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  1. I don't remember to be honest. The game was my first exposure to Digimon and I didn't find the monsters memorable at all.
  2. I really enjoyed DS:CS for the first 10-15 hours but then it just got way too repetitive. Don't think I ever got around to finishing it.
  3. He's a good route runner, quick and can play outside or slot. Should be a great fit for the Nagy offense.
  4. Love this pick from the Bears. Wonder what we gave up to make the trade though.
  5. WWE needs to sign David Akers as a manager. That was phenomenal.
  6. Bears select James Daniels. I guess Cody Whitehair is moving back to guard.
  7. Ooh, Landry has dropped to the Bears! We could go WR though.
  8. Does day two start the same time as last night?
  9. Probably the most fun draft I've seen so far. Now time for bed though.
  10. If we snag Landry and just give up a 2nd and a 4th (maybe a mid-rounder next year), I'll be really happy.
  11. There's still a little hope that Harold Landry drops enough for the Bears to trade up and get him. Seahawks like collecting mid-round picks, right?
  12. Crazy draft so far. Now I want to see the Pats trade up for Jackson.