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  1. Campbell's gone from Macclesfield
  2. John O'Shea to cover the front five positions, Luiz to cover the back five
  3. hugobomb

    The Ashes

    Archer did so well to tighten those last 3 balls up after that 6. Stokes was immense and of course New Zealand will look back at that obscene moment of luck in the last over.
  4. Birmingham sack Garry Monk Fuck's sake.
  5. In "our board are fucking idiots" news, there is a lot of talk about Garry Monk getting the boot. Apparently the board don't like his playing style, you know, like they didn't like Rowetts style and a change of manager worked out so fucking well that time didn't it?
  6. hugobomb

    The Ashes

    Much better performance today from England. Roy gets 153, Stokes and Archer take three wickets each, England win by 100+ runs.
  7. Bale has be on his way out, more than likely along with Rodriguez (even if he doesn't want to go to Bayern, I don't see him getting back into the first team) and a few others. Of course I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if UEFA just ignored any FFP violation while at the same time hounding City over theirs.
  8. hugobomb

    The Ashes

    South Africa making hard work of Bangladesh here. Upset on the cards?
  9. hugobomb

    The Ashes

    World Cup time! A good win for England yesterday, plus an absolute world class catch from Stokes https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/cricket/48467301 Today, Pakistan 105 all out against the Windies.
  10. Glenn Fucking Murray!!!!! Brighton lead!
  11. The final has been outstanding so far 6-5 Trump and we've already had six centuries
  12. Dott is on the verge of an amazing comeback. 8-1 down after the first session, just made it 9-9. Bingham didn't help himself by forfeiting a frame after three fouls and misses.
  13. Where's the "Place illegal bet" option? Or is that under the Bookmarks tab as a cunning ploy to evade detection?
  14. It's Amazon Prime rather than Netflix but this is still very important news: Farscape is now on Prime!! Including Peacekeeper Wars!
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