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  1. The Flash

    So tonight's episode should be fun. Can't wait to read all the comments tomorrow on Social Media.
  2. The Flash

    We are The Flash.
  3. The Flash

    Next episode spoiler: (even tho it's been all over the internet and even on The Flash Facebook page.)
  4. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Just discovered this guy recently and I must admit his videos are amazing. The amount of work he puts in is just crazy.
  5. The Flash

    Well thanks to a Youtuber I just saw a picture from an upcoming episode. I can already see myself hating that episode. Spoiler: it involves Iris.
  6. Vince McMahon to relaunch the XFL

    I just love how after XFL 2020 was announced, South Park posted a picture of Sarcastaball 2020.
  7. The Flash

    I knew he was gonna star on The Flash, but:
  8. I really hope you're gonna like your roster in the draft.

  9. General Movie Thread

    While you guys are talking about The Room, I will just leave this here:
  10. Comic Book Films & TV

    I can't believe how much I disliked Heatwave when they first introduced him. But, right now he is one of my favourites in the entire Arrowverse.
  11. Comic Book Films & TV

    Ending of the latest episode of Legends Of Tomorrow: