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  1. Personally I've let my step daughter watch any of the MCU movies since I moved in when she was 7 but I know what she is like. I can't think why not personally i just thought those would be the ones they'd have more fun with. Forgot about Ant Man so I'd replace Dr Strange with that.
  2. I'm in the middle of an MCU Disney+ watch through myself so basing this on what is on there. I'd say Iron Man 1&2, Thor, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2 Dr Strange and Captain Marvel.
  3. Announced as returning Wednesday, September 4.
  4. Just looking to give them away so yours if you want them
  5. I recieved all 6 Dropmix discovery series 2 packs today as a present. It wasn't until after opening this pack i realised i already had one pack. Is anyone who has Dropmix in the UK interested in these cards.
  6. I think I saw Kevin Feige quoted as saying they were not revealing anything future movie related until post Far From Home.
  7. Still got Watchdogs, Assasins Creed Black Flag & Just Cause 2 sitting unplayed with my PS3 games here with me. God knows what games i left at my brothers house when i moved out last year.
  8. Thanks to this thread for making me aware what it was i stumbled on a bargin today getting Dropmix & the pop playlist pack at my local game store for £22. Coincidentally my step daughter is having friends over tonight for games and pizza i think it'll go down a treat. Here is the mix they ended up with https://share.dropmix.com/zd8MsTNovqu1Krn6gVsUSVwd1wuqElRN9LRUOmtJetw
  9. Not played much not had the free time had a couple of hours today so put it on with the intention to do some hunting for camp and progress some story stuff. Ended up shaving then playing dominoes with Hosea for 2 hours instead.
  10. Just got my platinum on Spider-man finished the story and didn't think i would be able to get the platinum as i needed 5 more challenge tokens to get the one suit i hadn't unlocked. Had 3 challenges I'd only managed bronze on figured if i tried and practice I'd get silver on them maybe after a while giving me 6 tokens. 1st one i tried again was a stealth one 1st retry and i got gold giving me the 5 i needed.
  11. theshadow

    WWE 2K19

    @Spooky Scary Apsham Cage matches were updated for this game i think Hell In a Cell were too to a lesser extent
  12. NES - Mario/Duck Hunt Master System - California Games & Alex Kidd in Miracle World Amiga - Zool PS1 - Cool Boarders N64 - Goldeneye PC - Total Annihilation PS2 - Timesplitters PS3 - Motorstorm PS4 - GTA5
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