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  1. Uh, so that's silly. Also, what's up with Biancas sunglasses after she moves her hand? Its like..she puts them on when they're already on?
  2. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    I had a dream that the Lions lost to the Steelers. Since we're playing the Packers probably not an omen. But I think we lose. Just feels like a thing we'll do. Everybody in Detroit is pretty optimistic right now but I still just have that sense of impending doom.
  3. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    I like it, though it was Pipeline I heard first from them and is probably my favorite for that reason. I also wanted to come in and discuss my love for the Wipers. They're one of those bands I've known and liked for years, but it's only recently that I'm like "oh wow, they're way better than I initially thought".
  4. That's really fucked up.
  5. I started and finished Midnight Express yesterday while in the hospital. Some of you may be familiar with the movie, it's about Billy Hayes, a fellow that was locked in a Turkish prison in 1970 for smuggling hash. It was a very good read, easy and quick to get through, but kept my interest throughout. I recommend for those interested in stories of prison/crime etc.
  6. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    I'm baffled because I thought Colt McCoy had been out of the league for years? Thought he retired for some reason.
  7. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Lol, but seriously who did they really name?
  8. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Oh yeah that makes sense from a betting standpoint. Probably happens often with meaningless late game scores.
  9. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    That would be such a weird stat to track.
  10. I kind of figured by now we'd have custom music for most video games, but I guess not.
  11. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Yeah we got fucked.
  12. VerbalPuke

    NFL 2019

    Not sure what to make of the Lions right now. Undefeated with a tie is good, and they're somehow surviving. But damn if some things don't look ugly.
  13. I mean maybe if they switch QBs and maybe home field helps? But yours earlier comment about us looking great against Eastern/Western/Central Michigan. We haven't had a good signature win in years. Harbaugh has been a bust so far.
  14. Michigan is probably 8-4 thus year...maybe. Definitely not beating Ohio State, don't they play Notre Dame this year? Can't see that as a win. I think Michigan State could beat them, probably Penn State as well. They're just really mediocre, and have been since Carr retired.
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