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  1. Huge thanks. It looks great. Also, I realised I screwed up with the poster request. I don't need it for Extreme Rules (since it already happened in my diary), instead I need it for Hell In A Cell.
  2. That looks amazing. Thank you.
  3. Holy crap. This show is amazing. Sasha Baron Cohen and Nathan Fielder are geniuses.
  4. Back again with a new request. 1. Poster Name/Event: WWE Extreme Rules Wrestlers: The Bludgeon Brothers Size: Your choice. Colors, theme, etc: Your choice. 2. SummerSlam banner Wrestlers: Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss Size: Your choice. Colors, theme, etc: Your choice.
  5. Well, I was never a big fan of games like this (First person shooter games). But I still decided to give it a try, but it just didn't sit well with me. From the way it look and the building between shooting. I'm just gonna stick to Tycoon games, which I enjoy a lot more.
  6. So, I tried this game and after 5 minutes of playing, I decided to delete the game.
  7. Got 100 good responses and it was like nothing. Then one bad response ruined my entire day.

  8. Tkasto

    WWE 2K19

    Second screenshot of the game:
  9. Tkasto

    WWE 2K19

    First screenshot of the game:
  10. BREAKING: WARNER BROS has tapped a writer to begin work on a SUPERGIRL movie!

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