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  1. Perez has been such a twat this race. Takes out Ocon on the first lap (claiming to have not seen him alongside which DC was rather sceptical of) then after failing to overtake Sirovkin for lap after lap decides to deliberately steer into him. Fair play to Sirovkin (whose name I'm assuming I'm misspelling), nobody would have blamed him had he taken a lump out of Perez' s car in retaliation, the commentator even said as much
  2. Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch is on for later this year
  3. hugobomb


    A T20 league would a decent idea to get cricket going in the US and admit the four/five day matches would be very niche.
  4. Slightly embarrassing that I looked through the squad wondering what club they were from for a good minute before deciding "maybe Sheffield United" then spotted the fact that you'd said Sheffield United above the squad 😄
  5. Hopefully someone will warn Sainz/Lando that they are the official scapegoats when McLaren somehow don't win several races despite their engineers insisting in pre season that THIS year they've cracked it and only an act of god can stop them from mixing it up with Mercedes and Ferrari. Honda must feel so damn happy seeing McLaren continue to suck with Renault engines. Though next season they'll have to deal with Christian Horner throwing his toys out the pram every other race.
  6. "Lallana makes the smart choice for his long term career, unlike that bastard Sterling"
  7. I'm guessing they are registered footballers with the Danish FA so they count as far as FIFA are concerned
  8. I think they're cheaper on the eStore than getting a physical copy, though the physical copies have dived in price the last couple of years thanks to the digital copies coming out.
  9. I picked up Monreal for my defence On the thinking that Cardiff have offered nothing going forward so far. Watch him score an own goal 😄 Also brought back Seri into my midfield for the unimpressive Fred (having replaced Seri for Walcott last week). My problem area is still up front. I either need Lukaku to get better service or Sturridge/Bonatini to get more minutes.
  10. It was for his own safety. @Gazz doesn't know where he works now and so can't defend Shola's honour in person
  11. Very minor thing but don't I have two perfect scores at this point or is the number in brackets the amount we and going into this week*

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