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  1. David Raya has always been a dodgy keeper.
  2. The servers being down this afternoon annoyed me but I am very hype for this game.
  3. Wouldn't that be shit if fans can't go and see that possible tie.
  4. RVN training a young Danny Welbeck.
  5. The start of Xcom 2 and the first few missions. @Cymbols
  6. Very life like. Edit - Also, it's a very right wing team.
  7. At least there won't be any VSS's to steal.
  8. Hoping this is the next Rocket League tbh. I think alot of people are up for this.
  9. Not that I have done a squad yet but I wouldn't really include Bellamy for us given it was just one, great, season.
  10. Hardly. All three were world class.
  11. If only it was Panda Energy.
  12. It's more than that by now.
  13. Eddie posting a Simpsons meme?! 2020 has only now truly gone nuts!
  14. Red Foreman is the best TV dad.
  15. Only Liverpool and Manchester City have won more Premier League games than Tottenham since Mourinho's first game in November.
  16. None of these mods compare to the TEW 2020 ones we sell in the donators.
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