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  1. K

    General Movie Thread

    Is that Bushwick movie on Netflix with Batista in it any good?
  2. K

    The Netflix (UK) Thread

    All three Jurassic Park movies went up this morning. I know the third one is bad, but I'm still definitely doing to watch them back to back
  3. yeah man, although you'll have already seen most of the Saru one because they flashed back to it during that episode when they went to his home planet. They're only like ten minutes long. they're good.
  4. It was in the first Short Trek, Runaway. If you're watching on Netflix, they're available under the 'Trailers + More' section,
  5. This weeks Bugle, (title: The Reverse Skrillex) is an all-time great, one of their best.
  6. Just watch stuff in release order. Your brain can handle knowing things out of sequence, believe in yourself.
  7. I think we talked about this in the panel show thread. Lou Sanders is great. The mini Inbetweeners reunion will be super fun, Paul Sinha is a comedian AND one of the boffins on the chase, so hopefully funny and with a like, Richard Osmon like outlook on doing well. Less familiar with the other two, but still super looking forward to it. Gonna be good.
  8. K

    General Movie Thread

    That new Affleck movie on Netflix, Triple Frontier, is actually pretty good.
  9. K

    The Netflix (UK) Thread

    They were asked to appear, but declined. Probably the right decision. They've also declined to watch an advanced screening. Their lawyer is watching it to look for anything defamatory
  10. K

    The Netflix (UK) Thread

    Netflix is set to release its long-awaited big-budget documentary series on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann tomorrow, despite opposition from the child's family and speculation in the TV industry that the programme makers failed to gain access to the key individuals involved in the case. The US streaming service commissioned the programme in 2017, amid an explosion of interest in true crime and cold case TV programmes following the success of the US series Making a Murderer. However, despite spending enormous sums to produce eight hour-long episodes, release has been repeatedly delayed, raising speculation about what, if anything, the show has uncovered. Kate and Gerry McCann's threeyear-old daughter went missing in 2007 while the family was on holiday in the Portuguese town of Praia da Luz. They have refused to take part in the show and urged those around them to resist requests for interviews by London-based Pulse Films, which is making the show on behalf of Netflix. Clarence Mitchell, speaking for the family, said: "Kate and Gerry and their wider family and friends were approached some months ago to participate in the documentary. "Kate and Gerry didn't ask for it and don't see how it will help the search for Maddie on a practical level, so they chose not to engage."
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