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  1. I still have George Kittle and Davante Adams to play. It could all turn around yet. *slumps in the corner and cries*
  2. I've had a PS Plus code knocking around for a few months. Might be time to activate it to give Yakuza Kiwami a try. I remember liking Bulletstorm on the PS3. Not sure I'd want to play it again though.
  3. I think Fitz keeps the job this week since it's a shortened week for them and they're travelling to Chicago. Then it's probably a week-by-week basis. As soon as the wheels fall off they'll go back to Winston.
  4. Man, Fitzmagic almost got me over the line there. I really need one of my RBs to start stepping up...and to never drop Jarvis Landry out of my line-up again.
  5. Maniac looks right up my alley so I'm going to get started on that tomorrow.
  6. I'm a Trubisky fan but it's hard to defend his play in the first half. On the positive side, that defense is fierce.
  7. That feels like the championship wrapped up for Hamilton now.
  8. Soon we'll all be dead.
  9. As much as it sucked to lose that game, the future is still looking bright for the Bears.
  10. It looks like it's going to be fun to be a Bears fan this season.
  11. Leave Mitchell alone!
  12. There's going to be a fantastic book about Gruden's tenure as the Raiders' HC one day.
  13. The Raiders have cut Martavis Bryant as he's about to be suspended again. Good use of a third round pick...

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