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  1. Hey guys, Would some one be willing to cut some celeb cuts on KYKY for me if possible I'd like to get the following Mario Lopez (AC Slater from Saved by the bell), Aaron Paul, Jon Heder, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen and Melissa Joan-Hart cheers guys
  2. Hey guys could some one cut these on to the grey background please Thanks in Advance Daiplug
  3. Dude those are awesome, thank you
  4. Hey guys I’m wondering if someone would be kind enough to create an NXT Australia, NXT Canada and NXT Mexico logo for me, on the Grey background thank you
  5. Hey guys, I'm wondering if some could cut the following "celebrities" onto Kyky for me please Thanks in advance
  6. Awesome @lukkearthur thank you
  7. @lukkearthur Dude thank you, considering some of the quality of the pics I provided you've done an awesome job Could I get the following on KYKY for my mod, Thank you in advance
  8. Could I get these on KYKY please Some of these are not great quality, if you can find a better/ easier pic to cut thats ok with me Thanks in Advance
  9. Didn't recognise Carmella without the blonde hair
  10. Just wondering who these too are?
  11. Could I get this batch again on KYKY, sorry about the quality of some of these but these are the only pics I could find As always thank you in advance Daiplug
  12. I'm wondering if someone can help me, I'm trying to find a pic of former JD Star booker and current WAVE president Tatsuya Takeshi, but I'm failing miserably
  13. Hi guys could I get the following on KYKY for my mod please Thanks in Advance Daiplug

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