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  1. The Cech comment made me realise an even bigger omission: Where the fuck is Peter Schmeichel on that list? Unless he joined before the Premiership rebrand in which case Cech is the most deserving keeper. EDIT: Googled it, Schmeichel joined in 91 so doesn't count as an Premier League import.
  2. Marko told the Red Bull drivers to get coronavirus while the season was delayed Fortunately the rest of the Red Bull management were against this and the idea was abandoned
  3. One little thing I love about this years version is having the Director of Football recommendations option front and centre on the scouting page instead of having to hunt for it like before. Makes things so much quicker
  4. It's your own fault for not seeing through Dr. Nick's false identity
  5. Worms! Multiplayer Worms took many an evening away from me. I think CM3 was my first as well, I have played CM 1 & 2 but that was a few years later having found them in charity shops.
  6. Sonic 2 Final Fantasy 7 Freespace 1 and 2 Championship Manager 01/02 Broken Sword Monkey Island
  7. Ah, so it was Rochdale that truly bottled their run in.
  8. Were Walsall in the top three before not winning any of their last four games? Though by the looks of it nobody aside from you went into the play offs with decent form
  9. Schumacher, Rosberg, Hamilton and Bottas sounds right. Didn't Button leave for McLaren when they bought out Brawn so they could bring in Schumacher and have an all German line up?
  10. Is he the guy who got a 6 month ban for assaulting a ref? Can't remember his name but the Antwerp loan reminded me of that. Having googled it, turns out I'm thinking of Ronnie Wallwork, who isn't the right answer.
  11. I can only assume they were hoping to get to end of the season and release a load of people and try to keep the focus on how they were now complying with the rules and hope for leniency over this season. Which was never going to happen seeing how pissed off so many clubs were that they didn't get forcibly relegated the first time round.
  12. The 7 remake has been delayed, pushed back to April 10th
  13. If Wolves isn't the right answer, then maybe West Brom? Didn't they jump around the divisions in the 60s/70s?
  14. Swansea? Didn't Toshack take them to the top flight in four years then they fell apart after he left?
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