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  1. I finally set my computer up.. here's the link to the skin. http://www.mediafire...b8iikzx2a6gv8w4
  2. My bad.. forgot about this. I was moving houses at the time and I'm really slack, so I still haven't uploaded it. I'll try to recreate it.
  3. Thanks, man. I'll post a download link later today.
  4. They look better in the game. Anyone want them?
  5. I'll make a loading and title screen for this. I'll make this one right now.
  6. I'll make a skin later today.. any requests?
  7. Free Waterfall Jnr. has put in a lot of hard work, so I don't want to even bother unless he doesn't end up finishing his.
  8. It looks okay... but, the font doesn't suit the idea. I think it'd look better if you left it as plain white text, put the pictures in front of it, and gave them a soft light kinda effect... You'd also need a background behind the text if you did that, though.. I'd suggest something grungy.
  9. AwSmash

    Diary Requests

    No worries, mate. Glad you like it.
  10. AwSmash

    Diary Requests

    Not exactly what you asked for.. but I'm lazy and PSD Dreams is down.
  11. AwSmash

    Diary Requests

    I'll make this.. it should be done in about a day.
  12. Some of them will be Non-Wrestlers or Managers.. that's why I asked for help with the rosters.
  13. It's a fantasy scenario, it doesn't have to make sense. Ha. And Vince had signed the WWE over to Triple H...
  14. Who would be interested in this? Here's a backstory. Backstory: Vince McMahon and Triple H had a deal. Triple H would shock the WWE Universe when his team defeated Vince McMahon's at Survivor Series 2012, and he'd be named the new Chairman of the WWE. Vince had other plans though. He loved the business and wasn't done yet. He changed the plan, and his team would be victorious at Survivor Series. They were, he never made it to the match though. Vince suffered a fatal heart attack at the show, and no one knew if he would make it. Helmsley made the decision to have the show go on. The PPV was an immense success, and all in all, a great night for the WWE. Vince McMahon didn't have such a great night, however. He didn't even make it through to the next morning, and was announced dead. Fans were in shock, and thought it was all just a work. It spread through the media though, and fans soon learned, Vinny Mac had actually passed away. Triple H held a memorial show in Vince McMahon's honour. He'd arranged it out of respect, and for money. A drunken "Stone Cold" Steve Austin drove himself to that show, he crashed into a bin while parking, but something caught his eye when he hopped out of his car. It was a massive stack of pieces of paper. All he noticed was the title though, "EWA: A Revolution in Professional Wrestling, Vince McMahon." He decided to take it home with him, as he couldn't see the small text. The next day, he read it through thoroughly, and had a plan. The company, named "Everything Wrestling Association". Their slogan was, "We have everything." Steve Austin was intrigued. It turned out, Vince had already organised for half of the WWE roster to sign with EWA and to have them take The World Heavyweight Championship, the Tag Team Title (No not the World Tag Team Titles), The Women's Championship, The United States Championship and The Cruiserweight Championship. Stone Cold decided to buy the rights to this company, which already had people waiting to see what this company would offer. He signed some more wrestlers before putting on the first show. Roster: Superstars Steve Austin - Owner Christian - World Heavyweight Champion R Truth Mason Ryan Shelton Benjami Matt Hardy Shannon Moore Brodus Clay Nigel McGuinness Gregory Helms Eugene Carlito Seth Rollins Evan Bourne Heels: CM Punk Daniel Bryan Dolph Ziggler - Tag Champion Jack Swagger - Tag Champion Finlay Charlie Haas Ken Shamrock Lord Tensai - United States Champion Kamala Mabel Jamie Dundee Chris Mordetzky Davey Richards Kevin Steen Roster: Divas Faces Layla El Maria Kenellis Tamina Snuka - Women's Champion Heels: Brie Bella Nikki Bella Mila Yim For this to work, I 'd need help with the roster. Who else should be added to it? And for those who were wondering. This was the Survivor Series 2012 Card: Team Vince (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Lord Tensai, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger) def. Team HHH (John Cena, Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase, The Miz and Kofi Kingston) Christian def. Sheamus - World Heavyweight Title Wade Barret def. Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder - WWE Title Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel def. Curt Hawkins and Titus O'Neill - World Tag Titles AJ Lee def. Layla El - Diva's Championship Kane def. Ryback QUESTIONS: Who should be WWE's new CM Punk? Who should be WWE's new Daniel Bryan? I'd go with Cody Rhodes or Wade Barret here, but who do you think? What should EWA start at? What should WWE start at? Who else should be on the EWA roster? What should some of the PPV names be for EWA? What does this mean for TNA?
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