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  1. I think the Lions should focus on defense this year. That said, I am sort of giddy at the thought of our fan base losing their fucking mind if we take a TE or WR. I'm actually ok with taking a WR, just hope its the right pick. No TE PLEASE.
  2. Yeah, hard to say really. It doesn't look bad to me, but then we could come out and suck ass. I'm in a weird position in that I want us to win games but I also want Caldwell gone because I think we could do better. But then he hasnt been awful? I don't know, I don't are, just stop being the Lions all of the time.
  3. So, it's a good game still. Good amount of swords with various combos/stances to use. Plus you have some special moves thrown in that I can't really remember, but they can be pretty fucking brutal. You have throwing weapons, some of which are fatal which is fucking awesome, especially when the sword sticks in a ninjas head. Graphics are surprisingly decent given the time period. What I really want to talk about is that EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I TRY TO UNLOCK A SECRET CHARACTER THE FUCKING SECRET CHARACTER DIES. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME AND IT'S FUCKING PISSING ME OFF. So anyway, there are other features, the story mode isn't exactly full of depth but it's good enough. You don't play Bushido Blade 2 for a deep story, you play for exciting sword action, and it certainly delivers. My favorite characters are Gengoro and and the Red Ninja (who I can't unlock because somehow the cheap ass fucking CPU gets in a lucky shot every single time). But I got Gengoro atleast, he's a fucking beast.
  4. Alan Branch didn't go because he is really not cool with Trump and the way he talked about women in 2005. I respect that.
  5. That's true. You don't have to waste your time when you realize you know the band.
  6. I like some White Zombie, but Rob Zombie solo is kind of lame.
  7. I don't like it when I hear a new to me song and find out it's by a band I don't like. It's not "oh no can't be a fan of them", it's more "oh a cool ad exciting new song and exciting new band to check out. Oh wait, it's actually by the White Stripes and I already know about the rest of their mediocrity". So i feel cheated out of hearing a new band.
  8. I am absolutely gutted for him, that is just so awful. I can't even imagine, hard to even express my sadness for him.
  9. I don't remember the dishonorable kill thing. I remember in Bushido Blade you coud forgeit and let your opponent kill you.
  10. The Lions have new uniforms. They look cool. I'd link it but I'm on my phone, so just take my word.
  11. Back in September I reviewed Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2. I mentioned I would review more PS1 games, and well as the topic title says, Bushido Blade 2 is next on tap. So...that'll be next week. I know, tease right? I bought it last night, expecting it next week, and my house should be about ready by then as well. Anyway, I haven't played this game in years. Probably the year 2000 was the last time I actually played it so we will see if it still has that same magic. For now...uh enjoy this youtube video.
  12. I remember a scene in Bronx Warriors where one of the bikers races into this corridor chasing something? He comes to a stop and falls off the bike, bike falls over. And l'm pretty sure it was a fuck up because there isn't any mention of it after that or the guy acting hurt, they just said fuck it and left it in.
  13. I saw a Uwe Boll movie once, it was fucking trash. It wasn't even good bad, just shock value trash.
  14. 1990: Bronx Warriors. I always say this one because its great. Its an obvious "hey lets throw Mad Max, The Warriors, and Escape From New York into a blender". Then the protagonist is the least convincing biker ever. It rules. Also... Suburbia is fun, an early Penelope Spheeris flick about a group of punks that call themselves The Rejected. Acting is awful but sort of understandable because she casted actual kids and not actors. Flea is one of the Rejected. Live performances by D.I., TSOL, and the Vandals. "When my dad finds out he's going to shit twinkies".