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  1. Arcadia added a post in a topic The Mafia Discussion Thread   

    I'd be interested in playing. I had joined EWB just to start playing Mafia, unfortunately that was just when the group decided not to run the games any more. So I'd definitely be up for a game.
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  2. Arcadia added a post in a topic EWB's Top Artists of 2012 Voting Thread   

    [list=1][*]Fly Leaf[*]Evanescence[*]Delain[*]The Vaccines[*]Foo Fighters[*]Papa Roach[*]Nivana[*]The Rolling Stones[*]The white stripes[*]Fall Out Boy[*]Within Temptation[*]The Clash[*]Escape the Fate[*]The Used[*]Red Hot Chilli Peppers[/list]
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