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  1. Star Trek TV

    As great as that two parter was, it just made hammered home how good Voyager could have been if there were actual consequences to their actions instead of the ship being magically fixed every week and supply problems only being a thing when the writers wanted it to be.
  2. Star Trek TV

  3. Cricket!

    Alright England, it's the first Test against New Zealand, this your chance to start redeeming yourselves after the Ashes. 58 All Out in the first innings. Also they were 28-9 and staring at the lowest ever England total at one point until Overton (you know A BOWLER) managed to get 33 and get them to 58.
  4. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    IIRC he bought the rights to Fighting American solely to try and claim he wasn't ripping off Captain America. Didn't he also try to claim Bedrock/Badrock wasn't infringing on the Flintstones in any way despite his catchphrase being "YABBA DABBA DOOM!!"?
  5. Sky Bet EFL 2017/18

    We'll see how long it takes him to fuck off to a another club this time. Though given how he utterly failed at Eastleigh this might be the time Barnet give him the boot rather than him jumping ship the instant someone else comes calling.
  6. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    David Silva did @Adam es Tranquilo a huge favour this week. Also, up to 3rd!
  7. Complete Your Collection

    Child Of Light 20 out of 20 Trophies Collected Great little game, recommend it to any RPG fan. Easier than most games to get all the trophies because it doesn't expect you to get every ability to the full 3 stars, just getting one to 3 stars will net you the trophy (I did have to check online to make sure that there isn't a separate hidden trophy for completing everyone's ability grid). First game in my collection I've platinumed. Next is probably I am Setsuna.
  8. Football Manager 2018

    Just shove them into exclusive goalkeeper training. With a forwards coach running it.
  9. Formula One 2018

    It's apparently because some countries only show the race and none of the build up so by moving it to ten past those countries will show at least the pit walk. What's stopping those countries from just moving the start of their coverage to 10 past is not clear.
  10. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    Happy with my transfer window moves. Now have a front three of Lukaku, Giroid and Aubameyang, with Moura on the bench to come in for one of them if he gets the game time.
  11. Cricket!

    We've won the ODI series! England looking in good form one day wise! Then they go ahead and slump to 8 for 5 in the 4th ODI. Because of course they do.
  12. Vince McMahon to relaunch the XFL

    Instead of a maximum amount of bouncers per over it'll be a minimum of 3 bouncers per over and no punishment for beamers. And the stumps will be on fire throughout the whole match. The ICC can feel free to bring in that last one.
  13. The Tennis thread

    Edmund has made the quarters!
  14. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    Come on lads, some of you need to get on board with this "not letting @Los IngobernAdam de Japon run away with it" plan. I account for HALF his losses so far
  15. The January Transfer Window - 2018

    I said the same when Portsmouth fans were whining that former players were still being paid the money the club owed them. At the end of the day if a club has agreed to pay someone X amount a week for Y number of years it doesn't stop being their right to be paid that money just because you've realised you're paying him far more money that he's worth/then you can afford.