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  1. Second trailer for the crossover.
  2. First footage/Teaser of Deadpool 2:
  3. Tkasto

    The Flash

    Last night episode had to be one of the best episodes of The Flash so far.
  4. Tkasto

    The Flash

    Includes some spoilers from episode 1!
  5. How to succeed on Youtube? Write a very bad diss track.

    1. OctoberRaven


      A very bad diss track.

      And now to wait for the sponsors....

    2. Just Joe

      Just Joe

      The ting go skrrrrrrra 

    3. Arjen Robben

      Arjen Robben

      I think most of them were already succeeding on YouTube, for perhaps even more inane nonsense. :facepalm:

  6. Tkasto

    The Flash

    So The Flash is back and I'm excited. About the ending:
  7. Tkasto

    WWE 2K18

    Just watched a video of MyCareer. And he is back - The Myth, The Legend:
  8. Tkasto

    WWE 2K18

    WWE 2K18 Universe Mode details:
  9. But, does it burn?

    1. Forky


      Not anymore. I got some medication to take care of the burning.

  10. Tkasto

    WWE 2K18

    WWE 2K18 PC: System Specs
  11. Tkasto

    WWE 2K18

    People are freaking out on Social Medias. It's fun to read.
  12. Tkasto

    WWE 2K18

    WWE 2K18 PC screenshots:
  13. Tkasto

    WWE 2K18

  14. Tkasto

    WWE 2K18

    From 2KDev Forum: Hello WWE Universe, I see some of you are still worried about the logo fading issue in WWE 2K18. As Lynell mentioned in the most recent Dev Spotlight series we have two types of image mapping now in our creations suite. The first method is what we’ve been using, and still includes the logo fading (for those that like this effect). The second method eliminates the logo fade, and also allows the image to wrap around the part it’s being applied to. Below is a side-by-side comparison of both methods. Hopefully, this will reinforce that we have heard the WWE Universe voice on the matter. Here is the traditional mapping method and here is the new method without the fade
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