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  1. Fucking brilliant. I've heard the name but never actually listened.
  2. Hate to say it, but starting to think this is the same for me. I binged season 1 and loved it. 2 was good, 3 has been a slog. Getting near 4, we'll see. I'll keep going because I really like Doug Stamper. Agreed totally with Sons of Anarchy and Walking Dead. I did finish SOA because I enjoyed it so much in the beginning, but it just got fucking absurd after awhile. At the least, I knew there was an end game. Walking Dead on the other hand? I stopped awhile ago, sometime around one of Hershels daughters was kidnapped. In fact, losing Hershel is where I gave up, mostly because that's around the time it just got tedious. Does Ricks gang still get split up and constantly have search parties for missing members? That got so old. Its just sucky watching this group of sweaty dirty people find civilization for a bit, then go to war, then look for lost members, then get captured. Same stuff. Can't argue other choices here. True Blood lost me, as did Dexter.
  3. Three months later... Great track, must not have noticed you tagging me in here. I like Danny Brown, probably my favorite current guy. I have to agree with Tristy on Kendrick Lamar. I just can't get into it.
  4. Is Greg Ginn on guitar? If not, then yes, it's a cover. I do consider it a cover since since the band is different, and the guy that wrote the songs isn't playing on it. My understanding is that Ginn wrote the vast majority of their songs. I think the bigger question is if the song is a legend or icon. (Which is my way of joking about cover or not, which I get what you mean since you have the original vocalists on it).
  5. I don't hate our pick because I don't know anything about college basketball. I know that the Pistons SGs are terrible and our shooting as a team is god awful, and Kennard can shoot. That seems logical. He can't play defense apparently...but whatever...not like the Pistons have all of these dynamic defensive playmakers anyway.
  6. The Pistons take a white guy from Duke that can shoot. I mean, it fills a definite need. Half of our fans are losing their mind and screaming that SVG should have traded up for Monk. You need a fucking willing trade partner first you fucking stupid moronic idiot fucks. I really hate Detroit fans sometimes.
  7. Pistons fans are clamoring/expecting a big move from the front office. My prediction is that we stand pat, draft a mediocre player and then kill his confidence during the regular season while stumble toward another shitty 8-12 lottery pick. Sorry, I'm bitter.
  8. I love that move for Minnesota. I feel like we say this every year, but for real they should make a serious playoff push now.
  9. I know why, Vader vs. Brock Lesnar.
  10. I'm thinking of buying 2K17, it's relatively cheap. Last I played was 13.
  11. This is a great idea. Butterbean vs. Bob Sapp.
  12. Like the Brawl for All?
  13. It's definitely a no-lose situation for McGregor. If he loses, so what, he's not a boxer but he had the guts to fight a guy on the other guys terms. If he wins, then uh...he wins.
  14. I can't see Mayweather losing this. It would be a lot cooler if he did.
  15. From what I've seen they've changed members a few times. The live shows I have seen had the current line up and they were incredible. I know Eugene, the violin guy, and one of the dancing girls are still there from the beginning (i think). The album prior to this wasn't bad, and I haven't heard anything other than that one track. The rest might be good but I don't know yet.