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  1. Congratulations to you @Adam es Tranquilo for winning and thanks for setting this up, was a lot of fun throughout the season. Will be straight in to do this again next season
  2. 103 point haul for me this week! Though I think there was a 95 point score a while back in a week that didn't have teams playing twice that was more impressive. Annoyingly I think that was against me!
  3. It's looking like a shock defeat for @Adam es Tranquilo but can @DMo Salah grab a victory to sent the title fight to the final day? Also after a while of wanting @Adam es Tranquilo to lose, he can feel free to win on the last day because that helps me take 3rd😁
  4. Mark Williams is dominating John Higgins at the moment, six frames in a row to lead 13-7
  5. Mine and @Jimmy's fight for 3rd has kept me invested until the end of the season
  6. So does that mean that men with naturally very low levels of testosterone can compete against women or is it the "fuck you Semenya" that it looks like?
  7. If getting rid of Jack Rodwell was that easy, he'd already be gone. In years to come there'll be a plaque outside the stadium showing people the marks his fingernails left as he was finally dragged out.
  8. Fine, you can have Pardew instead.
  9. It'll be weird having him gone but this has been coming for a few years. Looks like Big Sam has a new job after he leaves Everton
  10. Worse than useless, it'll deflect anything that hits it straight up the poor sod's arse!
  11. It's just Brad and Guru Larry now I think. Irvine (part of Team Snob) has been talking about how most of their views come from youtube/their own site so I wouldn't be shocked to see Brad leave as well.
  12. Wow. That statement. Just wow. Someone in the comments summed it up perfectly "its rare when 'I'm sorry you feel that way is the better response you've given so far'" How long before Brad decides "fuck this noise" and leaves?
  13. I think the last big thing that CA had going for it was the sense of community between the producers (aside from Doug and his Chicago kliq) so I can how some people may have kept quite about the exact reasons they left because they didn't want to potentially force their friends into a snap decision to either leave CA or not. Plus several of the people who left recently have said that they stayed longer than they wanted to because they needed to build their YouTube presence after the end of Blip, a lot of them were pretty much soley dependant on CA for views until they managed to build up subscribers on YouTube after the (in hindsight and in fairness they didn't have much of an option at that point) short sighted decision to go with Blip.

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