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  1. VerbalPuke

    WWE 2K19

    I thought the same playing WWE 2K17 (in comparing actual WWE and the video game). It looks pretty, a ton of great talent to use/see, but the basic fundamentals were lacking. Stuff that they did well before, but now they seem to be coasting. It’s like, you see the potential for a great product but are somehow always underwhelmed.
  2. I like it. “Mijo goes to college”, nice. I actually remembered another, Two Tub Man by the Dictators. It starts with him basically cutting a promo about how he has beat Dick the Bruiser and Verne Gange in Minneapolis.
  3. I actually know that as a Cramps song. But they covered a million obscure old garage tunes. You did remind me of the Ramones “The Crusher” from their last album. That’s a fun wrestling song.
  4. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    I didn’t notice his name on the ad but that would make sense. By the way, Jesus Lizard was fucking amazing. Not even kidding when I say that was probably the best show I have ever been to. David Yow is a fucking madman, seeing him has to be what it was like seeing Iggy Pop or something like that. First song starts and the dude just jumps into the crowd and crowd surfs for the whole song. Plus, the band sounded incredible.
  5. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    I just saw that the “original” Misfits are playing in Chicago with Fear and Venom. Original meaning Danzig and Only. That sounds fun as fuck also.
  6. I’m still on Lume Cage season 2, but I think it’s getting better asit goes. By the way, the music in Luke Cage is great.
  7. Glad to hear positive reviews on Season 2 of Iron Fist. Watch me hate it, I kid. I haven’t hated any MCU show on Netflix.
  8. That’s awesome, I’d like to get it eventually, probably next year when the price goes down.
  9. Oh yeah, is there any sort of tutorial or training mode?
  10. VerbalPuke

    WWE 2K19

    One thing WWE always does well be it tv or video games, is video packages. Anyway, does anybody remember a game called Power Move Pro Wrestling? It was a PS1 wrestling game with fake guys. I never played it. Anyway, it would be cool if a gaming company made a game like that. Just some awesome wrestling game (so a totally down to Earth game swarming with magic robots) but with say 150 fake men and women. Shit, use the Cornellverse. I know Fire Pro is available but I’m thinking something with more advanced graphics and presentation.
  11. Damn. Did you see the video of Chris Jones during the combine a few years back? His dick comes out while he’s doing his 40 yard dash. His casual “my dick came out” remark is funny. Wow, only EWB could turn an NFL thread into a dick discussion. Sorry.
  12. Spoilered in case of I don’t know. Apparently LaGarette Blount didn’t wear his cup to a photo shoot and his weiner is visible through his uniform. I thought it was funny.
  13. I figured, I just wanted to clarify that the Stafford sucks shit storm isn't coming from me. Hey at least Kenny Golladay looks good....
  14. So, I want to say I wasn't slamming Stafford when saying he could be gone at the end of this season. He's a polarizing dude in Detroit, both sides are a bit too over zealous in how they feel about him. Anyway, I understand the contact, it's the nature of the NFL now and Meacon is right that there weren't any viable alternatives. The reason I say he could be gone is I could see Patricia and Quin using him as their excuse to buy more time if this season really blows up in their face. I already believe that Jim Bob Cooter is gone if the offense continues to sputter. A lot of the problems on offense fall squarely on Cooter and his play calling. Here is a great example, it's 1st and Goal with about 45-55 seconds and two timeouts. Great time to try and run especially with boasting you want to emphasize the run game. Instead you pass, and then run it with Theo Riddick? Why? Why did you draft Kerryon Johnson and sign LaGerrete Blount only to hand the ball off to your third down back that is a pass catching specialist (and has shown that while not a terrible runner, he should really not be getting too many carries). There is also the problem of the Jets defense knowing our signals, that's pretty fucking bad. Cooter isn't the only problem though. The defense is bad, and a lot of Quin's draft picks are looking rough. Speaking of, Taylor Decker isn't hurt Meacon, he was hurt last season for eight games. TJ Lang is hurt, he left the game and didn't return, he was a free agent signing that looks to be injury prone. Anyway, the coaching staff in general doesn't look good right now. Every phase of our team was an utter failure, and the concerning thing is that these guys didn't look this atrocious under Caldwell. There are still a lot of players from Caldwell's tenure that didn't look so bad under him and Austin (defensive coordinator). My fear here is that the talent has always been mediocre but Caldwell and Austin actually knew how to get the most out of them. The concern of course is that Quin is pretty much incompetent when it comes to his personnel decisions which is odd since his first draft class had a good showing in their rookie year. What the hell happened there? And no Stafford is certainly not the problem. He's a concern with how bad he came out, but a lot of people think he really just looked off, like hurt or disengaged. Not really his style, he has his flaws but I'd never question his character or effort. He did had three TD passes dropped by the Marvin and TJ Jones, they would have been great catches no doubt, but they were passes that guys of their caliber should come down with. The running game never got going, and the one guy that did show some flash (Kerryon Johnson) they inexplicably stopped using (typical Cooter). The TE's were non-existent, and the OLine was pretty fucking rough in their own right. The defense, nothing to see here. Just awful.
  15. Yeah, that and the defensive line is so unbelievably bad that they need to fix that before anything else.

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