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  1. Can anyone recommend a good Genesis emulator for Android? Retro Arch is too complicated for my little gamepad, and the others seem riddled with ads.
  2. just noticed that there are like 25 hours of Bob Ross on Netflix.
  3. i havent watched it yet, but todays episode of taskmaster was the one in which i took part in a task.
  4. i loved that show, was so disappointed when they cancelled it.
  5. Today's Times quiz had a question about Death, the 1970's proto punk band formed by three black brothers who had wanted to be in a funk band until they saw The Who and Alice Cooper and switched their style up. they fucking rule so hard. there's a documentary about them included with Amazon Prime if you have it. Looking forward to watching it later.
  6. Bought the Takenoku expansion today and played a few three-way games with it. It can really shift playing styles around. Game feels a lot looser. I was able to claw back ten points in the last move thanks to a well placed Ms Panda. Really enjoyed it. It really freshens up the game.
  7. K

    Comic Book Films & TV

    this is an interesting concept and i like the art, but I'm just over halfway through and the execution just isn't very good.
  8. I've just started listening to 'Let's Drink About It'. It's an american/canadian podcast, where two guys (and sometimes a guest) just tell a pretty ordinary story about their week, and then the other person has to recommend a cocktail for that specific event. Then they go off, make the cocktail, and come back and report. So one guy went skiing and they recommended a ski lodge style drink, one guy got his zipper caught on his jacket, guest Josie Long was feeling like all her friends were having babies. Stuff like that. I've just started it, and it's just so easy to breeze through an episode. It's warm and likeable, the hosts have those reassuring voices. It's friendly. It's basically slow tv but for podcasts. Just warm and nice.
  9. Oh man, there's so much good stuff to check out. Cheers guys. Love all this stuff. I've been googling most of the day, and I think it may have been Fat Possum Records, which went on to put out some Iggy and the Stooges and Black Keys, even EL-P, but started out...
  10. a few years ago, a guy at work told me about a music 'label'. the people behind the label would travel around the united states and find these amazing hobbyist musicians, people who had never recorded albums, usually older people. People in their sixties, seventies, eighties. Think like, bluesy, country stuff. Slow. Low tech. Anyway they would fund some studio time and put out complete albums with these people. It was all very raw. I had some of their stuff on spotify for a while, but I've lost it all, and every few months I try and find it again, but can never do it. Does this ring any bells with anyone? part of me thinks the name might have like, lizard, or reptile, or something in it, but I might be conflating it with something else, so don't fixate on that.
  11. K

    Comic Book Films & TV

    This just arrived on Netflix, has anyone watched it?
  12. Did you guys see that song that Channel 4 commissioned? It's dope. In response to MPs getting a stick up their ass about violent lyrics in rap music, Channel 4 commissioned a song based on actual things that MPs have said. It's a really clever comeback and makes a brilliant point:
  13. K

    Comic Book Films & TV

    I lost all interest in watching daredevil after the cancellation of luke cage and iron fist. Obviously I'm not expecting them to go on forever, but I hate when stuff is cancelled mid-storyline.

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