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  1. Smallville. Worth checking out or not?

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    2. Noah


      Isn't the prevailing opinion that the early seasons were poor and that it comes into its own late on?

      I actually prefer the early stuff, the whole pre-Superman Clark Kent doing heroic stuff on the sly, worked better in the early years for mine.  As opposed to the later years where he had to come up with crap like 'The Blur' to disguise what he was doing.

    3. Tyrone


      A lot of people don't like the Clark/Lana stuff at the start and prefer the later Zod story when it becomes more of a serious superhero show, but I agree with Forky. Aside from the freak-of-the-week bits, early Smallville is pretty good.

    4. The Young & The Forkless

      The Young & The Forkless

      I love the Zod stuff mainly because the actor who plays him is amazing, but I still think the early seasons are the best. 10 was probably the hardest for me to finish. I was halfway through it for like a year before I finall went and finished it.

  2. His ex-girlfriend got a girlfriend. his Barbie tried a female Ken.

  3. I'm still in shock from this news. I must say he had a huge impact on me, as far as producing music goes. He truly was a musical genius and his track Levels will always be one of my all time favorites. The impact the had on both EDM and mainstream music is unbelievable. Alongside Guetta and Tiesto he was one of those artist that blurred the lines between genres and brought a ton of attention to EDM. Specially after he brought Madonna to perform with him at Ultra Miami. I watched his documentary just two weeks ago and it was crazy what he was going through. One of the reasons he got alcohol addicted was because he went from his bedroom to playing in front of thousands and thousands, and alcohol was just one of the things that helped him relax and get rid of being nervous. In the end of the documentary it showed him how much better he got since he ended touring and just returned to doing what he loved doing the most - and that is being in the studio. So it came as a huge shock when I found out that a such young and talented person, who beat his addiction and demons passed away. It's a huge loss for EDM and mainstream community.
  4. NerdCity is amazing. I would recommend everyone to take some time and go watch his TryHards series. It's a perfect mixture of putting a ton of work into it and being funny and entertaining. I'm really glad I discovered him through the likes of H3H3 and IdubbbzTv. (Yeah judge me for liking edgy content). Also, this guy is one of my favorites: He does reviews of retro VHS Tapes, and retro video games and in recent times retro cooking recipes.
  5. Tkasto

    The Flash

    So tonight's episode should be fun. Can't wait to read all the comments tomorrow on Social Media.
  6. Tkasto

    The Flash

    We are The Flash.
  7. Tkasto

    The Flash

    Next episode spoiler: (even tho it's been all over the internet and even on The Flash Facebook page.)
  8. Just discovered this guy recently and I must admit his videos are amazing. The amount of work he puts in is just crazy.
  9. Tkasto

    The Flash

    Well thanks to a Youtuber I just saw a picture from an upcoming episode. I can already see myself hating that episode. Spoiler: it involves Iris.
  10. I just love how after XFL 2020 was announced, South Park posted a picture of Sarcastaball 2020.
  11. Tkasto

    The Flash

    I knew he was gonna star on The Flash, but:
  12. I really hope you're gonna like your roster in the draft.

  13. While you guys are talking about The Room, I will just leave this here:

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