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  1. The one thing in favour of Tight Ends is that the top 3 fact means you can adjust your draft strategy around the value of taking one of them early. It's a tradeoff of overall draft strategy vs an expanded pool of viable overall WRT's.
  2. I am in. I've been excited for this for like a month already. I'm in favour of: 1x RB, 1xWR, 4xWRT over 1xRB, 1xWR 1xTE, 3xWRT (I would be more in favour of 2xRB, 2xWR, 2xWRT) Retaining 7-point (or 6. Whatever. It was 6 now that I think about it, wasn't it?) passing touchdowns (makes it harder for people to use cheat sheets or whatever, opens up the strategy of when to go for QB at least a little) Dropping to half-PPR instead of the full PPR. Reason is that it gives some importance back to WRT's who score TD's without giving too much power to catching shitty passes. Also if we're feeling really adventurous, point per first down instead of half or full PPR would be spicy, but I don't feel too strongly about that one.
  3. Plubby


    Well Dharmasena taketh away, and Dharmasena giveth https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27191816/should-england-got-five-not-six-overthrows
  4. Plubby


    Good show by Roy making Dharmasena's decision only the second-most embarrassing thing to come out of that delivery.
  5. Avs over Canes in 6 for the finals
  6. All 4 wildcard teams move on
  7. You can have Semyon Varlamov, who is almost certainly leaving in FA. Also, pretend I wrote a smug paragraph beginning with "Is it really so interesting that I thought Calgary would be our best matchup?" here, and that can be the extent of my R1 victory lap.
  8. Interesting to see how we go from here. I thought before the playoffs that we do the best against Calgary of the six non-wildcard teams so now the team has to show if game 2 was a fluke or indication if we're in for a series.
  9. But No Man's Sky is good now?! (making no excuses for what it was on release)
  10. There was footage of one of the stewards kicking him during the goal celebrations as well, I thought I saw on twitter?
  11. "From what height?" - Jags fans
  12. Every GTA I've played was dogshit Animal Crossing Sucks I've never played a Zelda title because nothing in any trailer, ad or promotional material for it makes it seem at all compelling (the latter half of this is the take) Borderlands was fucking awful Halo was Thoroughly Okay At Best. AOE > C&C > Warcraft > Starcraft. I'm sure I have others i've forgotten.
  13. Fuck you know how bad Keenum has been when Elway is like " you know what will fix this? Joe Flacco!"
  14. Oh, DT I hope he lands somewhere new. And if not, he can always retire somewhere in Pittsburgh due to him owning them.
  15. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    Seriously though, Moore had the Peyton Manning gig while he was at Boise State so it will be interesting to see if he can call plays at the NFL level. He was pretty bloody successful at it in College.
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