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  1. Great news for both nations. We've got the usual moaners claiming it "devalues the sport" but at the end of the day both countries have a lot of potential (out of the two Afghanistan have the better talent pool but Ireland have the better facilities, plus when Zimbabwe continue to hold test status you can't claim Ireland and Afghanistan are the embarrassing ones in the club. Both should be trying to arrange a series against either each other or Bangladesh as their first series. Though apparently Ireland are already talking to England about a series.
  2. Yay At least we've already made one good signing in Stockdale.
  3. Yeah that episode was great. Possibly the best of this series so far. Which is shaping up to be strongest series of New Who so far seeing as the worst episode is still a perfectly decent bit of television.
  4. More than a little rich coming from Tony Adams. Maybe wait until you've had one half decent season as a manager before taking a pop at someone.
  5. So if Arsenal draw 1-1 and Liverpool lose 2-0 on the last day of the season we get a play-off for 4th right?
  6. By this point Williams could stick current day Nigel Mansel in Strolls car and not be any worse off
  7. I've seen the rumours linking us to Defoe and filed them under "I'll believe it when I fucking see it". I'll eat a ladies day at Ascots worth of hats if Defoe ends up at the blues
  8. We survived!
  9. Alonso 's car doesn't even make around the formation lap before giving up the ghost. He's got to sick of the sight of that thing already this season
  10. All time: 1. DS9 2. Angel 3. Buffy 4. Sliders (the first two and a half seasons anyway) 5. Doctor Who Stuff like Only Fools and Horses, Blackadder, Top Gear make the top ten but I love my sci-fi so it's dominates my top five
  11. Or reliable. Can only assume Honda's engines are a lot cheaper than Ferrari's (granted, for VERY good reasons)
  12. From a pure footballing perspective this seems strange, since he's only scored 5 times all season and his side just got relegated to League Two. Surely a move in January if he starts scoring freely in League Two would have made more sense? Unless Utd are hurting for strikers and I hadn't noticed what with their winning the division and everything.
  13. Don't worry guys the Head of the Romanian Tennis Federation has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why Nastase's comments about Serena were not racist! Take a wild fucking guess as to what it is.... Correct! "What I know is that he is a very good friend with Yannick Noah and he played many tournaments together with Arthur Ashe [Noah and Ashe are the only black men to win Grand Slam singles titles] - I'm sure he didn't say something wrong." He has black friends you guys! The defence rests.
  14. Nastase apparently decided to double down on his dickishness today, throwing verbal abuse at both Anne Keothavong and Johanna Konta during Konta's Fed Cup match, being ejected for apparently calling the pair of them "fucking bitches" and sending Konta off the court in tears. Twat. For the record, having left the court 3-1 down in the second set, Konta returned and won the next five games in a row to win the match 6-2 6-3. WAR KONTA!
  15. It get worse when you realise the Minardi Fernado drove at the start of his career managed to finish 4 out of six cars in the first three races