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  1. You have to at least gives Props to AJ and San Diego to trying to win right now if this all blows up. Also what is also amazing is that they didn't give up any of their 3 top starters to do all this.
  2. After that horrible ending to the Super Bowl, I'm hoping that the Cubs surprise people this year. So now I just need it to hurry up and be March
  3. Well, he definitely doesn't suck. And he just won his fourth Super Bowl. And he's pretty damn beautiful. Yeah, you know, he's pretty close to that. Yeah i know can't denial that but most of it is that I really dislike the Patriots so i am kinda biased
  4. Now ESPN will be filled with talk about how Brady is the greatest of all time and they will not shut up about him
  5. I think you mean the North-Side, the White Sox is southside
  6. I think they made it after Dallas beat Seattle and Stephen A Smith lost the first Cowboys bet
  7. Tomorrow is the day Jon Lester makes his decision on where to go and it is down to the Cubs,who have offered him the most and even read they would go a 7th year, then hid former team Red Sox and finally the surprising Giants I really hope he comes to the Cubs they need more pitching and just me i would be so excited for next year but if he goes to the Red Sox then well i just dislike the Red Sox even more than the Yankees
  8. Go Cubs........That I got to say

  9. I still wonder why people are surprised when a deal like this happens with the A's cause Billy Beane has a history of doing this and almost always gets some good players when he trades his best players cause they won't be able to afford him Also Athletics and White Sox discussing a deal involing Jeff Samardzija going to White Sox and Alexie Ramirez to A's plus other Minor Leaguers Seeing that he will be a free Agent next year I really want Theo to sign to him cause he was my second favorite Cub like year and was heartbroken to see him leave but they got Addison Russell so it ain't all bad
  10. Also maybe Stanton just really likes Miami and believes that he could be the star of South Beach Plus ain't like he is the only good player on the team as they have a pretty good Outfield
  11. Apparently the Cubs have been talking with the Nationals about Jordan Zimmerman plus Justin Masterson and sign him off a bad year like they did with Jason Hammel and Scott Fieldman Wow I have a feeling the Cubs will be linked to every SP like they were with Cole Hamels but the only thing is to get Jordan they may need to trade a few Middle Infielders but i Hope they only trade one like Javier Beaz cause I love Addison Russell and don't want them to trade them or Castro could be dealt but I only see him being dealt for a big time pitcher If Baez was dealt for Zimmerman and then Jon Lester was signed just imagine that rotation Lester, Zimmerman, Jake, Kyle plus whatever Theo wants to sign
  12. I am so excited for this off season for the Cubs and can't wait to see some moves. Enjoy the MLB off season almost as much as the season Also is it me or does the Rays seem like crybabies about Joe Maddon coming to Chicago? Plus the Cubs have been linked to Cole Hamels which is awesome but they wants 3 top prospects?...I don't think nobody would do that but if the Cubs don't get him they should and I hope they get Jon Lester which is a good chance due to the Theo Episton factor and him knowing him but any top of the line starter is good for them to go with all the good hitting prospects Next year will be exciting and will get better with Kris Bryant
  13. Kinda sad Royals came 90 feet of extending it to extras but Bumgardner was just superhuman But was still a awesome series and I hope the Royals stay good and this isn't a one year wonder, Wow what a day for baseball Maddon joining the Cubs, a awesome Game 7 and now another enjoyable part which is the baseball off season
  14. Well while their is a amazing World Series going on, some amazing news for the Cubbies http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/10/29/report-joe-maddon-and-the-cubs-have-been-in-discussions/ When Maddon first left i thought he might come but its really looking like Maddon might come to Chicago
  15. Why didn't the Cowboys just run Demarco Murray after that 8 yard gain in OT... instead they passed it with a hurt Romo i didn't watch the whole game but Murray was playing well according to the stat line Also on that last drive it felt like last year where I hated and loved the Cowboys on a week to week basis but it hasn't happened yet this year

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