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  1. It's a bit... Weird to binge tbh. For me at least. I'm about to finish episode two and I'm definitely gonna take a break and digest for a while. Might do an episode tomorrow. I like what Kimmy Schmidt did. They had an episode about the weird crime documentary they made, and they put the actual documentary out as a bonus episode after the fact. It was just disappointing to sit down in the evening ready for a good drama show with Wrestling in, but then actually have to watch a very bad wrestling show instead.
  2. This episode of GLOW with all the skits is doing nothing for me... I have googled it and apparently everyone loves this episode, so I guess I'm in the minority.
  3. Oh maybe. I didn't watch cause I assumed it was a trailer and I don't like watch trailers for things I'm gonna watch anyway.
  4. I don't know if anyone stuck with it, but there's a small daredevil teaser right at the end of iron fist 2. It's after even the Netflix logo so it was easy to miss.
  5. I think I liked iron fist 2 more than Luke cage 2, but they're both really good. Iron fist is only ten episodes as well which really benefits it. There aren't many shows that cant be improved by cutting them down a bit
  6. i tried to find a good youtube video about the easter eggs and references and things, but the three on youtube are terrible. Anyone seen a good one?
  7. This is kind of a weird one: The insanely popular sci-fi/comedy animated series “Rick and Morty” will be leaving Netflix next month in a weird kind of way… The 3rd season, released in July 2017, was branded as a Netflix Original outside of America so one would assume that season 3 was a safe bet for staying on the streaming service. However, if you hit ‘play’ on any season 3 episode then you get a pop up saying that “This season is only available until 7th October”. In another strange twist, seasons 1 and 2 do NOT have this same warning… So the non-Orignal series will be available but the Netflix Original series will be leaving soon.
  8. love this lineup, and love jessica knapett. The tasks seem way simpler this season, but i haven't laughed this hard for ages. My favourite lineup so far is season 5 (nish, bob, aisling, mark, sally) but this season is closing in on them
  9. noname's album is great

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