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  1. Star Trek Discovery

    Yeah that felt unnecessary. I liked the episode though
  2. Discographies?

    Aha, these are CD's, my Vinyl collection is pretty small. I could have a record player, but it's more storing the media that's the problem.
  3. Discographies?

    I think I have about 700 albums at my parents house. They're all pretty worthless now, which is a shame. I have a few rare things. Some Misfits stuff like the Coffin Collection and Evillive II are pretty hard to get. I have a full set of Scroobius Pips Satin Lizard Lounge's, as well as the Dan Le Sac vs Pip Live EP, which is still my favourite release of theirs. All that stuff was only available at the shows. I thought I had an original version of Slipknots first album, but that turned out to be a fake, which was a bummer.
  4. The General Podcast Thread

    they're recording inside San Quentin prison. I would say that it's unlikely you're going to enter that territory .
  5. Hey cloud, just wanted to thank you for your help with this project. Here's a really bad picture of the finished version. This thing is getting featured in a magazine and those guys will take a proper picture of it then. But yeah, this is basically what I went with. The pattern I've submitted to the magazine fixes a few alignment issues and makes it all a bit more attractive. But yeah, cheers dude.
  6. Star Trek Discovery

    Cool. Wasn't sure if you were counting the first two as one and didn't want to spoil anything. Today's is really good.
  7. Star Trek Discovery

    Last weeks episode? Today's one was amazing. I really liked it.
  8. The General Podcast Thread

    Glad you like it man. I made my sister listen to it the other day and she loved it. I wanna be a wish dragon 🐉
  9. Star Trek Discovery

    There are no real spoilers below but it's about episode three. I'm just talking about design though.
  10. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    I'm loving how they're refusing to drop a release date for Punisher, because it pisses everyone off on twitter, and then the punisher twitter account replies in character to wind them up even more.
  11. Star Trek Discovery

    Fine, go with terrorists to first officer and engineer of Voyager
  12. Star Trek Discovery

    Watching shows week to week takes me back man. it's hard work. Yeah I didn't immediately warm to Michael, but I think I'm ok with that. the best arc in all of star trek was Nog going from thief and rascal to starfleet wunderkind. there's plenty of room in star trek for redemption.
  13. Star Trek Discovery

    "The bloody Cardies can't be trusted!" - Chief O'Brien
  14. Star Trek Discovery

    Cardassians and Bajorans had a fifty year war with Cardassians claiming racial superiority. Those Black and White guys hated the White and Black guys. Humans encountering vulcans for the first time sparked a new wave of racism, and to be honest even as far forward as DS9 that was still present Spock was bullied relentlessly for being half-human
  15. Star Trek Discovery

    post racial? there's literally an episode where they have half-white/half-black people fighting with half-black/half-white people just because their skin colour is different. There's an episode where a black character goes back in time to experience what it was like being black and racially abused in america. Abraham Lincoln called Uhura a negress and then they had a chat about why that was wrong