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  1. Or reliable. Can only assume Honda's engines are a lot cheaper than Ferrari's (granted, for VERY good reasons)
  2. From a pure footballing perspective this seems strange, since he's only scored 5 times all season and his side just got relegated to League Two. Surely a move in January if he starts scoring freely in League Two would have made more sense? Unless Utd are hurting for strikers and I hadn't noticed what with their winning the division and everything.
  3. Don't worry guys the Head of the Romanian Tennis Federation has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why Nastase's comments about Serena were not racist! Take a wild fucking guess as to what it is.... Correct! "What I know is that he is a very good friend with Yannick Noah and he played many tournaments together with Arthur Ashe [Noah and Ashe are the only black men to win Grand Slam singles titles] - I'm sure he didn't say something wrong." He has black friends you guys! The defence rests.
  4. Nastase apparently decided to double down on his dickishness today, throwing verbal abuse at both Anne Keothavong and Johanna Konta during Konta's Fed Cup match, being ejected for apparently calling the pair of them "fucking bitches" and sending Konta off the court in tears. Twat. For the record, having left the court 3-1 down in the second set, Konta returned and won the next five games in a row to win the match 6-2 6-3. WAR KONTA!
  5. It get worse when you realise the Minardi Fernado drove at the start of his career managed to finish 4 out of six cars in the first three races
  6. Eh, at least then when I want to punch my side's manager in the face after a bad performance, John Terry won't make me feel guilty about it.
  7. FINALLY!! Shouldn't have been brought in in the first place, should have been fired weeks ago. At least he did the vaguely decent thing in resigning since you have the feeling he would have survived to the end of the season no matter what. Only problem is who do we bring in now? or more's the point, who the hell will take the job now?
  8. Not really. The thinking on the fans part is that the new owners wanting to bring in their own man to wipe the slate clean from Yeung' mob.
  9. Which is infuriating as a Blues fan because of how well placed we were the day before we sacked Rowett. Surely if Zola gets us relegated that's him done in England
  10. If I'm being cynical, I'm guessing the clubs medical staff are owed more in back pay than the one off payment needed to bring in outside staff
  11. Fucking Zola. 2 in 24 awaits unless something remarkable happens.
  12. I really liked that episode. The Doctor/companion set up felt very natural and Bill came off FAR less irritating than the trailers made her seem. If she remains like this for the whole season then it'll be a shame if she only does the one.
  13. He's been suspended. You know, until they think people have stopped paying attention at which point they'll bring him back because if they didn't sack him over the Hillsborough coverage they sure as hell won't do it over this. It'll take a stake through the heart to finally get rid of him
  14. He's saving us from relegation! Much like me setting a man on fire, putting him out and calling myself a hero.
  15. The hell has happened to Reading today? 6-1 down at half time! Also Blues are losing to Derby, Rowett getting his revenge so far and taking Zola's record to 2 wins from 22 as things stand. At least Barnsley are doing us a favour so far