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  1. Smallville. Worth checking out or not?

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    2. Noah


      Isn't the prevailing opinion that the early seasons were poor and that it comes into its own late on?

      I actually prefer the early stuff, the whole pre-Superman Clark Kent doing heroic stuff on the sly, worked better in the early years for mine.  As opposed to the later years where he had to come up with crap like 'The Blur' to disguise what he was doing.

    3. Tyrone


      A lot of people don't like the Clark/Lana stuff at the start and prefer the later Zod story when it becomes more of a serious superhero show, but I agree with Forky. Aside from the freak-of-the-week bits, early Smallville is pretty good.

    4. NakaFORKY Plaza

      NakaFORKY Plaza

      I love the Zod stuff mainly because the actor who plays him is amazing, but I still think the early seasons are the best. 10 was probably the hardest for me to finish. I was halfway through it for like a year before I finall went and finished it.

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