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  1. Or we could lose 5-1 😒
  2. I started a game on the full game as TNS. Got through the Champions League 1st Qualifying Round 4-1 on aggregate against FK Sutjeska Niksic of Montenegro (thus meeting the boards expectation), drew Legia in the 2nd round, 1st leg at home hoping for a respectable result and this happened: If I can pull this off, we have AEK in the next round. Though we have an annoying friendly before the 2nd leg that I can't seem to cancel
  3. The rarely spotted Reverse Spursing it!
  4. Bought it. Started a game on FMTouch as Billericay Town (yes, I know, owned by an utter tosser) to get me familiar with the new features. Tactics are much improved, it's now much easier to find a tactic that suit your style. Six games into the season, five wins and one draw and just battered 2nd place East Thurrock 6-1 to give me a three point lead in 1st. Only worry is my defense leaks like a sieve, I've won 3-2, 4-3, 3-1, 4-2 and 6-1 plus a 3-3 draw. Fortunately the entire side aside from my signings are one one year deals so I can get shot of them come seasons end.
  5. The commentary for that match is going to be insufferable isn't it? 90 minutes of verbal blowjobs sent Rooneys way.
  6. The last FM I bought was 16, is 19 a big enough improvement to warrant buying it?
  7. Birmingham up to 9th and only a point off the play offs! Recent blues history suggests that we're about to sack our manager for no good reason then hire a failed manager who used to play for Chelsea.
  8. Everton did me a good job today, Pickford saves a penalty and keeps a clean sheet, plus Stirling being rested brings in Keane who got an assist.
  9. Yeah, I mean Real Madrid scoring?
  10. Real 2-0 down at home. Conte may be getting that phone call very soon.

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