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  1. This is a mix of not following someone well enough to check that area when they pop up there or that I just use the easy way to add people to rosters via the multi-add in the fed pag and forget to check the box. I'll check those mentioned and will check that those under contracts are able to work in those areas. I guess just Gabe Sapolsky and Sal Hamaoui, that is unless he has issues with Dave Prazak and Lexie Fyfe in Shine. I don't think any WWNLive company will hire him but that will work too.
  2. Release AR Fox from every WWNLive company,and add strong dislike with their owners.
  3. Few quick fixes. -Raise Bram's popularity to 45-47 in USA. -Turn Eric Young heel. -Turn Homicide heel. -Turn James Storm heel. -Turn Lashley face. -Matt Hardy's pop is too high. 50 would be enough for him.
  4. TNA got TV deal in Canada,with The Fight Network. Friday Nights,Prime Time i guess,9 PM.
  5. Since the March is almost over and you decided to add storylines,here's what i see from TNA. BDC vs The Rising ( MVP&Drew as major,other as minor),50 heat. Low Ki vs Spud, 50 heat. Lashley vs Kurt Angle, 60 heat. Bram vs Magnus/with Mickie James, 80 heat. I'm not sure about this one : Revolution vs Hardyz/Wolves, 60 heat.
  6. Kendall Skye has been released a few months ago it seems like so I didn't include her TNA Had a really hard time with the TNA ones because like I said, I have never really watched them consistently, so some of them might be way off. Left the WWE guys in there for comparisons sake. Well, at least I tried. Here are the card positions before; and after: Good list for TNA,but i need it needs some fixes. Magnus is on high end of UM. Mr.Anderson is there too. Manik should be midcarder. Davey and Eddie should be on high end of Midcarder. Also Knux is LM i think. Low Ki could be midcarder too,but UM works for him too.Also Angle and Lashley is ME too.
  7. First of all,thank you for the update. But looks like TNA needs a major overhaul,in everywhere. I found it normal,too many people disliked TNA in Hogan/Bischoff era. Now it's really good,but i can understand. For size : USA - 55 Pop in everywhere,UK - 55 pop in everywhere,Canada-25 pop in everywhere. Abyss' mic skills are too high for him. 50 or 55 would be better,i never liked his promos. I don't think Awesome Kong is heel. Turn her face. The Wolves' gimmick would be better as No Gimmick Needed. Earl Hebner's pop might be higher. 30 maybe? EC3's gimmick rating at least should be very good. Turn Eric Young heel,i can't find a good gimmick for him tho. Maniac or Old School Heel would do. Lashley's push should be Main Eventer,not OC. Turn Low Ki heel. Gimmick stays same. Turn Magnus face,his gimmick might be Family Man. Raise MVP's entertaiment skills to 80. He's really great. Turn Samoa Joe heel. Release Shark Boy Release The Freak. Lower Tyrus' pop to 30 or 25 in USA. Release Velvet Sky,i'm not too sure about that but it looks like legit. It might be cosmetic but how about Feast or Fired titles? One for WHC,one for TTC,one for X-Division and one pink slip. TNA's starting money is too much. 2.5 Million should do it. Lower El Rey's coverage to Small.
  8. Guess thats for Destination America... also just noticed I forgot to move TNA from Spike to Destination America. I don't know which db you will update but i assumed that you are using this one. Yes,they did kinda weird thing for this show.
  9. I have that mod but it it slightly edited. I removed Hogan and his friends from TNA,if you want it i can upload it. Yes please, that would be great! Thanks There you go,you just need to delete -Kopya part. https://www.mediafire.com/?uwzcgwp798puzka
  10. I have that mod but it it slightly edited. I removed Hogan and his friends from TNA,if you want it i can upload it.
  11. 24 weeks might be too harsh,his injury was reported 1 month ago iirc. Also he said on YT video that he'll be on iMPACT at their debut show,but Torn Bicep injury prevents it.
  12. I guess you're using TEW10 databese for next releases,but TNA is extremely outdated in there. -Alex Silva doesn't work for TNA. I guess his last appearance was 2 years ago. -Austin Aries is face with Fan Favourite gimmick. -Change Bobby Lashley's TNA alter ego to Lashley,heel and give him 50-55 popularity across the USA. That should make him UM/ME in TNA. -Bobby Roode is face with Fan Favourite gimmick. -Give Bram 40 popularity across the USA,raise his Brawling to 60 and Hardcore to 55. Also raise his Mic skills to 65. -Brittany is heel,gimmick is Crazy. -Bully Ray doesn't work for TNA anymore. -Chris Melendez's gimmick should be Armed Forces(Gimmicky) -Change Christy Hemme's push to Announcer. -Davey Richards is face. -Give Dixie Carter an injury for 1 or 3 months. I don't think she's coming back anytime soon. -Raise Eric Young's popularity to 40-45. -Gail Kim is face,but i'm not sure about her gimmick. -Garrett Bischoff is working for TNA but he didn't make any apperances since BFG,so you can remove him. I'm not sure on working part though,he's still on roster page iirc. -Gunner is face. -Hernandez is no longer working for TNA. -James Storm is heel with Cult Leader gimmick. -Jay Bradley doesn't work for TNA. -Knux is face. -Give Kurt Angle an authoriy figure gimmick,and make his favoured role like this : Wrestler : None,OC Wrestler : Sometimes, Personality : Sometimes. -Remove Lei'd Tapa from TNA. -Low Ki is face and his pop should be 25-30. -Manik is heel. -Mr.Anderson is face. -MVP is heel. -ODB doesn't work for TNA. -Remove Rampage Jakcson from TNA. -Rebel is face. -Raise Spud's mic skills to 75. -Rename Sanada's TNA alter ego to The Great Sanada with Copy Cat gimmick,also make him heel. -Remove Wes Brisco. -Remove Yasu. -Jeff Hardy doesn't use Willow gimmick in TNA. It's already midnight here,tomorrow i'll check this list and see if i can find anything to add on.

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