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  1. Premier League 2017/18

    But the lower leagues were more civilised back then and didn't believe that finishing rock bottom of the Football League was any reason to see them relegated.
  2. Premier League 2017/18

    It's a good job my decision to bench Willian this week in my Fantasy team isn't biting me on the arse! Though so long as Fabregas doesn't make a cameo later on I might get him on as a sub
  3. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

  4. The Ashes 2017/18

    That means I can follow/watch it at work during quiet times!
  5. Nintendo Megathread

    Playing Metroid Fusion on the SP. So much fun even though Metroid is one of those franchises I've never got round to playing before. May need to track down Zero Mission as well, since it seems to be a remake of the first Metroid game.
  6. Premier League 2017/18

    Blackburn did go down under Roy. He came in midseason after Kidd screwed up but they went down under Hodgson.
  7. The Robot Wars Thread

    I think they're hoping someone gets flipped out during the fog for the visual. More than likely won't happen but that would be a great image.
  8. Football Manager 2018

    Just remember to change which netty thing you aim at after half time.
  9. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    Up to 2nd! But guys we need to start beating @Adam and let him join in this 4/5 way fight going on below him. He'll get bored otherwise
  10. Star Trek Discovery

    Wasn't the explanation in V that Sybock wasn't his biological brother but a really close friend that Spock saw as a brother? Still doesn't explain why Spock hadn't mentioned him up til then but it was something at least.
  11. Star Trek Discovery

    The Spock issue bothers me more than the holodecks. If Michael was as important to Sarak as the show wants us to believe she is we really should have heard about her by now, even just a throwaway line from Spock about having siblings (no Sybock doesn't count, that film should be fired into the galactic barrier). If we see Spock it has to be handled very well or it will come across as fanservice for no other reason than fanservice.
  12. Star Trek Discovery

    It's one of those weird things with modern trek, while it doesn't fit in canon (though have we had anything confirming when holodecks were invented in-universe?) it's something that makes sense for them to have when you look at how far VR has come in real life. I'm fine with it but I can see how it may irk some people.
  13. Football Manager 2018

    Former wunderkind bringing the joys of 3-5-2 to Iceland!
  14. Star Trek Discovery

    This week's episode was a nice bit of character work for Burnham and Sarak, very enjoyable episode.
  15. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    If I've done the maths right, I think @Moses Julep has pipped me by a point, making it back to back one point losses.