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  1. WWE 2K16

    So is MyCareer on the 360 version as well this year or is it still just next gen?
  2. Robin Williams reportedly dead

    Aw fuck man. This guy's movies basically made up my childhood. That's my good mood gone for the day. ;-;
  3. The last 5 songs you listened to.

    Sleep With One Eye Open by Bring Me The Horizon Dear:Devil by I, The Breather Crawling by Linkin Park Curse of The Virgin Canvas by Alesana A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta by Asking Alexandria.
  4. Why do you keep putting it in quotes? Seriously, why? Music can't really be objectively bad, though, because there's always gonna be someone that enjoys it. You can think it's bad but that doesn't make it objectively bad. Do you really think that much of yourself that you believe your opinion to be absolute unbreakable fact? Oh, and out of curiousity, what are the Metalcore bands you've listened to?
  5. Why is Metalcore in quotation marks? Are you trying to imply it isn't a real thing? Maybe irrational hate is the wrong term. What I find irrational is people who listen to a couple bands they don't like and decide that the entire genre is the drizzling shits. If a person has actually listened to a fair bit of this or any genre for that matter, and still dislike it, fair enough. But to say that all of a genre is shit because of a couple bands you don't like is idiotic and, yes, irrational.
  6. Killswitch Engage?
  7. I'd say it is irrational, considering that most folk that hate it have never actually listened to more than one or two Metalcore bands.
  8. That's probably because they're mostly from Metalcore bands and most people on the internet either don't listen to or have an irrational hatred for Metalcore.
  9. 1. Tyler Carter 2. Tilian Pearson 3. Michael Jagmin 4. Ben Bruce 5. Andy Biersack/Black/Six/whatever fucking name he goes by now. 6. Aaron Pauley 7. Shayley Bourget 8. Matty Mullins 9. Devin Oliver 10. Alex Gaskarth. Honorable mentions: Caleb Shomo, Jeffrey Wellfare, Vic Fuentes, Danny Worsnop, Andy Leo and Ahren Stringer.
  10. TEW Graphic Requests

    Looking for someone to make me a TEW13 logo based off of the Sumerian Records sphinx logo (linked below)? Name of the company is to be Sumerian Pro Wrestling (SPW). Not exactly original but who cares? I certainly don't. Please and thank you. Link to the logo:
  11. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    I don't know what I just watched but it was brilliant. Was that... Pig Squealing I heard during the breakdown about two minutes in?
  12. Bands That Don't Live Up To The Hype

    I'm a fan of Bring Me The Horizon and I don't even understand all the praise they get.
  13. Bands That Don't Live Up To The Hype

    Dragonforce. Seriously, fuck Dragonforce. Also, the whole Thrash Metal big four have always seemed far too hyped for how good they actually are.
  14. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    The only Australian band I can think of that fits that description is Sisters Doll, who are Hard Rock/Glam Rock.
  15. Hardcore

    So I asked a similar question in the Metal thread (only with Death Metal instead of Hardcore): What bands would you guys suggest for someone who likes Metalcore/Post Hardcore and is trying to get into straight up Hardcore?