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  1. it's just so pure and refreshing. I love it so much.
  2. Years and Years is done. I don't think any television show has ever provoked such a range of emotions in me. Incredible television. Unbelievable. Catapulted straight into my GOAT.
  3. is justified worth rewatching? I have no idea how far through I made it last time, but it's all on prime for free at the moment.
  4. The news about the Sinhaman is really sad. In other taskmaster news, i've been laughing at the opening 'pocket' banter from a couple of episodes ago, for over a week now
  5. Years and Years continues to be great TV
  6. accidentally watched three seasons of kims convenience in three days again
  7. pretty fucking bleak man.
  8. Episode four of Years and Years. Fucking hellllllll
  9. There's only three episodes so far, so it's not a huge time sink. It's really well done television, but it's terrifying how likely it all is. Try it.
  10. Check out the Dawn Wall on Netflix if you want something similar
  11. Jesus, Years and Years just continues to be incredibly bleak. It's great TV, but God it's hard work.
  12. Just started Line Of Duty. Love it.
  13. fuck, i never even made that connection. that's great. https://www.tor.com/2017/06/07/someone-has-completed-the-climb-captain-kirk-attempted-at-the-opening-of-star-trek-v/
  14. oh yeah it's definitely not for you then. I can recommend some movies about roped climbing if that's more your thing
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