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  1. If you work on your friendship with the doctor you can get the SP Adhesive 3, which is an accessory that gives you 7SP every turn. It makes clearing the dungeons in one visit pretty easy.
  2. The merc quests are exactly the dull filler I feared they'd be.
  3. I'll happily take XCOM 2 @RazorsEdge, please and thank you.
  4. Can't imagine anyone would want Nagy after his play calling this season.
  5. Well, I think my playoff streak is over at 2.
  6. Did he mock Harry's magic chin or something?
  7. Got a Switch a couple of weeks ago with Zelda: BotW and Fire Emblem: Three Heroes. So far I've found Breath of the Wild incredibly disappointing. I've never been much of a Zelda fan and I think this has closed the door on the franchise for me. It feels like Ubisoft made a Zelda game with the repetitiveness of all the towers and puzzle caves. I've not really been able to get into Fire Emblem yet but I seem to keep getting interrupted whenever I start playing it.
  8. Colt McCoy has the quarterbackiest name of all-time.
  9. He has a passing TD or two on his resume already.
  10. Both the Panthers and the Bucs have so many great pieces on offense and they're being held back by their QBs. Curtis Samuel could have had 200 yards and two or three TDs if Cam hit him in stride or when he was wide open.
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