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  1. @caMeron esposiTo Forbes has already beaten me twice this season so I'm not hopeful.
  2. It's not been the best game as Bears fan but this team is really fun to watch.
  3. I can just about understand the judge who scored the fight a draw since Wilder had the two knockdowns. The judge that gave a Wilder a four point win though? Ridiculous.
  4. So is the XFL dead again? I can't imagine there's much of a talent pool left now that the AAF is up and running.
  5. Red Dead 2 for me. It made me feel things for a fictional horse. I don't even like real-life horses!
  6. Aaron Jones is looking like my saving grace after going for a zero-RB draft strategy.
  7. Stay away from Larry Fitzgerald.
  8. Max is like the young Lewis Hamilton turned up to 11 only he seems to be getting worse.
  9. Yeah. No-one was thinking of that until he brought it up.
  10. That dude has popped up in at least three different towns for me. END GAME SPOILERS AHEAD
  11. I wonder if it being an International Series game had an impact on that decision. I have to imagine all the players are more tired than usual.
  12. I still have George Kittle and Davante Adams to play. It could all turn around yet. *slumps in the corner and cries*
  13. I've had a PS Plus code knocking around for a few months. Might be time to activate it to give Yakuza Kiwami a try. I remember liking Bulletstorm on the PS3. Not sure I'd want to play it again though.

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