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  1. This is the dance of a gigolo.

    1. Mick


      With Sexy Results!

  2. My ex just texted me. Not today Satan.

  3. They have announced that in Season 4:
  4. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and some blonde guy. Coming soon to theaters. Plus a cameo from Adam Sandler.

  5. I had no idea they have an actual Savitar Suit. I thought the entire suit was CGI. Two pictures of the suit: Plus some leaked footage from a future episode (SPOILERS):
  6. *Points to the sign*.

    1. MDK


      *points to your crotch*

    2. Noah


      *kicks both of you in the dick*

  7. Adam Sandler makes a movie...

    1. Murdo D. Plant

      Murdo D. Plant

      Does he play a not so bright guy with a good heart while being prone to fits of rage?

    2. Broken Cloudy

      Broken Cloudy

      Adam Sandler Makes A Porno.

  8. I think it's because of the game, that is coming out soon. That they are more focusing on that.
  9. I would love to see Alchemy turn Wally into Kid Flash and then have him turn on Barry for half a season. Blaming him for not telling him he was Flash Kid in the other timeline, denying him his powers, etc.
  10. Full Name (22 characters max): TKasto Shortened Name (10 characters max): TK Gender: Male Age (18 minimum): 21 Birth month: June Weight: Lightweight Nationality: European Primary Finisher + Type: F5 (Impact) Secondary Finisher + Type: Shooting Star Press (Top Rope) Disposition: Heel Gimmick: Blue Chipper In-Ring and Mic Stats (250 pts to divide how you like) Brawling: 60 Speed: 70 Technical: 55 Charisma: 65 Performance Stats (120 pts to divide how you like) Stiffness: 35 Selling:85 Checkboxes (2 max) High Spots, Superstar Look, Announcer, Shooting Ability, Diva, Booker, Fonz Factor, Menacing, Trainer Tag teams or stables N/A
  11. Slovenia is slowly taking over the World.

  12. In words of a Broken Man:

  13. Two spoiler pictures from Season 3: