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  1. Tkasto

    South Park

    So far this season has been amazing. The amount of people who didn't understand the ending of last night episode is crazy.
  2. Adam Sandler is Vince McMahon. In cinemas never.

    1. High Overlord Cloudfang

      High Overlord Cloudfang

      An unfunny, mean-spirited rich buffoon playing an unfunny, mean-spirited rich buffoon? Sounds like perfect casting to me.

    2. BartholomewHigginsJones


      Does Vince McMahon even know who Adam Sandler is? Wouldn't surprise me if he didn't.

    3. Molly


      He'll discover who Adam Sandler is, in about 5 years or so, fall in love with his brand of comedy and make him guest host of Wrestlemania.

  3. I need a follow-up of Truman Show. 

    1. BartholomewHigginsJones


      Would it be called Eisenhower Show?

  4. Tkasto

    WWE 2K19

    So tomorrow all Youtubers that were invited to the WWE Games event, will start uploading game footage tomorrow. Until then, here is a leak video of The Bar entrance.
  5. Tkasto

    WWE 2K19

    Maybe he will be announced on Twitter in the next couple of days, like they did with couple of other characters last year.
  6. Tkasto

    WWE 2K19

    The soundtrack was revealed, as following:

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