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  1. Where's the "Place illegal bet" option? Or is that under the Bookmarks tab as a cunning ploy to evade detection?
  2. It's Amazon Prime rather than Netflix but this is still very important news: Farscape is now on Prime!! Including Peacekeeper Wars!
  3. EDIT: Not sure where I pulled the Perez/Stroll thing from, seeing as Stroll had only had Massa and that Russian lad for team mates
  4. But that could mean Sol Campbell's Macclesfield could survive. We are in the darkest timeline
  5. Next time just say you prefer the younger editions that were easier to get into. Then say "and as for Football Manager... " Can't see that backfiring
  6. Wasn't it Wimbledon back in the day who would flat out turn off the hot water supply to the away dressing room?
  7. You mean the one imposed because Ken Bates decided to try and blatantly abuse the system and put the club into administration about five minutes before the season ended and barring a ridiculous goal swing in the last game you were already relegated in order to try and avoid starting the following season on minus 10? That extra five points was fully warranted.
  8. Williams are now expected to skip tomorrow as well and are not looking likely to run a full day on Wednesday. They might get a day and a halfs testing done at best overall. Also, according to the BBC, there is internal concerns that the car might be up to two seconds a lap slower than last years because of the changes to aerodynamics the new regulations have caused, while all the other teams have managed to get back pretty much all lost pace and are running the same pace as last year. Williams are fucked this year guys. 😟 Poor Kubica
  9. Season 2 of Discovery has been so fucking good so far.
  10. Star Wars Episode I: That was so bad I think you gave me cancer!
  11. Elbows has apparently agreed personal terms for a move to a Chinese club
  12. hugobomb


    Sure you can, one wicket keeper and a guy at fly slip who drifts into the centre. With someone else at long stop to be safe.
  13. hugobomb


    Which made Jimmys 81 against India all the more glorious
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