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  1. He’s a good dude. Our fucking run D tanked without him in 2017 after he got hurt. As you’re well aware he was an aging veteran but still very important to our team. We probably would have been playoff bound if he hadn’t been hurt.
  2. I don’t care for them but the whole “lol Nickelback” thing is really silly. People like what they like. We all have different brains that process things differently. And since I’m here, listening to classical music doesn’t make you more interesting. It’s cool if you dig it, but don’t be a pretentious dick about it.
  3. Enjoy it big man, you were a Lion for only a few years but it was great having you here.
  4. VerbalPuke

    RIP Dick Dale

    That sounds amazing, what an experience that is. Seems like a hell of a spectacle.
  5. VerbalPuke

    RIP Dick Dale

    Well fuck. Dick was 82, so he certainly had a long and great career. He toured relentlessly and I am now disappointed that I never had a chance to go see him. He’s obviously a major figure in the guitar world and an inspiration to many of us. I love surf and naturally I love Dick Dale. We lost one of the all-time greats.
  6. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    band I love covering band I love. Love it.
  7. A good center can be had in the draft on day 2-3 though, so it could be worse. I don’t know what they need right now though, but given that they already are pretty good it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a guy to plug in.
  8. I read Junky by William S. Burroughs last week. It is pretty short to be fair but was a good read. I probably should have read his stuff years ago but just never did.
  9. Dr. Strange is on tv so I’m watching it. I really like this movie.
  10. Yeah, save the amateur hour jokes for the amateur hour football. AHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry Meacon.
  11. So Philly gave us a 3rd rounder to rent Tate for a few weeks...
  12. VerbalPuke

    R.I.P Hal Blaine

    Wow, that is a great catalog. Good variety of styles in there. I had heard his name before but didn’t know the scope of his prowess. Sad to see him go. Cheers Hal.
  13. Wow, hell of a move for the Browns.
  14. Lions been active signing Amendola, Flowers, Coleman, and TE Jesse James. Not bad, though I don’t like the money spent on Flowers or Coleman.

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