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  1. Reviews lowered my expectations and I'm far from finished but I've been enthralled with Iron Fist from the start i love it.
  2. I saw it yesterday only planned on going once, but immediately felt like i had to and did see it again. Absolutely loved it. Oh and for the longest running time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that felt like it flew by dead quick.
  3. I believe he is talking about season 1 if that makes any difference to you
  4. For the past couple of months now I have had 10 episodes to go. I think about watching it and then either don't bother or get bored or distracted part way through the episode I want to be caught up before i watch the new ones, but it's a struggle for sure.
  5. I hope Netflix rethink their 2 marvel shows a year idea. I want Daredevil season 3 already I don't know if i can wait through Luke Cage season 1, Iron Fist season 1 and Jessica Jones season 2 first potentially even The Defenders.
  6. Nothing to do today and its gone up on netflix now so i guess that is my day sorted out.
  7. Until last year i'd never watched X-files all the way through, seen the odd episode because my parents and brother liked it a lot. But since October last year i've occasionally watched 2-3 episodes at a time i'm up to season 7 now or something like that.
  8. Torchwood was pretty much Russell T Davis baby the whole way through but you have a point Chibnail Co Produced the first 2 series of Torchwood(but only wrote 8 episodes). Just had nothing to do with the third series (the Children of Earth event series} or the american co produced final series
  9. It's time for a new show runner for sure, but i'm not too eager on it being Chris Chibnail while i liked series 1 of Broadchurch I've never been overly fond of his Doctor Who episodes. 42 comes across best of his for me and that was his first episode. I think part of that was due to following the dreadful Lazarus Experiment episode nearly anything could seem better compared to that. Hungry Earth/Cold Blood was a decent two part story but his later two episodes are two of my least favourite of Matt Smith era Dr Who in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Power of Three.
  10. An amazing bundle but in the same boat Civ BE is the only thing I don't have already that i want
  11. I saw Creed today, I didn't mind the fan service elements and overall a great movie. Michael B Jordan and Sly were fantastic. However even as an Everton fan myself and knowing Sly is one too it was bizarre seeing the Logo and Goodison Park in a major Hollywood movie.
  12. Just finished Jessica Jones, from the quality of Daredevil to the casting of this to the teasers and trailers I was hoping it would be good. But wow and damn it is better than i expected it to be.
  13. For me its more about the potential of bringing Galactus and Silver Surfer into the whole cosmic side