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  1. Star Wars Episode I: That was so bad I think you gave me cancer!
  2. Elbows has apparently agreed personal terms for a move to a Chinese club
  3. hugobomb


    Sure you can, one wicket keeper and a guy at fly slip who drifts into the centre. With someone else at long stop to be safe.
  4. hugobomb


    Which made Jimmys 81 against India all the more glorious
  5. I liked the first episode, hopefully the Colombian special on tomorrow is up to usual foreign special standard.
  6. I can just imagine the gritted teeth explanation at the next job interview when the chairmen brings up how you were relegated at your last club
  7. Does he have history there like Torres and Costa or have Atletico just become the official resting place for Chelsea strikers?
  8. Fair play, didn't expect to get that right. Who are the five managers to have won the Champions League with different clubs?
  9. Only when it gets the last few hours do they break out the House of Fraser discounts
  10. As opposed to Orient's which is foedus tribus
  11. These Are The Voyages Enterprise was a very flawed show (though season 4 was a big step up) but it didn't deserve to have its finale be a glorified TNG episode
  12. Didn't he manage Sheffield United for a few months? Just another reason Wednesday fans shouldn't want him
  13. Burnley, Swansea and Palace. Main transfer dealings were bringing in Kasey Palmer (MC/AMC), Sebastiano Luperto (DC), Bartosz Kapustka (AMRLC), Carlos Bacca (AMC/STC) and Andrea Di Grazia (AMLR) on free tranfers since I got a decent wage budget but only a couple of million to spend. Kept the first XI from last season together aside from the loan players who I've managed to replace with free transfers. Only loans are Juan Carlos (GK) from Roman and Raul Ruidiaz (STK) from Spurs since I couldn't find a good striker to bring in on a free aside from Bacca who is more likely to act as cover for Ruidiaz and Palmer. Didn't sell anyone of note after knocking back bids for Besic (£3.5M?! Jog on Brentford) and Dylan Hanlon who at 18 my main central midfield cover already with even more scope to improve and not leaving for anything short of £10 Million. We've made a good start to the season, made the 3rd round of the Carabao Cup like board wanted (who like last season just want a top half finish and there wasn't enough extra budget to be worth raising that) before losing 3-1 to Arsenal. Unbeaten after the first ten games (six wins and four draws) to sit 2nd, just two points behind Middlesborough.

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