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  1. I guess your best option is Sonic Allstar Racing Transformed
  2. If your problems with The Last of Us and LA Noire were about them feeling like an interactive movie rather then a game then Heavy Rain is probably not for you.
  3. Yeah Cineworld in the UK already do unlimited passes at £17.90 a month where you can see as many films as you want and also occasional preview screenings.
  4. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    Just had JoJo majorly mess up ring announcing at the start of a Table match for the NXT Championship. "Your winner and still NXT women's champion this is a table match for the NXT Championship introducing your NXT women's Champion at 602lbs the Authors of Pain"
  5. Just got back from seeing Thor with my step daughter we both loved it.
  6. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    So I'm creating my own fictional caws and have come across a weird audio issue. If you use the name Isabella just on its own they are announced as Julian.
  7. I don't know how unpopular this is but I've never once seen the appeal of any Final Fantasy game.
  8. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    I've simmed a couple of years before i started playing the matches and played a year. Kofi challenged for both titles the first year. But it didn't happen the next two years Brock challenged for only universal as did Rollins.
  9. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    I think it's supposed to teach you now there are squash matches. For me personally this is the first year I've actually been able to do the wheel submission system in both sides of it.
  10. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    Hold R1 and any direction on right stick seems to work for me. Or if the character has a move that involves one of the carry positions (powerbomb, fireman's carry, on the shoulder or holding like for a fallaway slam) you just hold R1 whilst doing that move.
  11. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    Just had my first squash match as Braun against TJP. Breaking out afterwards and using the carry system to powerbomb him out of the ring and then lawndart him into the ring post for added brutality.
  12. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    Other then the one crash i mentioned in an 8 man battle royale and the lag experienced when 8 people are on the screen which turns out isn't every time I'm having tons of fun with this. I got bored of career within an hour but universe has been fun. Referring to the erratic power rankings system after Summerslam and Mania i move people between the main roster and NXT but other then that i let universe do it's thing and just play everything. My favourite so far has been a feud between Ciampa and Balor.
  13. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    An 8 man tag i played lagged a bit but was still just about playable. But an 8 man battle royale lagged so bad it crashed the game and my ps4. I've avoided 8 man matches since.
  14. theshadow

    WWE 2K18

    Somehow (Byron Saxton) commentary is more annoying this year sometimes.. "Bret Hart is on the offense" On repeat every time he does a move until my no reversals penality wore off.

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