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  1. If I used the updated alter.dat file with the January 2010 data so that the game will start up and run a lot faster would their be game breaking complications or would I simply have to change some of the wrestlers names for it to work correctly?
  2. How do you make the game almost instantly start up when you create a new save? older data's seem to take forever.
  3. Lower Abyss' Overness to 68 Raise Bram's Overness to 56-58 Raise EC3'S Overness to 65/66 Lower Gunner's Overness to 64/65 Lower James Storm's Overness to 70-73 Raise Jessicka Havok's Overness to 50-53 Raise Kenny King's Overness to 65/66 Lower Magnus' Overness to 62-64 Lower Mr.Anderson's Overness to 73 Raise Rockstar Spud's Overness to 63-65 Raise Samuel Shaw's Overness to 55-58 Raise Taryn Tarrell's Overness to 55/56
  4. Any update on the network experiment a few months back, a few people said they would try editing the network ratings in a separate update to more realistic ratings and see if it would actually work, haven't seen anything since.
  5. I still don't understand how Hogan has 95 charisma when I'm pretty sure multiple people said the Charisma stat on EWR is purely based off of mic skill, Bobby Lashley is probably better on the mic.
  6. Rename Garrett Dylan to Jody Kristopherson and Slate Randall to Shaun Rickers. (This would be in effect for September) TNA notes (based on impact): Add Homicide, Snitsky, Ezeikel Jackson, Low Ki and Brian Cage. They worked the TNA tapings in New York last month(late June) Add Snitsky and Zeke to Dixieland. Also rename Ezekiel to Rycklon. (I would say these should be in effect for August) Not sure if it happened on TV yet, I'll spoiler just in case Snitsky and Jackson don't have contracts, I'm pretty sure the rest do have atleast some sort of open contract.
  7. I thought someone would of said it by now but I'm pretty sure Matt Hardy and Tommy Dreamer are back with TNA, I think Tommy is already in on the game but add Matt on an Open deal since someone said he's still working for HOH
  8. She's being booked to have like 5 offensive moves in a match, watch her NXT matches if you wanna see how good she is.
  9. I think TNA was at 80-90 National back when they first got Hogan Hardy RVD Flair and all of the others on that January episode in like 2010 or 2011, that was probably their peak, now they have severely slacked, I think around 50 is fine because with a good change they could start pushing towards global again and if they keep their current writers, they will fall to cult so around halfway should be good IMO, and about the TV Ratings, when the June update comes out someone should attempt to lower the ratings to match real life and post it here, and if it runs fine it should be considered permanent, I have no idea how to do it and I didn't think it was even possible, but someone should try. EDIT Also, since somebody said Charisma is only based off of mic skills, and most of the other debates have come to the conclusion of this is how it works in-game so we'll go by that, shouldn't some of the legends like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, HBK etc get significant decreases in Charisma, especially Hogan.
  10. I was actually going to do the same thing, I think Hogan Rock Austin 100 Cena 98 Taker 97 HHH 96 Lesnar 96 Vince 95 Flair 95 Bryan 94 (The crowd is almost dead for him now compared to before Mania), HBK 94 Jericho 93 Orton 93 Batista 92 Stephanie 92 Heyman 91 Bray 90/89 (Fueding with Main Eventers and already massively over), Reigns 90/89 (Same as Bray), Ambrose 88 (Same as Bray) Rollins 87 (Same as Bray) Sheamus 86 RVD 86 Kane 86 Big Show 86/85 (Unless he's over on SD, he shouldn't be anywhere near the Main Event and he's currently 1 or 2 off it)
  11. Putting over midcard talent doesn't make you a midcarder, and if you're judging by reactions from their returns then lower Batista to 50, I agree he should be lowered, but nothing less than 91-92.
  12. Jericho 86 is that a joke? Jericho is still more over than 95% of the current roster.
  13. I agree his attitude is unacceptable, but just because the stat change is by 1 2 or 3 doesn't mean it's unnecessary and should be shot down and you should be made to do it yourself.
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