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  1. New Age Niner's GK: Begovic, Gomes DF: Walker, Kompany, Alexander-Arnold, Van Aanholt, Rudiger MF: Kante, Erikson, Sane, Torreria, Moutinho FW: Firmino, King, Muto By the by where am I paying my money to? He sure is!
  2. Wait, this is the actual rumour?!
  3. http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/news/a863828/jack-whitehall-jungle-cruise-disney-backlash-gay-character/ I honestly don't get the backlash.
  4. UK folk can pre order this from shop.to, since I found it there and not on Amazon. >_>
  5. Numbers go before letters when ordering them you racist @Baddar!
  6. Agreed. Everton do have a stronger squad than Plymouth this season.

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