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  1. I saw the 2012 Olympic Murderball finals between Australia and Canada. It was dope.
  2. i think they moved Lost from like Channel 4 to Sky One back in the day and that basically made my dad swear off television completely
  3. he just made Plomik soup so I can use that clip in both cuts
  4. I think I could do a supercut of every fuckin time they talk about Soup as well. I watched twelve episodes yesterday (too hot to do anything) and I swear they talk about Soup in at least half of them
  5. The Beastie Boys just made their Love American Style EP from 1989 available digitally for the first time. It's on Spotify if you want it. There's two tracks on there you might not have heard before, unless you're a massive beasties nerd like me who collected a bunch of obscure vinyl.
  6. Today I thought I'd see if I could rewatch voyager before Picard starts. I'm half an hour into episode one and there's already been four 'Some Kind Of's' This is gonna be a long fuckin journey
  7. too many white men in the trailer for my liking
  8. Just watched AlphaGo on Netflix. it was really good.
  9. holy shit the trailer is incredible. Massive storyline spoilers in it, so don't click it if you wanna go in completely blind
  10. K

    General Movie Thread

    rum tum tugger
  11. Good Girls season 2 was so good. I was gripped. Watched thirteen episodes in like three days. If you haven't watched it, it's on Netflix UK and I definitely recommend it. It starts off as something like, What if Breaking Bad but mums, but it quickly steers into its own themes. It's very good.
  12. loving this at the moment:
  13. The BBC Three Documentary, 'Inside The Secret World of Incels' is now available on iPlayer. It features three main stories. And is worth a watch. Some of it is pretty horrifying. Doc spoilers: anyway, check it out. Non-brits... uhh, I dunno. Maybe this link? Might not stay up very long though Here is the first review I found on google. https://www.refinery29.com/en-gb/2019/07/237264/inside-the-secret-world-of-incels-bbc-three
  14. Finally got around to starting season two of Good Girls. Oh man, it is amazing.
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