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  1. And Marina Sirtis' husband
  2. Rene Auberjonois has died
  3. I found subtitles for Season One of Swedish Taskmaster, Bäst i Test. It's actually hilarious. I was in tears for some of it, and they have some cool unique ideas that they bring to the table. Really worth a watch. If anyone wants to check it and they struggle to find it, hmu and I'll help
  4. K


    I had to play Christmas music at scouts the other night, so I had to find a spotify playlist with no wham on it. I'm still in lads.
  5. K

    Voucher Request

    aye no bother. the jpg preview looks a bit rough, but the pdf should be cleaner. any problems with printing it, lmk.
  6. K

    Voucher Request

    Like that? All four on this A4 PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zlmkmk-5oKGl9XqZKzpNcUA4fIqGe6lz/view?usp=sharing
  7. K

    Voucher Request

    yeah np man. how big do you want it?
  8. Ok here are my first thoughts. will update and think more. 1. Taskmaster 2. Star Trek Discovery 3. Years and Years 4. Kim's convenience 5. Line of Duty 6. Good Girls 7. Derry Girls 8. Criminal 9. The letdown. 10. Living with yourself 11. Stranger things 12. Rhythm & Flow 13. The Rap Game UK
  9. just discovered Derry Girls. it's very good.
  10. how the fuck do you go to sleep with heavy metal playing???
  11. my third most played artist this year is the fictional Hello Peril from the movie Always Be My Maybe. They only have three songs.
  12. Whamageddon is a game played during the Christmas season where the player has to go from the 1st of December to midnight on the 24th of December without listening to "Last Christmas" by Wham!. If the player hears the song between the 1st and midnight on the 24th, they are out of the game. As soon as you recognise the song, you're out. That means if you notice it flicking through the radio, if you hear it from a passing car, on a television advert, playing in a shopping centre, your sister calls you up and plays it down the phone LIKE MY FUCKING SISTER DID LAST YEAR, the second you realise, you're out. https://www.whamageddon.com/
  13. I was halfway through season three when it came down. Netflix tried to auto play the next episode and just nothing. It's on All 4, but it has pre roll and interstitial adverts
  14. Been watching Greg Davie's Man Down, which features Isy Suttie, and now I definitely want to see her in the Taskmaster house.
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