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  1. Why don't you walk 5 feet!?
  2. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    I hope it's just to ask Hue for an opinion on a matter only to tell him "when you sit in this chair, then you can make those calls. But it's my chair now" or whatever Hue said on Hard Knocks, then immediately fire him.
  3. I mean, it wouldn't have got you the win, but if your team is just MG3 at this point then maybe putting him in might have helped? I went to bed last night losing by a point and woke up today winning by two and I had no players play in between those points. I can only assume that some rushes got corrected to passes.
  4. Just not when they play basketball
  5. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    He was 3-36-1 in Cleveland. He lost 90% of his games...
  6. I would outright win three of the other games this week but instead i'm sitting here on 129 points getting fucking *fisted* by more than 70 😕
  7. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    If I hated myself that much i'd be watching my Broncos
  8. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    FitzMagic may have just lost the Tampa coach his job. Why did this guy ever get benched for Winston?! Why am I still up at 3:50am watching this game?!
  9. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    Never mind, Jameis Winston won it convincingly. I think we may have witnessed the end of Jameis Winston as an NFL quarterback.
  10. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    Jameis Winston and Eli Manning are going throw-for-throw for in the The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Passing in Human History stakes. It's absolutely disgusting play.
  11. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    Did that announcer just call Ben Roethlisberger a floater? That's amazing.
  12. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    *has the Eagles -3* YEAH GOOD CALL! NO TURNOVER!
  13. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    Well, I hope you enjoy it anyway.
  14. Plubby

    NFL 2018

    Not anymore, I can't 😕 https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/broncos-waive-qb-chad-kelly

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