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  1. K

    Star Trek TV

    I too wish that they had
  2. K

    Star Trek TV

    picard might be free to watch in america now or something https://ew.com/tv/star-trek-picard-episodes-free-online/?utm_content=link&utm_medium=social&utm_term=6B156972-6DFE-11EA-B544-BA024844363C&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_ew&utm_source=twitter.com
  3. I think community is free on Amazon prime in the UK at least.
  4. hell yeah. I saw a picture on twitter the other day, someone stuck their camera over the wall of the house and the taskmaster weather vane was up, and there were a few new additions to the house. Also the horne section podcast has been recording in the house quite a lot recently.
  5. Went to the board game cafe with Ollie and Luke over the weekend, played a few things. Highlight for me was Concept. So basically you have this board and you have little markers, and you have to silently transmit a film/person/concept/building/whatever, by placing little markers next to the icons that might be relevant. So for Dracula you might mark the 'male' square, the 'moon' square, and the 'skull/death' square. You can also do sub categories. So for Leika, the space dog. Luke and Ollie marked out that it was a 'dead' 'animal', and that in a sub category, there was 'mechanical' and 'electronic' 'transport' involved. A further sub category noted that there was a 'red' 'flag' All very clever. Highly recommend. Also been playing a shit load of Balderdash and I'm loving it edit: Beyond Balderdash. The one with the different categories.
  6. K

    Star Trek TV

    Jesus Christ those opening five minutes, fuck me I'll be having nightmares for weeks
  7. K

    Star Trek TV

    also i knew it was coming anyway, but
  8. K

    Star Trek TV

    Lmao yeah I'm loving the accented Romulans.
  9. There's that Office Ladies show? I've never listened to it though.
  10. does anyone know Majik? Former NWA UK Junior Heavyweight Champion or something? He's getting on my fuckin tits
  11. Lmao a bunch of wrestlers have showed up and they're shit and aggressive. I'm pretty sure they're going through to the next round though They've been building for seven hours and so far they've cut a small hole in the side of a van and tied some string to a piece of metal
  12. I made it five minutes. Couldn't stand it.
  13. just noticed Scrapheap Challenge, (Junkyard Wars to you yanks) is on the 4oD streaming service. love this show.
  14. i'm watching the latter three seasons of red dwarf for the first time, and im really enjoying them actually. I also really respect how little concern the creators have for continuity
  15. I mentioned it earlier in the thread, but My Year in MENSA is pretty good. A girl joined MENSA as a joke, and it turned out that the MENSA community is full of right wing memeing, hardcore trump fans, doxxing, death threats and a deep schism that the higer ups in the organisation have been covering-up/ignoring. It's good. Only four episodes.
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