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  1. I like it...but I mean Nightclubbing, Sister Midnight, and China Girl are all right there.
  2. Well, I love Suicide and Iggy Pop. The Idiot is a really good album, its a pretty good departure from the Stooges material, but certainly still feels like Iggy. Night Clubbing was the first I heard from it due to Trainspotting. I've liked Suicide a long while as well. I always had a thing for synthy stuff like this, Alan Vega was pretty wild from I've read. I probably like Rocket USA best on this album.
  3. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    Covers can be funny, I honestly don't play them often because I end up not wanting to learn and feel like I'd rather be doing my own. That being said, sometimes the beauty of a cover is putting your own spin on it, so if you do Cochise but maybe it's a slowed down version of it that has your own spin? My buddies and I do a pretty cool jam of Jethro Tull's 17 and realistically, it's got the same sound/spirit but it's very much our own doing. I did have a cover of the Nile Song by Pink Floyd, it's not one of their best known songs, but it's a really cool and easy song to do, pretty heavy for 68. I'd post it, but I may have deleted it from my soundcloud (honestly it was just guitar/bass anyway). Honestly, the full on band recording I've been doing is still pretty new to me. So I'd say almost everything I've posted started as a drum beat and then I just kind of went from there. With now having the looper pedal I can actually just play one of my riffs and let it loop while I work out what I want to do with the drums. Even if it's not completely perfect I can get the beat I want then get the spirit of the riff, the song I did "Special Occasion" is an example of coming up with the riff first (very basic A to G, then to F and back down to G to A). But most of what I've posted started as a beat. I think something I want to do soon, specifically with the song "Floating Through Time", that one I did the guitar/bass first on it and really wanted to add drums, so I added drums after. It sounds ok, but as I've discovered, it is much easier to start with your drums, then go with your bass, then the guitar parts. I don't always go bass then guitar, but usually thats how I start. Anyway, my plan is to listen to that song again and record my drums as a completely new track, and then re-do the guitar/bass over that drum beat. I think it'll be a vast improvement and will be an interesting side by side comparison. I'm really wanting to get some of my older riffs into full songs, so the looper will come in handy for that.
  4. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    This is really fucking cool, could probably go in the punk thread or the hip hop thread, but I choose here because he's wearing a Crass shirt. It's a bit of everything, some of the other songs are more hip hop, and some are more punk, but all of them are fucking pissed (seriously, I've listened to some heavy shit but these guys might be more pissed than anything I've ever heard). Very cool though.
  5. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    Hey that was really cool, loved your guitar tone on that. Very cool riff. Hell yeah.
  6. Really good trio here. Not as familiar with Brian Eno but like what I've heard. Fucking love Trans Europe Express, probably my favorite Kraftwerk song and is what really got me into them. That whole album is quite good. Ian Dury is great, that album is anyway. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll is my top choice but the whole album is really top notch.
  7. I like God Save the Queen better than Anarchy in the UK, better opening riff, catchier, just a more fun song. Motorhead does a pretty solid cover of it. I don't know that two Sex Pistols songs are necessary, but not surprise at all by the two chosen.
  8. And also the Detroit Lions are fucking inept and afraid to take a real chance because god forbid Matt Stafford is made to feel uncomfortable.
  9. Ya, same. The Sex Pistols seem to have this reputation as maybe being a fake boyband, but really they were a bunch of kids from working class backgrounds that came together much like any other band would. Well, if any other band hung around Malcolm McLaren. Anyway, the one album Nevermind the Bollocks is pretty good, Steve Jones guitar work shines here I think, and from my understanding he played some of the bass lines since Glen Matlock was replaced with Sid Vicious who wasn't very good. He got that tone cranking a Fender twin reverb to it's max, which is neat because those amps are usually geared toward cleaner tones. But anyway, this is a good album if you just want some raw rock and roll. Then of course the Damned are pretty legit, their best album is probably Machine Gun Etiquette but New Rose is a solid choice anyway. I saw them last year and they were great, really special. I mean, it wasn't really about "improving" on anything. The idea was more about going back to the simpler times of rock and roll (channeling rockabilly, surf, garage and such), and part of the appeal was that anybody could do it. It was easier to see Johnny Ramone and think "I can do that" as opposed to some self-indulgent prog stuff around that same time. I think some people tend to forget there was more to the first wave than the Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols or the Damned (The Stranglers, Cock Sparrer, Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders, the Saints, Pere Ubu, Stiff Little Fingers, etc. etc.) so I think there was a lot of different things going on that eventually would be built and improved on in the 80s. The late 70s laid the foundation for what was to come later with post-punk, noise, grunge, hardcore, etc.
  10. Love the Ramones, obviously. And I mean, can't argue Blitzkrieg Bop, it's a banger, catchy as fuck and hard not to love. The Saints are a really pleasant surprise, they are a great band. The entire "I'm Stranded" album is really very good, and it's great seeing them here getting recognition. They were every bit as good as other bands from that era in the US and UK. The Modern Lovers are also brilliant, really love that whole album. I prefer Astral Plane or Old World but Roadrunner is still a cool song as well. I don't like Kiss, but I do like the movie Detroit Rock City. It's pretty bad, but one of those films from my childhood that I'd get stoned and watch with friends, so it's got sentimental charm to me. Detroit Rock City is probably not their worst song, but I'm really not big on them.
  11. Wow, had no idea that would happen with the gang. I think I'll take a similar approach as you, stay mostly nice but still be a dick sometimes. I still can't resist fucking with settlers camping alone. I am going to try to do everything i missed. I liked the Horse Shoe overlook hideout very much.
  12. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    This has been a shit year, but the one positive I can take out of it is that I really think this is the year I'm growing as a musician. I feel like I'm really doing what I always wanted to do and that was just learn to basically record music as a full band by myself. I've been jamming a bit with friends lately (social distance jamming, and I'm just getting better. I'm not great at anything by any means but god damn am I having a blast playing music. I've probably wrote around 25-30 songs this year, and improved upon old jams. I really think this is the most complete song I've wrote to date. I know it's only a minute and the lead guitar is a little overbearing but I think it's probably my best demonstration of versatility (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, and drums) as it sounds more coherent than previous efforts with everything involved. I wouldn't mind getting maybe a smoother tone out of the lead but otherwise this is cool. This I actually just finished recording about a half hour ago. I had the drums from a weekend ago, and then I got weird. I had my fuzz pedal on bass here though you can't tell as well because the guitar seems to eliminate the fuzz (though the bass sounds good here). The guitar by the way, is being run through the SubDecay Octasynth. So I'm playing a synthesized guitar sound because I really like weird shit. This one, I just wanted to try to be a bit different and add different layers to a song, rather than just always straight forward fast rhythm ya know? Some of this song happens because I got lost when playing drums but just kept going and made something of it, the end in particular (I mean yes it's the same as the rest of the song but I fucking blanked on the part I slow down on, stopped, and then just blasted back into the original beat and slammed a finish before my leg fell off). By the way, much as I love sharing my music with everybody, I expect payment. lol I kid. Actually, as much as I love sharing my music, I'd like to hear from everybody else. Kaney, Cloudy, Meacon, Midget (where ever the fuck you are), Gabriel, Hammy.
  13. Willie Nelson is fucking awesome.
  14. Yeah, i felt much the same about reggae as Skummy. Like him I figured it was hippie dreck. I think once i started digging into first wave ska I appreciated it more since their pretty similar. I don't even mind Bob Marley on occasion.
  15. Alice Cooper, love their music so much. But that seems a strange choice, not bad, but I'm surprised it wasn't one of the hits, but maybe that's not the point. Sparks is sweet, great choice, my dad got me into them. He has Kimono My House and Woofer In Tweeter Clothing that got me started.
  16. I was going to, I was a saint on my first playthrough. I planned on being a real bastard this time....but I can't help being nice. So...no I'm not. Not too late to start robbing and killing though.
  17. I ended up starting a second playthrough since I missed stuff the first time. I want to do the gun fighter stuff that I never did. I have been hearing rumors of a remake of the original RDR using the RDR2 engine/mechanics/graphics which would be dope.
  18. Never really liked Patti Smith, but she does have a cool Sonic Youth cover. She also apparently lived in my hometown while married to Fred Smith. Lynrd Skynrd was part of my first show. They were ok, ZZ Top blew them out of the water. Not a big Skynrd fan at all. Tom Waits is a name I've seen and heard for ages, still haven't really gotten into him. Could very well be one of those artists that i eventually get later on.
  19. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    I don't know, it would be weird to call yourself Keith Morris and have a picture of him as your profile picture hanging around a punk music group.
  20. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    So I just realized that Keith Morris liked one of my Facebook posts in a music group. I mean...i think it's probably him, i mean i can't imagine somebody would impersonate Keith Morris. But anyway that's fucking cool because I dig his work (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, OFF!). The whole group is cool, it's very mid 80s - mid 90s noise rock oriented (think Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Shellac, etc.). It's basically a bunch of people from all over the world just posting cool music. A little bit of everything you can loosely tie to punk/noise/glam/post punk (this is actually probably the next most genre represented)/rockabilly etc etc you get it.
  21. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    Thanks, I'm getting better, been playing somewhat consistently a few months now. I wish I had started drums when I was a kid but never really had anywhere to put them until now (that I have my own house. Really nowhere in my previous residences either). I'm hoping to continue improving as a musician obviously, but also start to get better at the recording/production side of things. Not that it's ever going to be a job but I wouldn't mind maybe in a few years trying to just get something out there for lack of a better term.
  22. VerbalPuke

    EWB Musicians

    Been staying busy... Sloppy start, but I really liked the drum work on this. It's a pretty simple punk formula, but musician friends of mine seem relatively impressed with my drum work. I'm still shit at guitar and bass but seemed to be improving on drums. So another newer one, finding my niche with twangy sounds it seems. I tried to copy a rhythm from Frank Zappa, obviously there was no way I could do anything remotely as good as Zappa, but I tried to just borrower the rhythm of Hungry Freaks Daddy. @Kaney I ended up getting a looper pedal, definitely a learning curve with them. You have to sorta time your playing correctly so the loop is seamless, but there's good tutorials out there. Once I get the hang of it I can see it being incredibly helpful.
  23. Yeah, I'd be thinking You're Pretty Face is going to hell, Raw Power, or Penetration.
  24. Raw Power is one of the greatest albums of all-time. That's a screamer of an album, great from top to bottom. Hard to argue Search and Destroy since it's the opener and everybody's covered it. I think it's their best work, it literally is raw power.
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