstances right now, but decided to today because the kids talked me into not working today. It was this thread though where I was like wanting to try to watch all the Marvel MCU movies in order, we seem to have the later movies but basically anything before whatever came out after Age of Ultron I have never seen. Anyway, I do echo the Ant Man movies even if I didn't see the first one. The second one was a lot of fun and I'd expect the first was just as good. Shit, can I recommend the X-Men and Spiderman cartoons that were on Fox in the early 90s? Because I recommend those.
  5. So a band called the Human Impact released an album this month. The band consists of members of Unsane, Cop Shoot Cop, and Swans and has elements of all three bands in their music. They are probably leaning more toward an industrial side but not like KMFDM, but like if a noise band sorta became industrial which is what happened. I love it, I think it's brilliant and figured I would since it came from members of two bands I love (I admit I don't know much about Swans). I've listened to it everyday since I got the vinyl in the mail and have just really been digging it. I'm using Liam's thread to discover new stuff quite a bit actually, been listening to that Johnny Remember Me song a lot.
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 for sure. My three lovvveee those two movies, even my oldest. Into the Spiderverse is pretty awesome, think the kiddos would love that. (You did just say Marvel so technically not MCU but you will all like this one I think). Also the MCU Spiderman movies, Dr. Strange. Honestly the first three I mentioned are my top picks for kids (going off what mine like). I haven't seen all of them but that's my picks.
  7. Thats a fucking great trio right there. The Seeds and Count Five are classic psychedelic/garage acts you'll find on many garage compilations, cool stuff. And the Four Tops I fucking adore. I love motown and these guys have a few of my favorites from the motown era.
  8. The Weirdos also do a great cover of 7 and 7 is. That's a cool song, as is 96 Tears. ? had his name legally changed to ?. They're a local favorite, and have a pretty good catalog other than 96 Tears. Also want to comment on Paul Revere and the Raiders. I like them a lot and some have said they were the American Rolling Stones. Steppin' Stone is a good one, though I'm surprised its not Kicks on this list.
  9. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    I know it's a broken record, but I got some new stuff to share. I mean, why not? Let's lift each other up and share entertainment. Even mine is shit. So this is my first ever recording doing drums, bass, and guitar. It's short and sloppy (like my dick) but I"m pretty happy with how it came out. I'm not much of a drummer at all, so I sort of just played a drum beat then went ahead and put some bass and guitar to it. So the other thing is that I just recorded this ten minutes ago. I did this one awhile ago, but it's a fuzzed out bass with a synthesizer loop. I like it, it's loud though so be careful..
  10. I hope not. Trading Slay has confirmed that Patricia is a fucking shitty person. I think it was already obvious but ya'll should read the shit he said to Slay. I honestly hope the Lions just completely shit the bed because I fucking despise Patricia and wish him no success.
  11. I literally learned this a week ago. I've been listening to them for years now and it wasn't until I watched a ZZ Top documentary (yeah, kind of surprising they were such an influence on ZZ Top) and they showed the electric jug player. They are great though. Surprised but not surprised they're on here?
  12. The Pats will still go 11-5 and keep rolling without Brady. In fact, just my own thoughts, but I'd guess Bill Belicheck continues keeping the Pats humming. Just a hunch. Who the fuck is that?>
  13. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    I saw this. Throbbing Gristle are pretty cool, maybe not for everybody of course but they were fucking wild.
  14. Sweet a Patriots retread. Edit - Although, had a good year last year. But is also 30.
  15. I like Glasgow, plays center and guard, solid player that we maybe should have kept but didn't want to pay. So uh, is Big V good? Seems kinda uninspiring.
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