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  1. K

    General Movie Thread

    I thought they scrapped YouTube red
  2. Watched the first two seasons today. It's lovely!
  3. Buddy Peace, the DJ from Strange Famous records, and the producer of Distraction Pieces, has started a new podcast wherein he chats with local creatives in his hometown of margate. It's a nice change from interview format podcasts just competing for the biggest most famous guests, and ending up chatting to all the same people, saying the same things. He's talking to local business owners, hippies, artists. Just semi-normal people really. The first episode is out now, and he's chatting to some guy that left his job to make hippy vegan soaps by the seaside. The podcast is called Buddy's Buddies, and it can be found in your podcast app. https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/buddys-buddies-buddy-peace-oUhRX8GduYJ/ Eventually there's gonna be a bonus episode with some beardy guy that cross-stitches as well. It's already recorded, he's just waiting to release a bunch of Margate themed ones before doing a bonus ep of a non-margate guy dropping in.
  4. ok so I recorded my cub scouts making podcasts, and it was super fun, but now I have a £150 microphone and nothing to do with it.
  5. K

    Criminal on Netflix

    It's just three episodes, and you should watch them in order, because the interviewing officers are the same people each time, and there's the thinnest of threads running through their relationships that should be enjoyed in the right order. Other than that, the story of each episode is completely independent. You're literally just a fly on the wall for one interview per episode. They're all unrelated. It's great. I imagine the German, French and Spanish ones are the same. three different stories each, with a sliver of a storyline in the background.
  6. I just finished watching the three episodes of Criminal (UK) on Netflix. And I absolutely loved it. For the uninitiated, Criminal is a police procedural (The UK version stars David Tennant, Hayley Atwell, Clare-Hope Ashitey, and Youssef Kerkour.) There are versions set in four countries, filmed in the local languages (France, Spain, Germany, and the UK.) The episodes take place entirely within the interrogation room of a police station, and the corridor outside the room. It's like 12 Angry Men or something. No flashbacks, no action scenes, no forensic stuff, just a police interview for forty-five minutes. Just a few people talking for nearly an hour. It was brilliant. Very refreshing. Next week when I have a bit more time I'm going to watch one of the other ones (France, Spain, Germany) and see how it is. Anyone else watched?
  7. Tried watching season two of disenchantment but I really couldn't be arsed
  8. Nog had probably the most complete story arc in all of star trek, and he was great in it.
  9. edit: you know what, i'm not busy, I'll find you the links: https://www.omnibusproject.com/podcasts/omnibus-ep6-the-rachel.htm https://www.omnibusproject.com/podcasts/the-d-day-crosswords-entry-318pr2019.htm https://www.omnibusproject.com/podcasts/secret-order-double-sunrise-entry-1122-ec0105.htm https://www.omnibusproject.com/podcasts/monrovia-moravia-moldova-moldavia-entry-805-gn1032.htm
  10. its a blue yeti blackout. I got it for my scout group to try out, but i paid for it so im keeping it afterwards
  11. Just what the world needs. Another straight white guy with a podcasting microphone.
  12. Here's the page for it https://www.maximumfun.org/shows/bubble It's got a pretty beefy cast as well. Alison Becker (from Parks and Rec) Keith Powell (30 Rock) Mike Mitchell (Doughboys) with cameos from Hodgeman, Martin Starr, Paul F. Tompkin, Lisa Loeb... Oh @Jimmy, I forgot about this other podcast you might like The Dead Pilots Society takes scripts for television shows that were never developed by studios, and does table reads for them. Again, huge names doing these reads, not just your average podcast guys. Busy Phillips, Ben Schwartz, Sarah Chalke, Josh Malina, Skylar Astin, Aubrey Plaza. Each episode also has an interview with the creators, so you get an insight into their creative process. Here is the blurb from the latest episode
  13. Bubble is good. It's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's an American show, but it definitely pays homage to the British sitcom. (not least because it's only like eight episodes long). It's really good. Give it a bash. That's Dr Sydnee McElroy, and Justin McElroy. If you like their work, their entire family is basically podcast royalty. http://www.mcelroy.family MBMBaM is their longest running show, and is one of my top favorite podcasts. In other news, the new season of The Horne Section has started, It's Alex Horne's podcast with his band, and his first guest is Greg Davies. It is incredibly funny. I listened to it on my run today and I nearly had to stop and sit on a bench I was laughing so hard.
  14. does anyone in the UK want a copy of Alex Horne's Word Watching book? It's been sitting on my office's free bookshelf for weeks and I feel bad for it.
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