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  1. Here's what I said earlier, and I think I'd still like to see this lineup: Andy ZaltzmanIsy SuttieJared ChristmasRachael ParrisRichard Ayoade I don't think Andy or Jarred are likely. Which is a shame. I'd like to see Alex Brooker in there maybe, I think he'd have fun with it.
  2. Anyone been playing sludge life? It's free on the Epic Game Store and it's buck wild. It's essentially just the Graffiti side quest from GTA San Andreas, but it's set in this weird, druggy, psychedelic surreal urban city wasteland thing. You just go around looking for the locations to tag, but along the way you get sucked into this narrative of this island town that's just incredibly dull and everyone hates it. You smoke cigarettes and take mushrooms and trip out, meet these weird cartoon characters, piss in toilets, spit in people's food, there's a cat with two assholes, a flasher whose dick is his own face. It's great.
  3. there's no footage in that video, right?
  4. when i was younger i used to really enjoy one of the hitman games, are the newer ones any good, and what should i go for?
  5. hey man i may be misremembering. I've been laying a hacked version of Gen2 recently, and it's certainly in there.
  6. Promotion Wars was the 'Rival' to EWD, the precursor to EWR. The Promotion Wars web forums were the first forums I joined online. I was a forum moderator and then a general moderator. When Promotion Wars went under, the forums slowed to a crawl and eventually folded. A bunch of us jumped ship to what was then EWB2 I believe. I never really played EWR much, but I missed the forums community, and with a bunch of us coming over together it didn't feel that weird. On the Promotion Wars forums I learned how to do graphic design, which is how I got into my job. Those graphic design skills are how I now do cross-stitch. Which is how I got in the news, and what I'm most well known for. Without Promotion Wars I wouldn't be here, and this forum has fostered some genuine real life friendships. I've met EWB people, stayed in their homes, been to their weddings, sent christmas presents to their kids and even mourned some of their deaths. I have no idea where I would be without Promotion Wars, but it is undoubtedly the video game that most influenced my life.
  7. Toe Jam and Earl Donald Duck's Quackshot Pokemon Goldeneye Promotion Wars
  8. Haven't they turned it into a cop show or something?
  9. K

    Star Trek TV

    yussss more new trek!
  10. The instructions that we got in our version aren't the best. We have one set that has all the expansions included, and it took us a good seven or eight games of the base set to work out what everything does. Some of the cards are pretty weird.
  11. we tried one of the expansions the other day (City of gold?) and the game really opened up. looking forward to trying another one.
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