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  1. Sorry, I mis-read. No worries.
  2. If Tales from the Borderlands is going spare I'd happily take it off your hands.
  3. I'm in. I feel the need to redeem myself after last season's horror show.
  4. I remember liking the gameplay but finding the story and characters (barring Balthier) dreadfully dull.
  5. Jay Cutler couldn't win a Super Bowl in his prime, let alone in the 80s when he was a toddler. Stupid.
  6. Ravens only have $3.6 million in cap space according to OverTheCap. Texans or Raiders make a lot of sense as landing spots for Maclin. Both have cap space and a need for more receiving options.
  7. I really like the idea of Trubisky and Shaheen together. However I'm a bit irked that the Bears won't be able to improve their secondary until the fourth round now, barring a trade up.
  8. Really like Lattimore. Think he can be a top 5 CB in the NFL...if he can stay healthy.
  9. Trubisky reads defenses really well for a QB with such little experience. By far the best in this draft. That's the main reason I had him as my QB 1. The strength of Watson's arm worries me but I think he has a chance to succeed in the league.
  10. Trade down with their second round pick to recoup a third and/or fourth round pick if possible.
  11. I like Trubisky. He was my #1 QB. I'd heard that the Bears' GM loved Watson but I guess that was a smokescreen. Now I'd like to see the Bears trade back in the second round and recoup a few of those picks they gave up because there is still a lot of great talent in this draft at positions of need in the middle rounds.
  12. There is a new game+. I've started one but not put any time into it yet. From what I remember you keep your social stats (knowledge, charm, etc), money, equipment, persona compendium, and special items gained through maximising social links. However you don't keep social links themselves.
  13. I concentrated more on the social stats to begin with, maxed them out, and then moved onto the social links. I managed to finish most of the ones I really wanted to but I think I only got about half of the ones that don't rank up naturally as the story progresses. The doctor is a good one to do because she'll give you a 50% discount on the items she sells. She sells an accessory called a SP Adhesive 3 which will give the equipped character 7 SP back each turn. They're 50,000 each with the discount and they make dungeon crawling so much easier. Right now I think I'm going to leave it a couple of months (I have a ton of games to play) and then go back and do a platinum run.
  14. I finished the game last night after pumping 95 hours into it. I didn't take my time but I didn't rush either. Be prepared for the final section of the game stretching out about 20 hours longer than you'd think. I sat down for a session thinking I was about to complete the game...six hours later I realised there was still a big chunk of game left. Not sure whether I preferred it to Persona 4 but P5 definitely has a slot in my top ten games of all-time.
  15. This is said almost every year. Just as some college QBs rise, others fall. Look at Matt Barkley. He was considered to be a top first round pick the season before he entered the draft. He didn't get drafted until the fourth round and, outside a couple of decent games for the Bears, hasn't shown much to prove the final evaluation wrong. Having said that, the 49ers roster is so weak they probably should focus on building a team before going for a first round QB. Maybe draft someone like Nathan Peterman if he's still there in the middle rounds.