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  1. Jake worked for the Federation News Service for a while, and the last short Trek, that feeds into Picard, featured what was essentially a 'breaking news' show from the FNS complete with scrolling chyron. I imagine that as well as having people on site, like Jake was, they basically do the future version of scrolling through Twitter to scrape stories as well, reading unclassified logs to get stories.
  2. OMG SEASON TWO I LOVE TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm obsessed i want to be his best friend he's only said three things
  3. i'm down to the final now. Dan is my guy. Really hoping he takes the win. Looking forward to season two straight after.
  4. i... have never experienced this
  5. I think Dan and Kate are the only ones I actually like at all. I liked Sian for a while but she's doing my nut in at the moment
  6. K

    The Netflix (UK) Thread

    Shit sorry, didn't even notice that wasn't the UK account. here's a UK source https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/streaming/netflix-studio-ghibli-movies-spirited-away-my-neighbor-totoro-princess-mononoke-stream-a9291596.html
  7. all the americans on twitter are talking about their nextflix version of 'The Circle' (The reality show), which we don't get, so I went onto All4 to watch our version (season one) just out of morbid curiosity, and I fuckin hate how addictive it is. I'm about nine episodes in and I'm raging at the screen.
  8. Weekly I guess. In the US it's on CBS, same as discovery If you have family with prime, you can have two devices watching using one account. (Three if it's a different programme) I just set my partner up on mine last night so we could watch Picard
  9. Just finished watching Short Treks Season 2 in preparation for Picard dropping next week. Really good stuff. I bet the twitter fans fucking hated the animated episodes, but I loved them. I've always pitched for a Star Trek series that is just random stories with no related characters, like one week we're with Earth's oceanography department, another we're at starfleet medical, next we're on Utopia Planitia, something like that. Short Treks seems to be the place to be able to do that. It's a shame they're only five-to-fifteen minutes, but utilising existing sets and animation and clever CGI and guest stars is a great way to grow the star trek universe without significant expenditure. Loved them.
  10. K

    General Movie Thread

    I didn't see Dunkirk, so this might not be what you're asking, but 1917 isn't about battles and gunfights, although there are gunfights. It's intimate and personal and beautiful and tense, and I just think it would benefit from being seen on the big screen
  11. K

    General Movie Thread

    i think it would be well served to be seen in a cinema. I liked it.
  12. @How The Cloud Stole Christ you following Wiley Vs Stormzy?
  13. yeah, and he stands up and makes everyone be quiet while he's doing it. it's shit.
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